3 Common Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

Fuel pump can be damaged and there are 3 common symptoms of a bad fuel pump you need to know in order to anticipate unwanted problem. As you know, fuel pump is one of the important parts on your car. Without it, your car can’t spread the fuel well throughout the entire engine, losing the overall performance of your car. With that in mind, knowing the symptoms of bad fuel pump may save you from dire situation and it is always better to identify a problem earlier.

1. Jerking caused by a problematic engine

Engine misfiring may occur to your car, especially when you drive it at highway speeds. The misfire caused by your engine will make your car jerk occasionally during your drive on the highway. You can notice this problem if you feel your car’s engine is stuttering during your first or a couple miles of driving, then it will go smoothly for the next 50 or more miles. Bad fuel pump will also make you harder to move the car from idle position, especially if you start the car from parking position, since the car will lose power as you pull away from a stop. Although this is a sign of bad fuel pump, a lot of people misdiagnose it as a bad spark plug or plug wire.

2. That ‘dying’ feeling in the engine after you accelerate

This is a common problem if you have a bad fuel pump. A bad fuel pump may cause your car to experience downed engine after accelerating. After you push down the acceleration pedal, your car will go but suddenly, you will feel that the engine of your car is going to die. After a couple of seconds, your car will go normal, letting you to feel a “catch” moment after you hit the pedal. This sign may be a symptom of another car problems such as faulty distributor, ignition coil, failing emission sensor, and a bad smog control device. Although the abnormality may lead you those problems, most of the time, this abnormality is going to be a bad fuel pump.

3. A sudden power loss while driving uphill

Losing power on a hill may cause some troubles for you, especially of your car cannot clear the entire path, leaving your car hanging on the road or even worse where your car going backward down the hill. When you feel that your car is having a difficult during hill climb, you can conclude that your car’s fuel system is already at failure. The damaged fuel filter is the thing that caused this problem. After some times, your car will have its fuel pump damaged and failing occasionally. This kind of problem may intensify for a couple of seconds if you change out an in-line filter.

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Having a bad fuel pump in your car is surely making its overall performance goes down greatly. Can’t tackle terrains, having trouble during high speed, and harder to pull away from parking position are the common occurred if you have a bad fuel pump. By knowing 3 common symptoms of a bad fuel pump, you should know what to do in order to fix it.

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