3 Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Meter

Do you feel confused and panicked when your car is jammed or dead suddenly? Maybe most of the people will experience  the same thing like a  panic attack and do not know what to do. However, some problems related to the loss of power in your vehicle, especially on four-wheeled vehicles in general caused by the existence of disturbance in the air flow meter. Feel unfamiliar with the air flow meter? Therefore in this article we will explain about 3 symptoms of a bad mass air flow meter and how to solve the problem.

What is Air Flow Meter?

Air flow meter is one of the devices on the car that can measure the flow of the air. Air flow itself is a tubular so that this tool will measure how much flow in and through this tube. Air flow meter has a very vital function that can affect the performance of a car. Air flow meters have two main types which are the vane type air flow meters and the vortex vapor type optical air flow meters.

Furthermore, the air flow meter with the type of vane, there are two subtypes which are subtype 1 and subtype 2. Both of the subtypes have a difference in the electrical circuit where subtype 1 will decrease the VS voltage if the incoming air volume increases while in the subtype 2, VS voltages will increase if the volume of incoming air increases. Then there is also a difference on both types of air flow meters especially on how they both work. Here’s how the air flow meter works in each type:

1. Air Flow Meter Vane type. When air enters through this device a measuring plate will open so that will     create a balanced force between the measuring plate with the inverting spring force. Where the resulting     voltage is consistent at a voltage of 5 volts.

2. Water Flow Meter Optical Karman Vortex type. There is no significant difference in airflow reception     systematics. However, the tension in this type of air flow tends to be inconsistent.
Then what happens if the air flow meter is damaged? This will be discussed in depth about the 3 symptoms of a bad mass air flow meter.

3 Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Meter

Damage to the air flow meter will cause a fatal effect on the car because it can reduce the car’s power to sudden death machine. Here are some symptoms that we can easily feel and observe :

1. Smoke. Emissions or exhaust gases from cars are generally in the form of smoke, but in cars with a good     maintenance then these emissions tend to be invisible and only cause a smell that is not too tight. But     on the cars that experience the disturbed in the air flow meter,  the smoke produced will tend to be thick and     dark black that indicates that the air flow meter dirty or even crusty that must be replaced.

2. Engine power. When the car is turned on then the engine will only light up briefly then die suddenly.

3. Decrease in performance. When the engine can be lit back but when the gas pedal stepped on the engine     rpm can not be more than 2500 rpm.

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So it can be concluded that a periodic servicing of the car is necessary, especially the cleanliness of the air flow meter as an important component of the car. Hopefully this article about 3 symptoms of a bad mass air flow meter can add to your knowledge and get to know your personal vehicle.

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