Ignition coil problem and symptoms

Ignition coil problem symptoms

Every car’s ignition system contains ignition coils. These coils are responsible for converting the 12 volts of electricity produced from the car’s battery into the thousands of volts necessary to jump start the spark plugs and ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. Sometimes a car will only have one ignition coil for all of the cylinders while others have one coil per cylinder. The basic concept of the ignition coil is to generate a spark in the engine. So if your coil is having problems, then it won’t be able to produce this spark which means you’ll have problems starting your vehicle. The signs of this will be easily noticeable, but let’s go over them just so you know what they specifically are.

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Engine misfires and low power are the two big symptoms of a failing ignition coil. Your vehicle may or may not turn on. If it does turn on, you’re going to notice the lights looking dim inside of your vehicle. Also, your ability to accelerate the vehicle will be greatly reduced. And if you are able to drive it for extended periods of time, you’ll have extremely poor gas mileage. Eventually, your car is just going to stall if you keep riding it like this. It is recommended that you don’t even try to drive your car if it has low power and constant engine misfires. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are putting others on the road at risk as well. It would be better to just have your vehicle towed to the nearest auto mechanic shop and have them replace the coils for you. However, in most circumstances, the cars won’t start up at all anyway. If they do then you’ll only be able to drive around the block before it ends up stalling.

Most cars nowadays have an engine light that turns on when there is a problem with the ignition coils. This light turns on once the computer detects a problem with the signal coming from the ignition coils. The problem could be the result of a shorted coil or one that simply burnt out completely. In the old days, people didn’t have computers in their cars to let them know when this problem was occurring. They would have to find out the hard way after their car ends up stalling on the streets. But now, the computer in your car will make you aware of the problem before you’re put in this situation.

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