3 Symptoms of a Bad Air Filter

There are 3 symptoms of a bad air filter that you need to know before your vehicle damaged. Air filter is an important emission component which taken part of vehicle’s secondary air injection system. Some vehicles are equipped with a filter for its injection system air pump. The air pump filter is used to filter the air which is pumped into the vehicle’s exhaust stream through the air injection system. This air filter will pick up dust and dirt, and obviously need to be replaced with the new one once it can’t filter the air efficiently. Air filter has additionally important purpose as it’s an emission component. It means that many problems may be caused by this emission system. Normally, when the air pump filter needs to be replaced, it will show few symptoms that alert the driver.

Rough Idle

Bad air filter means that there’s some dirt which clogs in the filter. It prevents harmful debris, dirt, and other contaminants from entering your vehicle’s engine. This dirty air filter can’t work normally and not able to restrict the airflow. Another case is when clogged air filter distracts the idle mixture that causes the rough and shaky idle.

Decreasing Engine Power

As the important part of emission component, the bad air filter that can restrict the airflow effectively will totally bring impact to the whole system. The vehicle may be slower when running and so do the acceleration. You will see the air conditioner maybe not working as the symptom of bad air filter as well.

Poor Fuel Economy

The bad air filter can critically affects the vehicle’s emissions and performance. It’s forced to work harder. The air filter should be changed regularly to prevent the machine performance decreasing and the fuel inefficient. Don’t think that it’s normal to let the air filter works for years without pay attention for it. It needs your attention to make your vehicle and its system durable. The air filter needs to be replaced every 12 months or 12,000 miles. But you can also check your vehicle’s manual to know the exact time to service the air filter and the other components.

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The simple way to know if your vehicle’s air filter needs to be replaced is checking if there’s the dirt covering it

Any filter, especially this vehicle air filter will get older and become contaminated with pollutants and debris. This is the main function of an air filter. As it’s damaged or clogged, it will lose its effectiveness and hinder performance regarding to its protection function. You can get so many benefits by take care of your vehicle’s air filter regularly. Besides it makes the vehicle’s performance enhances, it also safe the vehicle’s system to be more effective. Replace oil filter prevents placing stress to other vital parts of the vehicle. It will safe your money as well as it is efficiently consuming the fuel. Don’t let your vehicle’s air filter clogged after reading these 3 symptoms of a bad air filter.

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