The causes of white smoke coming from car exhaust

White smoke from exhaust

Have you ever noticed white smoke coming from your car exhaust pipe? Well before you panic, you may not have to worry because it could just be the accumulation of condensation causing that to happen. In these situations, you will typically see this white smoke come out on cooler days. The smoke should only be coming out in small amounts after you start your engine. Then after about 30 seconds to a minute, the white smoke should clear up. If this is the case then you have nothing to worry about.

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Now there are other situations where white smoke could be an early warning sign that your vehicle is going to break down. For example, vehicles with diesel engines will produce white smoke if there is a timing problem with the fuel pump injection. This kind of problem will need to be fixed by a professional auto mechanic. For those who have petrol engines, check to see if white smoke comes out of your exhaust pipe while the engine continues to run for over a minute. If you still see white smoke being produced then you may have coolant leaking inside your car which is getting burned and causing the white smoke to appear. This problem is not too serious but it should get fixed by a mechanic right away. Aside from your coolant leaking, the white smoke might also be the result of having no coolant left in your vehicle. This will result in your car overheating which will cause the vehicle to stall. So what you need to do is put more water or coolant in your vehicle so that you can safely get it to the nearest mechanic right away.

In extreme circumstances, white smoke could mean that you have problems with your cylinder head, fuel filter or your cylinder head gasket. But the worst case scenario is that your entire engine block has a crack in it. These are the kinds of problems that will be the most costly to fix. You probably aren’t going to know which of these problems is causing the white smoke to get produced until you have a mechanic look over your vehicle and perform a diagnosis on it. So basically, the only time you don’t have to worry about the white smoke is when it clears up within a minute of turning on your engine. If the white smoke stays on longer than that then you need a professional to fix the problem.

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