SVC Audio: Highway Hero or Unnecessary Distraction?

speed volume compensation

Ever notice how your car’s audio system seems to struggle to keep up with road noise as you hit the highway? This is where SVC audio comes into play. SVC is an acronym with a couple different meanings in the audio world. It can either stand for Speed Volume Compensation or Single Voice Coil. If … Read more

Cars with an LS3 Engine (And Why They’re So Popular)

LS3 2013 Camaro SS

If a vehicle exists, it has probably been LS swapped. And the vehicle doesn’t even need wheels; not even planes are safe from the mighty LS engine! What is an LS Engine? An LS engine is a pushrod V8 engine produced by General Motors. The engine is made of aluminum, which makes it light. The pushrod design means it only has a single … Read more

5 Ways to Tell Your Catalytic Converter Has Been Stolen

stolen catalytic converter

Having your catalytic converter stolen is no fun. They’re expensive to replace and can cause you to fail a smog test. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to tell if your catalytic converter has been stolen in case you’ve been wondering. How to Tell Your Catalytic Converter is Missing Thought catalytic converter theft claims are dropping, it’s … Read more

Power Windows Not Working? (10 Common Causes and How to Fix)

power window not working

Nothing’s more annoying than getting into your car on a scorching hot day, hitting the button, and realizing your power windows won’t go down. Or even worse, it’s raining and you can’t get the windows to go back up! Before you resort to additional mashing of the unresponsive buttons or forcefully muscling the window manually … Read more