5 Types of Sports Cars

(Updated on April 10, 2020)

A lot of people have heard the term “sports car” but most of them don’t know what it means. All they know is that it is a luxury vehicle which is quite expensive. The true definition of a sports car is any low-built car that has a high-performance engine. Most sports cars have only two seats and can travel at much faster speeds than ordinary vehicles. They are also very flashy and attractive on the outside as well. You’ll often see celebrities and other wealthy people driving around in sports cars.

5 Main Types of Sports Cars

There are many types of sports cars. Some are 2-wheel drive while others are 4-wheel drive. If you are into road racing with a sports car, then you would want 2-wheel drive. Any kind of rough road driving will require a 4-wheel drive version. You can expect all sports cars to be built closer to the ground because this helps push the vehicle faster against the wind. Just don’t take the vehicle off-road because the low-built design will hit too many rocks and debris on the ground.

Below are the 5 main types of sports cars.

Hatchbacks – Hatchbacks are small to medium-sized cars. Their backside is usually raised, giving people more room in the back. As a sports car, the sports hatchback tends to be faster at turning than bigger sports cars. Most models will give you 40 miles per gallon on the highway and 29 miles per gallon in the city. They are one of the cheaper types of sports cars that you can purchase too.

Sports Sedans – Sports sedans are considered luxury passenger vehicles. You can use them as a racing car or as a simple passenger vehicle. They come with a powerful engine which offers up to 328 horsepower and 6 cylinders. Some of the most popular sports sedans are the BMW M5, Volvo S60, and the Aston Martin Rapide.

Coupes – Coupe sports cars contain a fixed roof with two seats below them. They are basically like convertibles but with fixed tops to them. This means they only have two doors and can seat only two people. However, coupes have a V8 engine and can generate up to 414 horsepower.

Convertibles – Convertibles are the classic type of sports car because they look so flashy and attractive. You have the option to put the roof on or take it off. Contrary to popular belief, convertibles are not as fast as you might think. Its engine can only generate 200 horsepower and the mileage will give you 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.

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Customized – If you have a lot of money to spend, then you can have your own custom sports car built for you. These sports cars are typically made especially for street racing or professional racing. They have many added components which are meant to make them go faster than normal sports cars. Custom paint jobs and accessories will also be included too.

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