Bad Coolant Temperature Sensor Symptoms and Replacement Cost

The coolant temperature sensor of your engine must be working at all times because it monitors the temperature of your engine and then sends the temperature information to the car’s central computer. Based on the information received, the computer adjusts the temperature of the engine so that it isn’t too hot or too cold. If you don’t have a working coolant temperature sensor then your car’s computer isn’t going to know when your engine is overheating. This could result in the components of the engine malfunctioning and ultimately not working at all. Then you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars replacing your engine. Therefore, it is important that you replace your coolant temperature sensor whenever it becomes broken or worn out.

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Common Symptoms

You will know when you need a new coolant temperature sensor because your car will have poor fuel economy, increased carbon emissions, and random engine shutdowns. If you just experience poor fuel economy and increased carbon emissions then it might be difficult to pinpoint the problem to the coolant temperature sensor because there are a number of other problems that could produce these same symptoms. But once you experience problems starting the car or having the car stall, then you shouldn’t prolong getting a diagnosis on your vehicle to see what the problem is. The longer you wait to get a diagnosis done, the more damage that will be done to the components of your engine. So take your car to the nearest auto body shop and find out what the problem is once and for all.

The Average Replacement Cost

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Some auto body shops will diagnosis the engine problem for free while others will charge around $100.  If the diagnosis reveals that you need a new coolant temperature sensor, then be prepared to spend between $120 and $160 for the replacement service. The actual cost of the parts associated with the sensor will only be around $30 to $40. The bigger costs come from the labor. Depending on which auto body shop you go to, the hourly rate of the average mechanic is between $80 and $110. It should only take about one hour for an auto mechanic to replace the sensor in your vehicle. So if the parts cost $35 and the labor costs $100, then you would be looking at about $135 total for the service. This is definitely cheaper than having to pay for a new engine, even if you add the $100 extra for the initial diagnosis.

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