5 Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injector in Your Car

As you know, having a bad injector is troublesome and it can cause another problems related to your car’s engine and overall performance. It is recommended that you immediately change your car’s injector if its condition is bad. SO, here are some things you should know to identify whether your car has bad or good injector.

1. A mishap in your engine, or your engine misfire

A bad car injector will have struggle to fight off foreign particles that will clog the injector. When the particles reached a certain amount, the injector cannot supply the fuel completely for a couple of times when it is required to. This will give a lower performance especially on the engine. The misfire caused by the abnormality can be felt easily. This bad sign requires immediate solution, which is changing or repairing the injector because this problem can make the engine overheat easily and pre-igniting the fuel mixture.

2. An increase in the fuel usage of your car

Damaged fuel injector may cause fuel leakage. This is bad since fuel is everything for your car. Bad car injector will let the fuel leak through your car’s body or supply excessive fuel when the internal springs are damaged. Gas leakage means your car will have reduced gas mileage so you have to pay more for gas.

3. Bad acceleration (as in, very bad when you are going from zero to the highest speed)

Bad car injector is easy to get clogged, and a clogged injector will cause an irregular fuel supply. This bad flow will make the car’s engine to fluctuate between low and high rpm, causing it to deliver in an unbalance output rather than smooth and gradual output.

4. Your car is leaking its fuel

Fuel injectors can be damaged both from the inside and outside. Internal chokes will damage it from the inside, as outside damage may be caused by external cracks developed on the exterior body part of the injector. This type damage is quite common especially on intake manifold injector. Fuel leakage will occur if there is a crack on the injector. The fuel will flow through the body and nozzle, so you can easily see and smell it. Poor engine efficiency will occur because the fuel is not atomized or sprayed, instead it will flow in droplets form, making a weak air fuel mixture.

5. The car is not that ‘quiet’ and ‘calm’ when it is idle

Of course, bad fuel injector will cause a drop of performance during driving. Another thing you should know if your car has damaged injector is that it can affect idle engine. The abnormal and abrupt fuel supply will cause a rough and irregular engine idle. It is recommended that you should change the injector because in a long term, you may deal with a bigger problem.

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As you can see on the mentioned problems above, all of them may happen if you have a damaged car injector. It will damage your car during your drive and when it is parked. Also, the overall performance of your car will be reduced greatly since the fuel supply is abnormal. So those are 5 symptoms of a bad injector in your car you should know and repair immediately.

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