10 Best 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks

(Updated on October 22, 2019)

If you still struggle with the crank-style jack for your car that requires the lug nut wrench to turn it correctly, then you’re doing it wrong. Vehicle access and maintenance is so much easier today thanks to low-profile floor jacks. Whether your car is lowered or has low clearance from the factory, a low profile floor jack is the answer.

3-ton floor jacks are the most common capacity in home garages as they work well for anything from a compact car to full size truck or SUV. When you choose a model with a quick-lift design, then you can raise your car quickly and almost effortlessly with this technology.

Top 10 Best 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks

1) Arcan ALJ3T

This aluminum 3-ton low-profile floor jack provides a lightweight alternative that almost anyone can operate. It comes equipped with a rubber saddle to ensure that your vehicle remains protected when using this tool. There are bypass and overload valves present in the design to prevent over-extension or weight beyond the stated capacity.

The most helpful feature is the reinforced lift arm, allowing you to have more torsion control with the chassis when working. Then the handle breaks down into two pieces for secure storage.

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2) Sunex 6603ASJ

It only takes 7.5 pumps to bring this 3-ton low-profile floor jack to its maximum height. Like most of the products in this category, the manufacturer gives this unit side-mounted handles and a wide track to make positioning and maneuverability as easy as possible.

The side plates with this option are thicker than you will find on competitive products, so there is some added strength, control, and durability that you can discover here. Just make sure to check your bolts and casters after taking it out of the box to ensure you have a tight fit.

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3) Jegs 80077

This manufacturer provides a different take on the lightweight aluminum concept for a 3-ton low-profile floor jack. The saddle on this model rotates 360 degrees to ensure that your placement can work with a very low-clearance vehicle. The maximum height is 19.25 inches upon extension, while the dual side handles help you to maneuver the unit into place quickly.

It offers a broader set of track wheels than some competitive products as well, which makes using the item even easier. You can also leave the handle in place because it won’t fall backward if you bump it.

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4) NOS NSJ0302

This professional-style 3-ton low-profile floor jack weighs just 58 pounds, making it one of the lightest that is available in the industry today. You’ll receive all of the safety features that prevent overuse, along with a two-piece handle for easy transportation.

It offers a maximum height of 19 inches, while the minimum height is below 4 inches. It works as expected, is ready to use right from the box, and it takes about 10 pumps for the jack to reach its maximum height without much effort.

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5) Sunex 6602LP

While technically a 2-ton jack, the ultra low-profile Sunex Low Rider has a super low 2.75″ minimum clearance making it perfect for lowered vehicles, sports cars, and when you have a completely flat tire. The 24″ max height is also one of the highest in the industry so it works equally well for trucks and SUVs.

The entire unit is made from steel, so it is quite heavy when compared to other models but with that comes excellent durability. You need to push the jack using the handle more than hauling it. The rapid rise technology allows it to reach max height in only 6.5 pumps.

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6) Liftmaster 6490

This 3-ton low-profile floor jack offers a dual-pump system which saves lots of time when trying to lift your vehicle. The design provides a knurled-steel handle that accommodates a secure grip so that your hand won’t slip while working.

There is a foam bumper on the product as well that reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle at the same time. It works with a lowered chassis, provides a high lift that works with SUVs, and the hydraulic design makes each lifting stroke feel almost effortless.

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7) Pittsburgh Automotive 61253

When you have this 3-ton low-profile floor jack in position, it offers a maximum height of 19.75 inches when fully extended. If you own a small car which rides low to the ground, then you can quickly raise it to swap out a flat tire.

Purchase a set of jack stands with this unit for other work that needs to happen under the vehicle. It works right out of the box as well, which means you can avoid the hassle of bleeding the hydraulics first.

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8) Neiko Pro 20272B

This 3-ton low-profile floor jack focuses on the basics, combining the lightweight benefits that industrial grade aluminum alloy provides along with the safety and durability that steel jacks offer. It works well at home or in the shop, providing dual-pump pistons for rapid lifting up to 19.25″. Dual return springs help to return it to the proper storage position when finished.

With a low 3.75″ minimum clearance, there is still enough clearance on most vehicles to get the work done. If you’re looking for a durable unit in this category that won’t break your budget, then this model deserves a closer look.

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9) Performance Tool W1645

This low-profile 3-ton low-profile floor jack offers a maximum height of 19.85 inches, allowing you to take advantage of its many features for a quality lift every time. The high-quality steel frame gives you stability with each pump, while the bypass valve ensures that you’re not lifting something outside of the capacity of the unit.

Its structure is also a bit longer than what you can find with other models, providing another layer of security for your work. It is a professional-quality tool that is affordable and usable, although the handle is a little shorter than what you might be used to using.

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10) Pro-Lift F-767

This budget steel 3-ton low-profile floor jack features a low 3.5 inch minimum clearance that’s comparable to jacks costing hundreds more. You won’t get as high of a lift with this model compared to some others at just 14 inches, so it won’t work well for some vehicles.

The rust-resistant finish offers good durability. Rotating the valve to lower the unit is a little challenging on a maximum lift, but otherwise, this product provides an excellent result. While not as good as other low profile jacks, it’s cheap and much better than the jack that came with your car.

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The best 3-ton low-profile floor jacks for your car will help you to change a flat quickly, access the undercarriage, and do more repairs at home. Make the investment today in one of these products, and you will not be disappointed by the possible results.

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