Top 10 Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems

(Updated on January 22, 2021)

One of the most effective ways to protect your vehicle is with an alarm system. If you didn’t receive this feature with your purchase, then an aftermarket car alarm system can provide you with the results you need. When correctly installed, it will sound whenever an authorized party attempts to enter or start your car without permission.

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Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems

When you want to improve the anti-theft features of your vehicle, an aftermarket car alarm system is an excellent investment to consider. You might even get a discount on your automotive insurance if you install one of these options. And below are the top 10 Best Aftermarket Car Alarm Systems:

1) Viper Automate 2-Way LCD Alarm System

This car alarm system features a two-way design that allows you to use a remote start with USB charging. There is a two-way pager remote and a one-way 5-button remote that comes with this investment to ensure that you have easy access. SuperCode remote encryption is included with the purchase as well for another boost to your security. You may need an additional interface module for some vehicles with encoded keys, but it will get the job done.

2) Autohaux Car Keyless Entry Security Alarm

You will want to consider this alarm system if you’re looking for a standard one-way control mechanism. It offers about 1,000 feet of range for setting or turning off the product. Your directional lights will flash for 15 seconds when your doors open after parking to help avoid an accident once installed. A siren will sound with unauthorized entry as well. Although the cost of the product is manageable, most drivers will need a professional installation to maximize the benefits of this system.

3) TPMS Wireless Car Alarm System

This solar powered universal wireless car alarm system features four external sensors. Each one uses a high-precision chip with excellent sensitivity that ensures you receive the information needed about your tire pressure and outdoor environment. Although this isn’t a security system, it will help you to drive safer with the information it provides. It is effortless to install and use, with updates given whenever you reach 9mph or faster. Extra power terminals and batteries are available from the manufacturer as well.

4) InstallGear Universal Car Power Door Lock Actuators

Sometimes the basic security features that your vehicle needs will help to keep the bad guys out. If your door lock actuators stopped working, then the 12v motor with this system will help you to keep your car secure once again. This product comes with the connecting rods and mounting straps you’ll need to create an effective connection. Self-tapping screws then ensure the assembly stays in place. Since it is a universal mount, they’ll work on almost any vehicle.

5) Pyle Car Alarm Security System

You can scare off would-be intruders by activating this 120-decibel two-tone siren through a remote control. There is an option for active or passive arming, depending on the situation you find yourself managing. Built-in relays are included for your parking lights, while the two auxiliary outputs offer several programmable features for you to consider. The manufacturer provides ignition locking that protects your vehicle five seconds after the key is turned on, and then unlocks when you turn it off. There is an override switch for valet services as well.

6) Compustar CS7900 All-in-One Bundle

This car alarm system gives you a maximum range of 3,000 feet to manage the settings on your vehicle. It comes with a remote starter, shock sensor, and a siren with its two-way design so that you can start or lock your car with confidence. The intelligent security sensors allow you to detect intrusion from all entry points, including the hood or the trunk, and then the 105-decibel siren sounds to alert passersby to the situation. Two-way alarm alerts and LCD confirmation are on the main remote.

7) MASO Car Remote Central Locking System

You’ll receive a high-quality keyless entry system when you purchase this product for your vehicle. It’s suitable for any car with a 12v connection. It will provide you with flashing lights upon activation to ensure you find your vehicle in a crowded space. The installation process is simple and straightforward, coming with everything that you need. Your locking mechanism is a one-stage push, so everything unlocks immediately. A shock sensor, siren speaker, and all other standard components are included.

8) Giordon Automatic Car Alarm System

This aftermarket car alarm system allows you to control your upgrade through an Android app. It works with all vehicle models, although using it with an existing security component will not create positive results. You can lock the engine, have one-button starting, and remote sensing all at your fingertips. It comes with a 3-year warranty, but you’ll need to have Bluetooth in the vehicle to ensure the results are what you want.

9) Banvie Smart PKE Car Alarm System

You’ll receive a passive keyless entry with the basic car alarm in this set so that you can have protection from side doors opening, shock sensors, and the standard systems you’ll find from the factory. You can remotely arm or disarm the system with the remote that operates on RFID technologies. Lock or unlock your vehicle automatically when you are within three meters, or you can decide to turn this feature off. A remote engine starter comes in the set as well.

10) Easyguard PKE Car Alarm System

This option provides another RFID passive entry or locking system that functions automatically based on your proximity to the vehicle. A remote engine start comes with the set, along with a standard alarm system that sounds when someone tries to activate your vehicle without permission. You will also receive a touch password entry backup to ensure access if you don’t have your keys with you for some reason.

The best aftermarket car alarm systems will help you protect one of your primary assets and the contents you keep inside. Choose the kit that best meets your needs today so that every driving experience from here on out can be the best one possible.

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