Top 10 Best Android Car Stereos in 2019

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

Android car stereos are an affordable audio system upgrade for any vehicle. This operating system will give you the convenience of apps, Bluetooth, and deep customization with the look and feel of a cell phone.

If you want to improve your driving experience through better audio options, then these are the best Android car stereos to consider today.

  1. ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo

This Android car stereo works with the stable Marshmallow operating system to give it excellent functionality in the vehicle. Once correctly installed, you will have access to the system in seconds. It features dual Bluetooth chips so that it can tether to your portable device to access the internet while providing hands-free capabilities and media streaming. Up to 256 GB of micro-USB storage allows you to keep movie files and almost unlimited music on the radio for road trips too.

  1. Corehan 7-inch Android Car Stereo

This Android car stereo is designed to give you options. You can choose from a DVD-player or streaming, taking advantage of GPS navigation features, or use it as a complete multimedia device. It supports rear camera inputs, works with your AM/FM radio, and supports video output to other monitors in your vehicle. Bluetooth calling is possible with this device, and it will connect to an OBD II scanner as well. The installation process is also easy enough that most drivers could do the work on their own.

  1. Eincar Android 8.1 Car Stereo

With this model, you’ll receive 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM to support all of your driving needs. It features an octa-core for superior speed in access, a high-resolution 1024×600 screen, and it supports a 3G/4G dongle. If you own an iPhone, this device supports airplay as well. Optional functions include a DVR recorder, USB drive, and there is GPS functionality too. You can run your favorite apps, connect a rearview camera, and it offers Bluetooth A2DP support for your favorite songs.

  1. YODY Android Car Stereo

Offering a universal double din car stereo installation, the 7-inch screen on this radio allows you to connect to Wi-Fi, work with your smartphone’s hotspot, and then cruise the Internet or download apps from Google Play. It supports a mirror link so that you can control the radio from your phone if you wish. A built-in microphone supports hands-free calling if you want. It also comes with a preloaded map of North America to help you with directions. You’ll receive a waterproof 170-degree backup camera free in the box with this device as well.

  1. Pumpkin 10.1-inch Android 8.1 Car Stereo

If cost is not an issue for your next car stereo, then consider this premium model today for your vehicle. It features a 2-second boot time, 2 GB of RAM for fast operations, and its maximum power output is 4x 50W with its built-in amplifier. The screen is adjustable and detachable so that you can rotate the viewing angle to stop sun glare from striking the driver’s eyes. There is a split-screen mode with this model that allows you to use a navigational system simultaneously with another app. It also works with the standard double din installation that works with most modern vehicles.

  1. Kuratu IPS Panel Android Car Stereo

This octo-core Android car stereo gives you 4 GB of RAM for superior start-up times and overall speed, cutting the boot time in half when compared to some of the other options on this list. It comes with the Easy Connect app that makes installation super simple as well. You can share the power of your mobile phone while using the Wi-Fi hotspot, enjoy the split-screen display for multi-tasking, and it will work with your steering wheel’s audio buttons as well. It also supports an OBD II scanner and rearview camera technologies for an excellent all-around experience.

  1. Pioneer Touchscreen Car Stereo

If you don’t mind a smaller screen with your double din installation, then consider this Android car stereo from one of today’s top brands. It features a 6.2-inch touchscreen that allows the driver to access what is needed while on the road quickly. You can link the system through Bluetooth for music and calls, while the camera works through the license plate area for visual support behind the vehicle. You can even use the second video input for another camera.

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  1. Boss Audio Car Android Stereo

This Android car stereo is another model to consider if Apple Carplay is something you want for your vehicle. You can active Siri voice controls, the touchscreen or knobs with this model to access icons on your iPhone. That means texting, radio, and audiobooks are just a few of the benefits you can receive. The unit will lower the volume of your audio output automatically when backing up to ensure you don’t miss anything either.

  1. Joying Android Car Stereo

With 64 GB of ROM on this Android car stereo, you can take your navigation and entertainment needs to this next level with this model. It features a built-in Digital Signal Processor, a new 16-band EQ with independent front and rear settings, and low-pass frequency adjustments for the perfect audio experience. It works with most music apps, features hands-free calling, and supports USB charging as well. You can even connect your tire pressure monitor to this stereo option.

  1. Brosmartek Android 8.1 Car Stereo

This car stereo option comes with several pre-installed apps which you can enjoy with a one-second boot time. The design is specific for the Toyota Camry, so there are limited applications outside of that vehicle model. It does offer Bluetooth 5.0, a USB port for a dongle, and an integrated GPS navigation system to enjoy. The installation is super easy, and the quality of the audio will allow you to enjoy your upgraded system.

The best Android car stereos give you an affordable technology upgrade that saves you some money when compared to today’s dealership options. Check to see what type of installation you have in your vehicle before purchase, and then match up the best option for your car’s structure to obtain great results.


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