9 Best Car Diagnostic Scanners for Home Mechanics (and Pros)

best car diagnostic scanner

Today’s vehicles are heavily reliant upon data transmission to facilitate proper operation. Data is relayed between numerous engine related sensors, and an engine’s operating computer, known as the ECM (engine control module). This integrated communications system is known as a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics network. In the present, properly diagnosing driveability and functionality related vehicle issues … Read more

9 Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Your Car

best dual DVD player for car

There are all sorts of electronic devices being installed in cars these days. Ten years ago, many of these electronic devices would have been considered luxuries. You would only find them in high-end luxury sedans or SUVs. These days, people of all social classes have a variety of electronic gadgets in their vehicles. Dual screen … Read more

8 Best Mechanic Tool Sets for the DIY Mechanic

best mechanics tool set

Are you an experienced DIY mechanic looking for the best mechanics tool set for the money? Or are you simply looking to learn basic automotive maintenance tasks such as changing your oil, car battery, or air filter? Whichever side of the equation you sit on, having a tool set that has all the basic tools … Read more

9 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for Your Car

best fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injectors are commonplace in most modern vehicles and work as a way of pumping fuel into the engine at precisely the right time and right amount. As a result, they are critical in the performance of your vehicle and regularly cleaning them is essential for keeping your engine running smoothly, efficiently, and noise free. … Read more

9 Best Oil Filters for Synthetic Oil

best oil filter for synthetic oil

The purpose of an oil filter should be self-explanatory. When oil circulates through your internal combustion engine, it needs to be as clean as possible. There are all sorts of harmful substances and dirt particles which can exist in oil if it is not filtered and cleaned properly. This is especially true if the oil … Read more

8 Best Double DIN Car Radios with Navigation

A double DIN car stereo is a special German-made stereo for automobiles. The DIN acronym means “Duetch Industri Normen” and it has been used since the 1980s. These stereos were originally used in German manufactured cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and VW. As time went on, the technology has been introduced as an option … Read more