8 Best Aluminum Wheel Cleaners

aluminum wheel cleaner

The wheels that you see on most cars today are made from an alloy material, usually a blend of nickel and aluminum. The aluminum material is what gives car wheels their durability and lightweight attributes. Aluminum wheels are also a lot more inexpensive when compared to the traditional steel wheels.  That is why aluminum has … Read more

10 Best Cold Air Intakes for More Horsepower

best cold air intake

Cold air intakes are an affordable modification that installs easily on most vehicles. Although it won’t offer as much of a power boost than other mods you could make, there are some engine benefits to consider with this technology. Think of a cold air intake for an engine like a Breathe Right strip for your … Read more

8 Best Oil Drain Pans for Easy Oil Changes

best oil drain pan

Many people do not personally change the oil in their vehicles. Instead, they depend on a professional to do the oil change at an auto servicing store or lube shop. This is understandable because oil changing can be messy work if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, changing the oil yourself will save you … Read more

9 Best Octane Boosters for Better Performance

best octane booster

Octane boosters are fuel additives that you pour into your gas tank to increase the vehicle’s engine performance. These boosters will also allow you to get better fuel economy during normal driving. Most often, octane boosters are used when a gas station doesn’t have gas with a high enough octane rating for your car. Some … Read more

9 Best Car Waxes for Black Cars

best car wax for black cars

Car wax has been used on vehicles since they were first invented. The purpose of car wax is to preserve the paint job on your vehicle, whether it is the original factory paint or a new respray that you want to keep looking like new. Car paint contains certain oils which eventually diminish because of … Read more