10 Best Brake Bleeder Kits

(Updated on April 20, 2020)

If your brake pedal feels soft or squishy, then this is evidence that there is air in your lines. The best way to correct this issue is to bleed your braking system. This job requires a wrench that fits the bleeder nozzle, a clean container, and a can of brake fluid. It is also a job that sometimes needs some help if you don’t have a kit or bleeder product available.

Most vehicles come with an ABS, BA, or EBD advanced braking system. It is usually recommended that a professional familiar with this process bleed the brakes for you. If you want to do the work at home, then these are the best power brake bleeder products for your car.

  1. Allstar Performance

This brake bleeding kit makes the work incredibly easy. It comes with a 16-ounce container to hold your fluid, while the 12-inch flexible hose will fit over most bleeder valves. The unique design of this product helps to prevent any unwanted air from entering your system during the bleeding process. It comes with a magnet and check valve, allowing you to turn a two-person job into something easy enough for one. The design works exceptionally well, allowing you to firm up the system in no time at all.

  1. Ares Vacuum Brake Bleeder

This brake fluid bleeder works with a standard workshop air supply to get the job done. It operates with a working pressure between 70 to 113 PSI, allowing you to experience a hands-free operation thanks to its locking trigger and hanging hook. There is a clear drain hose which will enable you to inspect the fluid as it leaves your system, allowing you to spot irregularities immediately. Multiple adapters are available as well to ensure this product can work with your make and model.

  1. Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit

With this brake bleeding kit, you can use your compressed air to bleed up to two quarts of fluid per minute. It features a 1.8L liquid collection reservoir, and the kit also comes with an automatic master cylinder refill kit that contains 40 ounces of capacity. This option allows you to easily maintain your desired flow rate with its 6-foot hose, making it a job that is quick and painless. You will want to check on the seals to make sure that they are air-tight before beginning, but otherwise, this product is easily one of the best brake bleeder options for your car.

  1. Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder

This option is another fantastic all-in-one system that can drain most standard and ABS brake systems without difficulty. Once you connect it to your vehicle, it will work on bleeding and flushing your hydraulic brakes and clutch with its vacuum design. The manufacturer integrated a silencer with this kit as well, which helps the work become much quieter compared to competitive products. You will also find that the setup works to prevent many of the messes and spills that can happen while working. A 40-inch silicon hose with a universal rubber adapter comes in the box.

  1. Motive Products 250

If you have no experience in bleeding brakes, this kit will help you to save time and money when the work needs to get done. The instructions that you receive with the product are easy to understand and extensive, helping you to get through each step of the task with little difficulty. The entire kit is manufactured in the United States, and it works with most vehicles – including motorcycles. Check for air leaks or add some Teflon tape around the connection to prevent a mess. Considering the price and what you receive, this option is one of the best deals on the market today.

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  1. Genesis One

This option is another one-person brake bleeder system that works with a basic bottle and stainless steel lanyard cable to mount it. You can bleed the brakes by yourself thanks to this design, and there is a magnet-mount option available if needed as well. The tube is soft and flexible, making it an easy task to connect this kit to your vehicle when there is a need to swap out your brake fluid. You’ll discover that it is a fantastic little device.

  1. Power Probe Master Brake Bleeder Kit

When you purchase this kit, there are a dozen adapters which come in the box. That means you can work on most vehicles with this system. Expandable O-rings create a leak-proof seal every time. It comes with a 90-degree male hose coupling that will fit most brake bleeders, and then the anodized finish helps to protect the quality of the product. Each adapter is color-coded for easy identification, with cast iron and aluminum bodies to facilitate positive pressure bleeding at the master cylinder.

  1. Vortxx 3L Pressure Brake Bleeder

This brake bleeder kit allows you to DIY this work while providing a European adapter that doesn’t always come standard with competitive products. It features a 3L manual pressure brake bleeder, which still allows it to be a one-person job at home. There is a 30 PSI maximum working pressure, with a gauge that goes up to 70 PSI for convenience. It also offers an integrated pressure relief port that makes the disassembling process much more convenient.

  1. ABN Brake Bleeder Kit

This universal brake bleeding kit comes with a vacuum pump and a tester set to service your system at home. It works quickly to remove the fluid from the system after you attach the tubing to the bleeder valve on your caliper. Just pump the vacuum, crank the valve, and the brake fluid will begin to flow. With its universal fit, this option works on most vehicles. The solid brass construction for the cylinder, piston, and cylinder head give it a durability that you will enjoy without a high price.

  1. FirstInfo Bleeder and Pump Kit

This kit provides an option that fits with most bleeder fittings to service ABS and standard brake systems. You can collect the old fluid without spillage thanks to the extraction design that cuts off automatically. There is a universal rubber adapter which will fit most nozzles or brake nipples, which works with the check valve to avoid backflow. It is also exceptionally lightweight, easy to use, and will help you to get the work done effectively.

The best power brake bleeder products for your car will help you to save money while creating a safe driving experience. Choose from these options today so that you can take this job into your own hands.

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