Top 10 Best Brake Dust Cleaners for Your Car

(Updated on June 8, 2020)

If you drive a car anywhere, then you will see brake dust start to accumulate on your wheels and rims over time. This process happens because the metallic particles from a heated brake pad develop a static charge. Although it won’t impact the performance of your vehicle, brake dust can make your wheels look terrible.

Specialty cleaners are needed to remove brake dust that has settled over time. Use these products so that the problem can be wiped away. And below are the top 10 of the Best Brake Dust Cleaners for Cars:

  1. Armor All Outlast Brake Dust Repellent

You will need to use this product after you get the wheels and rims clean, but it is a must-have item in your arsenal all the same. Spray it onto your surfaces to keep your wheels fresher for longer – this product will last for up to 4 weeks with each treatment. You will discover that the brake dust becomes easier to remove the next time because of its repellent nature. There are fewer issues with road grime and dirt around your tires as well when you regularly use this product.

  1. Carfidant Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

This product is 100% guaranteed to be safe for all rims. The instructions for use are relatively simple: let the wheels soak with the product as instructed, and then rinse the spray away. It is compatible with chrome, alloy, aluminum, and polished wheels – and much more. It features an acid-free, pH neutral formula that will help your vehicle to sparkle and shine once again without spotting, clearcoat problems, or paint damage.

  1. Car Guys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

If you live somewhere that causes your vehicle to accumulate a lot of winter grime, then this product will be a valuable addition to your garage. Road salts can be exceptionally corrosive if they don’t get removed from your car. This issue can create rust spots around your wheels and rims in no time at all. It does not stain or damage when applied, with its formulation so compelling that you could clean white wall tires on a motorcycle without a problem. This product is also one of the few that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. Shine Society Wheel Cleaner

When you are ready to get rid of your brake dust for good, then this is the cleaner you will want to have. It can cut through the toughest stains and dirt that your wheels and rims can develop due to the use of your brakes. It will not etch aluminum wheels, guarantees a deep cleaning experience, and comes in a ready-to-use formula that allows you to obtain a quick clean with minimum efforts. Just spray it on, and then wipe it away with a microfiber towel to get the results you want.

  1. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner

This cleaner is one of the few in this category which changes color as it is working, allowing you to know visually when to remove it instead of relying on a timer. The advanced formulation penetrates dirt and grime with a pH neutral formula that will pry up the toughest stains on your wheels. It works with most finishes, works with scrubbers to remove the dark stains, and makes your wheels look like they are brand new again. It is just as effective on metallic contamination as it is on salt.

  1. CRC Brakleen

This product is the original brake parts cleaner that has been in garages and shops for decades. Although new restrictions limit where you can use this product, the non-flammable formulation quickly removes brake dust and fluids, oils, grease, and other contaminants that develop on the wheels over time. You just spray, and then the bad stuff literally goes away. It’s also one of the most affordable products available on this list.

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  1. Griot’s Garage Wheel Cleaner

You can apply this wheel cleaner on all finishes to create a better sparkle in just minutes. It leaves your wheels with a beautiful shine because it quickly removes tar, dirt, and grime in addition to the brake dust that can develop. It doesn’t have a strong smell when using it either, but there are some strength limitations. If you regularly clean away the dust, then a spray and wipe will have them looking great again. When there is a year’s worth of grime on your rims, then one of the other products on this list will provide a better solution.

  1. Sonax Wheel Cleaner

If you use high-end aluminum or alloy wheels on your vehicle, then you will love the results that are possible with this cleaner. It turns red as it penetrates the unwanted material, allowing you to know when it is time to clean it away. This product is safe on clear-coated, anodized, and painted wheels. Give it about 10 minutes to start working, and then a high-power water source will make the wheels look incredible once again.

  1. 3M High Power Brake Cleaner

If you want to remove problems in your braking system that could be limiting your stopping power, then grab this product for your vehicle. It features a high-pressure flushing action that cleans your entire braking system quickly and easily. Not only can you remove oils up to two times faster with this product, but you can also use half the product to create the results you want. Take advantage of these benefits if you have some squeal or chatter when you hit the brake pedal.

  1. Quwei Wheel and Tire Cleaner Kit

When you discover that there is rust on your wheels in addition to brake dust, then you might need to break out a second cleaning agent to restore the look of your vehicle. That isn’t the case with this product. All you need to do is spray the affected area, give it a good scrub, and you will see a restored appearance in no time at all.

The best brake dust cleaners for your car will help your wheels to look like they just stepped off of the factory floor. Pick your favorite product, and then cut through that grime immediately so that your vehicle can look awesome once again!

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