10 Best Car Batteries For Extreme Climates (Cold or Hot Weather)

(Updated on April 15, 2020)

In this article below we are going to share information about best car battery for cold and hot weather. So that you can choose which one are suitable for your car and weather condition in your location.

Because every battery have different features and different specifications. If you choose the right battery, it will make your battery lifespan become longer. And here we go:

Cold Weather Batteries

We naturally like to assume that car batteries will always work the same, regardless of what the temperature is outside. However, car batteries can become worn out faster if you’re consistently driving around in a colder environment.

Not only that, your car engine will be put under more stress in the cold. This will increase the chances of a cold start happening to your vehicle.

Cold starts are bad if they happen too often because it thickens the oil in the engine. If the oil is thick, then it cannot do a good job of lubricating the components of the engine.

As time goes on, your engine will become ruined if it has incurred too many cold starts. Meanwhile, your car battery will have a more difficult time producing a strong electrical charge for the starter motor if the temperatures are freezing. This will wear down your starter motor too.

Top 5 Best Car Batteries for Cold Weather

Fortunately, new innovative technology is being integrated into modern car batteries which make them more impervious to colder temperatures. That way, even if there are ice and snow coming down outside, you will still be able to start your vehicle without any problems or setbacks.

The trick is to find a good car battery for cold weather that has the proper amount of cold cranking amps and a good reserve capacity. To help you with your search for the right car battery, below are 5 of the best car batteries for cold weather that we have found.

1) Optima RedTop Battery

Optima is a car battery brand that is well known for their high-performance car batteries. They can take a lot of wear and tear, especially the Optima RedTop Battery. This battery model is quite versatile and can be used in many different vehicles, especially vehicles built for off-road driving.

If you are a hard driver or someone who likes to drive fast, this battery will accommodate your needs. The RedTop battery provides 800 cold cranking amps and 100 minutes of reserve capacity. If the temperature is freezing outside, 800 cold cranking amps are good enough to give you strong starting power.

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2) Optima YellowTop Battery

The Optima YellowTop Battery provides 750 cold cranking amps and a 120-minute reserve capacity. This is another excellent car battery model of Optima.

The company likes to color code their car batteries in accordance with their special features and abilities. For instance, the RedTop Battery is great if you go off-roading with your vehicle or like to start your vehicle quickly in cold temperatures.

As for the YellowTop, it is better for providing power to your car’s electrical system and accessories in cold temperatures. In addition, you will receive a lot of power from the battery during times of desperate need.

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3) ACDelco Professional AGM

The ACDelco Professional AGM Battery provides 760 cold cranking amps and has a 140-minute reserve capacity. ACDelco is a pretty good brand which is suitable for powering your car’s electrical components when temperatures are cold.

More importantly, this Professional AGM Battery features absorbed glass mats to prevent acid leaks and corrosion.

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4) Exide Edge FP-AGM78

The Exide Edge FP-AGM Battery provides 770 cold cranking amps and a 120-minute reserve capacity. If you want your car battery to last for more than a year in regular cold temperatures, then the Exide Edge FP-AGM is what you should use. In addition, you’ll find absorbed glass mats in this battery as well. The starting and recharging power of the battery will be better this way.

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5) NorthStar Ultra High-Performance AGM

The NorthStar Ultra High-Performance AGM Battery provides 840 cold cranking amps at 0 degrees and a 158-minute reserve capacity. NorthStar is known for creating marine vehicle batteries which can survive colder temperatures at sea. Well, the NorthStar Ultra High-Performance AGM is a car battery made for colder temperatures on the road. Once again, it has absorbed glass mat technology in it.

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Hot Weather Batteries

Many people don’t realize this, but hot weather can have a negative impact on car batteries. You hear about this all the time from people in Florida. When you live in a location where it is hot throughout most of the year, it reduces the lifespan of the car batteries.

Basically, it will cause corrosion to build up on the outside of the battery, which interferes with the electrical flow that travels from the battery to the starter. This corrosion is actually sulfate and it will appear as a whitish looking material.

Top 5 Best Car Batteries for Hot Weather

If you have a standard car battery in your car and you’re constantly driving in a hot climate, don’t be surprised if your car battery experiences corrosion within a year or two.

A lot of people in this situation will take the cheap way out by cleaning the corrosion away with baking soda and water. However, this is not going to prevent more corrosion from forming on the battery. You’d be better off investing in a good car battery that can endure hot temperatures.

Below are 5 of the best car batteries for hot weather:

1) Optima Car Batteries

Optima is a brand that is known for their high-performance car batteries. Of course, they are more expensive than a lot of their competitors. But with their dry cell technology, you will get last much longer even in hot weather. If you care about having a quality car battery and you’re not afraid to spend some extra money in order to get it, then Optima is a brand you can always trust.

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2) ACDelco Car Batteries

AC Delco car batteries have a huge reserve capacity that can hold an electrical charge for a lot longer than most car batteries. But perhaps the most impressive thing of all is its corrosion-free terminals. You’ll never have to worry about your terminals getting contaminated with corrosion and having it interfere with the electrical current. This durability will serve you well in the heat.

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3) DieHard Car Batteries

DieHard car batteries very durable and more protected than many of its competitors, particularly Bosch car batteries. They are right up there with ACDelco, but not quite to Optima’s standards. If you’re looking for a powerful battery and want good heat resistance, go with DieHard.

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4) NAPA Car Batteries

NAPA car batteries are designed specifically for handling hot or cold temperatures. You’ll never need to worry about having problems with cranking your engine if it is hot outside. NAPA batteries will come through to the end. You’ll even get a 2-year warranty on the NAPA battery too. That is about how long you should expect a battery to last in any hot environment.

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5) Interstate Car Batteries

A lot of people prefer Interstate car batteries (sold by Costco) for hot environments because they are long-lasting and one of the most inexpensive batteries around. You should be able to get at least 2 to 3 years out of the battery even in the harshest of climates, depending on how often you drive your vehicle.

You’ll find a generous warranty included with this battery too. So, if it fails within a short timeframe for some reason, you can get it replaced for free.

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