Top 10 Best Car Battery Chargers 2019

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

If your battery runs out of juice, a charger can help you to get back on the road in no time at all. There are two basic types of battery chargers on the market today: slow and fast. Slower models will give you a deep, long-lasting charge that can restore the health of your battery, while the faster options give you a quick jump that can let your alternator finish the job for you.

Best Battery Chargers for Your Car

These are the best car battery chargers that you will want to consider picking up today.

  1. Tacklife T6 Car Jump Starter

This compact jump starter for your car only weighs 2.5 pounds, but it still gets the job done multiple times when called upon for help. You will receive up to 30 starts on a single charge with this product. The cables are built into the item, providing upgraded protections that prevent sparks, stop a reverse in polarity, prevent overloads, and much more. It also features a 12V output that can power an air pump, vacuum, or another vehicle accessory you might have.

  1. DBPower Portable Car Jump Starter

This car battery charger gives you plenty of options that go beyond a jump start when your vehicle is dead. This compact and powerful option gives you up to 20 starts at peak current. You can also take advantage of the smart charging port that can give your laptop, smartphone, or tablet a full charge if you need it. An LCD screen that shows you the current charge percentage accompanies a compass and a flashlight so that this one tool provides the extreme versatility you require.

  1. Black and Decker 12V Bench Battery Charger

Use this car battery charger if your vehicle has been dead for a while and you suspect that the battery is at fault. It is a 15-amp unit that maintains and charges any wet, gel, or AGM automotive battery. The high-frequency charging is entirely automatic, providing three stages that include a trickle charge for a full recovery. You can also take advantage of the fast charge feature to get a quick restart if you need it. The LCD screen displays the status of your battery and the charger too for a quick reference.

  1. Gooloo SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

This unit provides you with enough power to jump start up to a 5.5L diesel engine or a 7L gasoline one. You can use it on watercraft, ATVs, or even your lawn mower if needed. It comes with a dual-USB output design with a 3.0 port that is compatible with most charging specifications. There is a smart jumper clamp that gives you five advanced safety features, while the LED light offers three modes which allow you to signal for help if needed.

  1. Schumacher Rapid Battery Charger

If you need to charge or maintain your car battery regularly, then this affordable option deserves a closer look. You can use the 3-amp or 15-amp setting to receive the best possible result when hooked up to your vehicle. It will automatically choose which option is correct for the charging experience, while the reverse hook-up protection makes sure that the unit doesn’t operate if the positive clamp goes onto the negative terminal.

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  1. DeWalt 30-Amp Bench Battery Charger

If you need even more power to get your vehicle moving, then this sturdy battery charger will deliver high-frequency charging in three different stages to ensure a quality result. It provides a battery reconditioning feature that works to extend the life of your battery as well. If you need a quick start, then it can do that too with its 80-amp ignition option that can have you up and running in about 60 seconds. There is an alternator health check with this product as well so that you can see the overall health of your system.

  1. Stanley Automatic Bench Battery Charger

This model provides another option for car owners when the battery on their vehicle refuses to function as it should. It also works with wet, gel, and AGM batteries to produce the results you want. Although the 40-amp engine start feature takes a little more time to start your vehicle, the cost is also very competitive with the other products on this list while providing more options. You can also upgrade to a 25-amp model for a few dollars more to maximize your investment if you prefer.

  1. DieHard Shelf Smart Battery Charger

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable battery charger for your vehicle, then you just found it. The design offers an automatic microprocessor-controlled five-stage charging process that offers precision while monitoring the health of your battery. If you hook-up the clamps incorrectly, then an LED indicator flashes a warning at you. A 12V accessory plug is part of the design, use the clamps, or take advantage of the permanent ring connectors.

  1. Battery Tender Plus

This fully automatic battery charger will give you a full charge, a trickle, or a fast start whenever you need it. The 1.25-amp charger works better than most 3-amp models on the market today. There is a quick-connect harness available with this unit so that you can reach those problematic installation points too. The power cord length is about six feet, so a commercial-grade extension cord may be necessary. Alligator clips and a battery tender ring come in the box with purchase.

  1. Grepro Car Battery Jump Starter

This powerful jump starter kit works with 4.5L gas engines and below to give you the boost you need if the battery died for some reason. There are multiple safety protections in place to guarantee that you’ll receive the result you want. The kit comes with a carrying bag as well so that you can keep all of the accessories together. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, or storing in your vehicle for emergencies.

The best car battery chargers can help you to manage an emergency effectively so that you can get back out on the road. Keep a portable charger with you at all times, and then use a trickle model to maintain the health of your battery to reduce the risk of becoming stranded.

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