Top 10 Best Front and Rear Bumper Guards for Your Car

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

Bumper guards are an upgrade that you can use with your car to protect it from damage. Whether there is a quick impact in a parking lot or an accident on the highway during rush hour, this product can protect your front or rear from an expensive repair. They are pieces of metal or high-quality plastic that attach to the front or rear bumper to protect against additional damage to the body as well.

List of the Best Bumper Guards

Trucks and SUVs have bumper guards more often because of the height of the vehicle. By installing this product on the front and rear, the risk of an expensive repair from a minor impact becomes much lower. Below are the list of the best bumper guards for your vehicle:

  1. FH Group Bumper Butler

You’ll receive a rear bumper guard with this product, which features high-intensity safety reflectors that help your car to stand out on the highway or in a parking lot. It installs easily with adjustable straps that hook to the inside of your trunk. You can then fold it into your cargo area without difficulty if it doesn’t need to be used. The long-lasting rubber design fits most sedans and protects against scrapes and dings.

  1. BumperX Bumper Guard

This option is another rear bumper guard option to consider for your car. It works best with a flat bumper because it uses 3M-manufactured adhesion to stick directly to the clearcoat placed there by the automaker. You can use this product to cover up scratches, reduce the appearance of small dents, and it complements most vehicle colors. You will need to do some trim work to have it fit on some vehicles, so it is more for the DIY enthusiast.

  1. Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper

This product offers you front bumper protection with a guard that is over two inches thick and 15 inches wide. It provides extra width around the sides without obscuring the license plate, so there is no threat of a violation to worry about with this product. It features a flexible frame and impact-absorbing foam that handles most weather conditions, while stainless steel reinforcements give it the rigidity to withstand low-speed situations.

  1. Bumper Badger Bumper Guard

This rear bumper guard provides you with all-weather protection and impact absorption zones that help your vehicle to withstand minor bumps and impacts that can happen. It installs through the trunk like some other models on this list, but it also features triple-stitched protection for added durability. It covers 40 inches of width and 12 inches in height to give you the maximum amount of coverage without the ends of the product flapping forward.

  1. Bumper Bully Bumper Guard

This rear bumper guard gives you one of the largest areas of protection possible, extending to a total width of 46 inches. It features patented stabilizer bars for an extra level of security, while the trunk straps which keep it in place are waterproof. The bumper itself provides a premium-grade, PVC-free rubber material that works best for city driving. Then flip the product into your trunk for highway speeds to enjoy the best possible results with this guard.

  1. T-Rex Bumper Guard

This product can install on the front or rear bumper of most vehicles thanks to its universal fit. The manufacturer uses an all-weather foam to protect the surface of the number from scratches or dings, providing an impact zone of 1/4-inch that curves around the corners of most designs. You’ll use the adhesive backing to create a secure fit, and then you can choose from either the 4-inch or the 8-inch model to create more protection while still maintaining the elegant look of your vehicle.

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  1. Pacer Performance Bumper Guard

If you drive a vehicle where the bumpers are prone to damage, then this product will give you the extra level of protection you need. It features a heavy-duty, serrated design that is almost an inch thick and 28.5 inches long, creating an extended impact zone that stops the damage from low-speed collisions. The manufacturer finished this guard in satin black so that it can match most OE trim. You’ll receive a pair of these in the box, so install one on the front and the other on the back to get the results you want.

  1. ROCCS Bumper Guard

This universal bumper guard provides an extra level of scratch protection for city driving. Constructed from a high-grade foam, it resists low-speed impacts remarkably well. You cannot drive with this product on since it will obscure your license plate and taillights, so it is a parking-only option. The 72-inch width may also be too wide for some vehicles, so you’ll want to verify your measurements before purchasing this option.

  1. BumpTek by Rhino Guard Bumper Guard

This product comes in four pieces to give your front and rear bumpers an extra level of protection around the corners. It does not peel and chip if you follow the cleaning instructions that come with the product. The unique air-pocket design is easy to install on almost all cars, while it offers a more discreet design than you will find with some of the other options on this list. The rubber is soft enough that it can crack over time, but the overall quality and price make it worth taking a closer look at this product.

  1. 4Bumpers® Duo

If you want a reliable steel bumper protector for your vehicle, then consider this option if you have a license plate that installs on the front or the back. It works with a four-point installation over your plates to prevent scratches and dings from a head-on low-speed impact. It won’t protect the sides or a vehicle that has their plates above the number, but it is a viable option if your design meets the standards of the product.

The best front and rear bumper guards for your car are a reasonable investment to consider because they work to protect your vehicle in a variety of situations. Pick up the model that works for your needs today to start reducing your risks.

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