11 Best Car Covers for Hail Protection

(Updated on May 20, 2021)

When a storm starts rolling in, then hail might be on the horizon. Instead of trying to make room in your garage, or worrying about your insurance policies being up-to-date, investing in one of the best car covers for hail protection makes more sense.

These covers will keep your vehicle safe, even when the weather is severe. So quit stressing about a freak hail storm when you’re at work or home and your car or truck is out in the elements.

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Top 11 Best Hail Proof Car Covers

Hail might not always damage a vehicle, but anything more substantial than a pea size can create dents. That’s why you’ll want to consider owning one of these covers today.

1) Hail Protector System (Best for Hail Protection)

Hail Protector System review

Whether you live in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, or any other state known for its severe hail storms, no other car cover will protect your vehicle better than the patented Hail Protector. No matter if you’re dealing with pea-sized or baseball-sized hail, you’re protected.

This unique vehicle cover does it differently, as you can tell by the picture. Available in 6 sizes for cars, trucks, and SUVs, Hail Protector installs in about 5 minutes (after one practice install) and inflates to full size/protection in about another 5 minutes.

What’s great is that it includes 3 different power sources: “AA” battery pack (1 hour of protection), car accessory plug (3 hours of protection), and standard A/C cord/adaptor (continuous use). You even get a remote control to be able to inflate the cover from the comfort of your home or work office.

Hail Protector was invented, developed, and tested in North Texas over a 5 year period so you’ll know it’ll stand up to damaging hail and high winds. The included smartphone app will even 

The obvious negative is the price so if you’re looking for more of an all-around car cover for an area that occasionally gets small hail, one of the covers below is probably a better option.

But knowing how expensive hail damage is to fix (or even the cost of your insurance deductible), the Hail Protector inflatable car cover can easily pay for itself after just one surprise hailstorm.

2) CarCovers.com Platinum Shield (Best All-Around Car Cover)

best winter car coverFor the best all-around car cover that offers good hail protection, it’s hard to beat those offered by CarCovers.com. They make it easy to find a car cover for your exact vehicle so you’re not guessing whether the cover will fit.

For most cars, trucks, and SUVs, five different levels of protection are offered. For the best hail protection, you’ll want to go with the Platinum Shield line of covers.

These feature an inner fleece lining while offering a strong, weather-proof exterior shell that reduces the risk of damage from hail, UV rays, rain, and snow.

Elastic hems on the front and the back work to ensure that you receive the fit that you need. High-wind straps come with the cover in the box, along with a cable and lock to prevent theft.

With free shipping in the US or Canada, custom fit guarantee, and actual customer service that you won’t get when ordering through Amazon or other large retailer, CarCovers is a highly respected company in the business.

Sure, these custom fit covers are a bit more expensive than some others, but you get what you pay for. For auto enthusiasts, start with CarCovers.com and then expand your search to other options if a custom fit cover is not available for your model.

3) Altindal Hail Protector Car Cover

car cover for hail protectionThis 6mm thick car cover from Altindal is strong enough that it can resist stones thrown at your vehicle. Although it doesn’t provide full side coverage, it will provide protection from anything that might fall from the sky.

At 500cm long, it provides ample coverage for a typical sedan but is also available in a larger SUV size version.

It is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, so there is some flexibility in the structure, but then there is still incredible resistance to impacts. It is ready to install less than a minute out of the box.

4) Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Car Cover

hail proof car coverThe Platinum Guard car cover will protect sedan-style vehicles from hail damage thanks to its 7-layer design. You’ll receive four layers of spun-bound polypropylene, two layers of UV resistance, and then one layer of soft cotton to protect the exterior from damage.

You can use it indoors or out for protection thanks to the buckle and strap points that protect against a heavy wind.

An elastic hem around the bottom ensures that your vehicle receives a snug fit every time. There are antenna patches included as well.

5) Reliancer Car Tent and Umbrella

car umbrellaThe Reliancer Car Tent/Umbrella is a unique cover that provides a silver-coated material that will keep interior temperatures up to 45F cooler during a hot summer day. It is also 100% waterproof, allowing you to give your vehicle an extra layer of protection.

It is made more for light precipitation instead of hail, but you’ll receive some hail protection in case of an emergency. The steel wire acts as an anti-theft rope, while the TPU rubber soft suction cups ensure stability in most conditions. It takes about 30 seconds to fully install this product.

6) Hehui Magnetic Windshield Cover

best magnetic windshield coverIf your primary concern with hail is your windshield glass, then the Hehui magnetic windshield cover is the product you’ll want to use. It will also keep ice and snow off the surface during the winter months with its leak-proof design.

This cover even resists water absorption to ensure all snow and frost from the outer surface is easily removed. It is a one-size-fits-most product, so you’ll want to check on compatibility before purchase. The lightweight material is also foldable for secure storage in your trunk.

7) Glare Guard Windshield Cover

windshield hail and snow coverThe Glare Guard windshield cover provides you with an all-weather windshield cover that can help you to reduce hail damage as well. You can use this product on its own to stop ice and frost buildup in the winter.

It will also work with some of the other hail-protection designs on this list to give your glass another layer of protection against heavy precipitation incidents.

The all-weather design provides an insulated experience so that your car is ready to drive in almost any type of weather. The side panels then fit within the front door to keep the unit secure.

8) YITAMOTOR All Weather Car Cover

car cover for hail stormThis universal fit car cover by Yitamotor works with models up to 208 inches in length. It is a product that is 100% breathable, featuring PEVA on the outside and soft cotton to protect the exterior of your car. It will stop hazardous elements like bird droppings and industrial pollutants as well.

There is a reflective warning band on the mirrors and sides of the product that help to reduce the risk of damage when street parking during the night. Two windproof straps come included with the product.

9) OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

good custom car coverThis OxGord Executive car cover will provide your vehicle with seven layers of protection. The design gives you enough strength to protect your investment in almost any weather conditions.

There are four different sizes currently available for purchase, including an XXL model that fits vehicles up to 216 inches in length.

Three layers of spun-bound polypropylene and a microporous film level work with the security grommets and tie-downs to give you a first-class experience for an affordable price. It will get the job done.

10) HP Hail Protection Car Cover

hail protector reviewsThis hail protection product from HP (no, not the printer company) provides a universal fit which is strong enough to stop hail, falling acorns, and even small branches.

Although 100% protection is not guaranteed with this item, the design includes a 4mm layer of hard-pressed foam around the trunk, roof, and engine compartment to cushion the impacts that may occur because of weather.

It features reflective seams for easy recognition at night, while built-in elastic attachments in the front and back offer a tight fit. The interior is laminated with a varnish-protecting tile material that is soft and supportive too.

11) Audew Truck Cover

best truck cover for hailThe all-weather design of the Audew truck cover works exclusively with trucks to give you six layers of protection against hail and other forms of storm damage.

It is 100% waterproof and dust proof when correctly installed, with the buckles and adjustable straps providing a secure fit. The snug fit even lessens your chance of various pests such as mice and ants getting into your vehicle.

An elastic hem at the bottom keeps the product securely in place, even in some high-wind conditions. It provides a universal fit for vehicles up to 246 inches in length, including long-bed and short-bed designs.

Final Thoughts

The best car covers for hail protection will reduce the risk of damage during a severe storm. That means fewer costly repairs and no insurance claims so that your vehicle looks fantastic all year long.

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