Top 10 Best Car Engine Degreasers

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

The engine of your vehicle can get dirty very quickly. When you have one of the best car engine degreasers available at home, then you can clean it without much trouble. Then you can get to work on whatever it is you need to do since cleanliness makes it easier to finish your maintenance work or repairs. Everything under the hood will look shiny and new!

List of the Best Car Engine Degreasers

There are two types of engine degreasers from which to choose: water-based products or solvents. Both of them require special environmental handling procedures once applied because dissolving grease makes the item a hazardous waste. And below are the list of the best Engine Degreasers for your vehicle:

  1. 3M Grand Slam

This engine degreaser works quickly to begin emulsifying and loosening the toughest grease and grime under the hood. It also works on your floors, tools, and machinery to give you the clean results that you want. You’ll need to dilute this product some since it comes in its concentrated form, giving you a ratio of up to 20:1 to manage this investment. It is non-toxic before application, biodegradable before use as well, and doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

  1. POR-15 Cleaner and Degreaser

This water-based engine degreaser provides you with a non-flammable solution that can work on holding tanks, fuel tanks, and even plastics in addition to your car’s engine. You don’t need to worry about a residue lingering behind after your application either. Just give the dirty item a nice shot of this stuff, and then you can let it go to work. It is an excellent product that does require dilution, but it applies well right out of a spray bottle.

  1. Gunk Engine Degreaser

This can of spray engine degreaser provides you with a way to remove the most hardened grease or oil build-up under the hood. It works exceptionally well on older engines where looks are important. It takes about 15-20 minutes of soaking for the product to work effectively, but it then can be hosed off directly from its application. It is a flammable product, so make sure that your car has cooled down enough before directly applying it to your affected areas.

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  1. Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser

This professional-strength product offers a citrus-based formula that will make quick work of the worst grease on your car. It cleans away the dirt and grime well too. It is a very concentrated formula, but you don’t need to dilute it unless you want to do so. You can clean and restore the shine underneath the hood, then use it to clean your tires, and then give your tools a nice wash as well. This advanced formula will tackle almost any chore that you give it, including removing diesel fuel residue.

  1. Oil Eater Engine Degreaser

If you need a product that can dissolve oil and grease off of almost anything, then this is the engine degreaser to have in your garage. It uses a non-corrosive formula that is USDA-approved for all non-food surfaces. Make sure to reference the dilution chart to maximize the performance of this concentrated cleaner. You can then run it through your pressure washer, scrubbers, and other tools to ensure the perfect result every time.

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  1. Simple Green Engine Degreaser

One of the advantages that you’ll receive when choosing this product is that it contains zero petroleum distillates. It offers a non-abrasive formula with a pH of 9.5 while providing a pleasant sassafras scent while you can use it on almost anything. You can remove the toughest organic messes, can work straight out of the bottle, and will take away the worst grease stains from underneath the hood. If you don’t have this product in your home yet, then make sure that you grab some today to take advantage of what it can do.

  1. Griot’s Engine Cleaner

This option gives you another spray-on engine cleaner that can help you to remove gunk, grime, and grease with ease. Unlike some of the other products on this list, you will need to agitate the area in question, so make sure that you have a high-quality, non-abrasive brush or a similar product available. Make sure to cover your alternator and air inlet before use and that your fluid caps are tight. Then you can let this product begin to work its magic.

  1. Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

If you have a tough job to clean on your vehicle because the grease and grime have had several years to accumulate, then this is the engine degreaser for you. It is one of the strongest and fastest-acting products that are on the market today. There are no residue issues to worry about with this product either, which quickly breaks down the unwanted elements as you spray it on. Then just wipe it off to reduce the risk of local contamination.

  1. CRC Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser

This engine degreaser is the go-to item for many car owners because of how well it works. It can remove most grease and grime on the first take, and then you just wash the product away without worrying about any residue getting left behind. It’s a little more expensive per use than some of the concentrated formulas, but it also offers more portability. Because it comes in a pressurized container, there are some concerns about flammability to manage.

  1. Sonax Engine Cold Cleaner

This product does exactly what it says it will do. It cleans all of the grease and oil from your engine compartment thanks to its infiltration ability. You just spray it underneath the hood, and then it creeps into some of the most inaccessible of places to create an excellent clean. It is free of solvents and phosphates, but you do need to be careful when spraying it since it is an eye irritant. You’ll want to agitate the product the first time, but then you’ll be able to get the fast results you want.

The best car engine degreasers will help your vehicle look cleaner while you can make life easier on yourself if there is a need to fix something. Remember to grab a drip pan and absorbent mats to ensure that you stay in compliance with local regulations for this product.

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