5 Best Car Insurance Companies for Veterans

(Updated on October 28, 2019)

Military veterans in the United States are entitled to receive several types of benefits in the civilian world because of their service to their country. This is the least that society can do for them considering all the sacrifices they made.

The most common benefits are discounts for purchases, whether they’re for furniture at a department store or tickets to see a new movie at the theater. However, many veterans are not even aware that some car insurance companies offer discounts on their policies which are specifically designed for veterans.

You just need to know which companies are offering these amazing discount opportunities.

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies for Military Veterans

Every car insurance company has its own unique discount offerings where veterans are concerned. Some companies offer additional benefits to active military veterans who are currently serving overseas.

Others may offer benefits to veterans who are active or inactive. You just need to research the policies available by these companies to see which ones best suit your needs.

Below are 5 of the best car insurance companies for veterans in the United States.


In the year 1922, the United States Automobile Association was established by 25 active-duty Army officers. This was a time when automobiles were first becoming mainstream.

Few insurance companies even existed, especially for members of the military. So, these Army officers decided to form their own organization which military members could use for their car insurance needs.

For the past 100 years, the USAA has continued to provide both military members and veterans with amazing car insurance policies and rates. In fact, some active-duty military members who are deployed overseas get a 90% discount on their monthly insurance premiums.

2) Geico

We’ve all seen Geico advertisements with the company’s gecko lizard mascot. Geico is certainly a major American car insurance company which offers car insurance plans to people all over the country.

What you may not realize is that they offer certain discounts on their car insurance rates to veterans and other military members. Generally, veterans are entitled to receive up to 15% off their normal monthly premium rate.

Geico even employs veterans too, so you can probably find a veteran who works there that can give you the best discount possible.

3) Esurance

Esurance can quickly provide car insurance to veterans and active-duty military members. Applicants can use the phone or internet to apply for insurance. And if a military member who is deployed overseas wants their insurance policy canceled, they won’t be charged a cancellation fee by Esurance.

In addition, the company doesn’t consider their deployment item overseas as a coverage gap.

4) Armed Forces Insurance

Armed Forces Insurance and the United States Automobile Association have a lot in common. They’re both car insurance companies which offer premium discounts to veterans and active members of the military.

However, Armed Forces Insurance is the original car insurance company to offer policies to military members. The company was founded in 1887 when automobiles were still in their prototype phase.

In modern times, Armed Forces Insurance has teamed up with the Progressive auto insurance company to offer insurance policies to veterans living in any of the 48 continental states.

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5) Arbella Insurance

Arbella Insurance is unknown to people outside of Massachusetts and Connecticut. They are an independent auto insurance company that only offers insurance policies to people from these two states.

Active military members overseas who have their vehicles stored in Connecticut or Massachusetts can receive up to a 10% discount on their insurance premiums. This is a pretty good deal for military members who cannot get a bigger discount from the United States Automobile Association.

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