10 Best Car Power Steering Fluids for Whining Noise

(Updated on October 23, 2019)

Is your vehicle older, or has it sprung a leak in the power steering system? Then you may need to replace the fluid that helps this automated system to run.

Drains and refills should be part of your regular maintenance. For some cars, that means every two years, while others only need it after 75,000 to 100,000 miles.

List of the Best Power Steering Fluids

You will know when your powering steering fluid needs some help because your car starts to whine or grind when you turn the wheel. Once you reach this stage, your pump struggles to access what it needs. Add one of these products immediately.

  1. Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

This power steering fluid does an excellent job of conditioning your O-rings, helping the system continue to provide strong support while driving. Your vehicle will age better with regular flushes with this product. It also contains a mild seal so that you can prevent small leaks that are in your system. If you add it when you start hearing your vehicle whine, then you’ll have a useful tool that can extend the life of your current fluid. This item is compatible with all power steering fluids.

  1. Johnsen’s Original Power Steering Fluid

You will discover that this product does exactly what it is supposed to do. The original version is universally compatible, but there are also specific formulations for Honda and other manufacturers on the market right now. You’ll want to view the compatibility it has with what you currently use since it contains conditioners that protect the seals and stop your pump from squealing. Check your vehicle’s manual to ensure that you don’t need special additives before using this affordable product.

  1. Prestone Power Steering Fluid

If you experience fluid losses while driving, then this stop-leak formulation with high-quality oil and additives can help to revitalize your hardened, dry, or wrinkled seals. It is for use in most American vehicles, including light trucks. There is compatibility with most foreign makes and models as well. When you add this product regularly, then you will protect your pump components. A unique corrosion inhibitor works to guard your metal components against potential damage too.

  1. Pentosin CHF 11S Hydraulic Fluid

Although this power steering fluid is one of the more expensive options in this category, it is also one of the few that offers full performance in extreme situations. You will continue to receive the benefits of this product when the temperatures are -40° to 266°F. That temperature range covers what most drivers in the U.S. and around the world experience throughout the year. It works with level control, shock absorber, and hydro-pneumatic suspension systems to ensure you receive the traction control and maneuverability you need.

  1. AC Delco Power Steering Fluid

If you purchase power steering fluid from this manufacturer, then you must choose one that is specific to your make and model. Once you locate the correct formula, then the light-bodied mineral oil with its advanced additive gives you a non-foaming, protective experience. It features anti-corrosive tendencies to protect your pump and resolve that whining immediately. You can use it year-round in older vehicles as well, especially if you encounter issues during a cold startup.

  1. Idemitsu PSF Universal Power Steering Fluid

If you drive an Asian vehicle, then this is the power steering fluid you will want to use. It features an advanced formulation that provides your car with outstanding protection to the entire system. Your performance will be noticeably smoother, even in severe operating conditions. It is a genuine noise-free operation. You’ll notice a complete elimination of the squealing and squawking that happen when your current fluid thickens in cold weather. The compatibility it has with gaskets, seals, and other components is excellent – just not with American-made wheels.

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  1. Mag 1 Power Steering Fluid

This product delivers a consistent result for an affordable price. It does an excellent job of controlling the foaming tendencies that some vehicles encounter with this system. You’ll notice an improvement in the car’s performance thanks to an ability to prevent slippage. The noises will fade away as you experience a smoother, more effortless steering operation after using this power steering fluid. It will even help to resist oxidation in older vehicles. You can’t use this item for a flush-and-fill, but it will top off your current reservoir.

  1. Ravenol Power Steering Fluid

Designed in Germany, this power steering fluid does have specific make and model compatibility that you’ll need to review. It provides excellent shear stability when added to your system, maintaining consistent viscosity to -40°C with ease. Because of the improved thermal stability, you can use this product in high-tolerance systems that need ongoing support while driving. If you’re tired of the car whining when you turn, this item could be the solution that will solve your problem.

  1. Motorcraft Mercon V Power Steering Fluid

Although you can only use this product in Ford Motor Company vehicles, it does give you the extra versatility in that it is also useful as transmission fluid. Check your owner’s manual to see if a Mercon-type fluid is necessary before adding it to your system. Some vehicles may still find this item useful if their make and model calls for an SAE 20W viscosity grade hydraulic oil or an ISO 46. It is also a useful product with this manufacturer for flush-and-fill needs.

  1. Royal Purple Power Steering Fluid

This proprietary formula features a specific additive that can prolong the life of your power steering system. It is compatible with most conventional products in this category so that mixing isn’t a problem. You will notice the improved performance when turning the wheel, primarily since it works to limit the noise that comes with premature wear. The equipment in your car will operate cooler as well, offering cleaning and high-temperature service capabilities.

The best power steering fluids to stop the whining from your vehicle will protect your system from harm. Make sure that you purchase a product that is compatible with your car to ensure the best possible result occurs.

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  1. dumb list. Fails to pinpoint “whining power steering additives”
    Especially fords of the 90’s. Hello …. well known problematic noisy units.
    I need something to specifically silence my Ford ps pump.
    jibber lips over 10 good products … doesn’t get me any closer to silencing the pump?

    • There are plenty of good fluid manufacturers on this list. If replacing the fluid doesn’t solve the issue you’re experiencing, you may need to repair or replace your power steering pump unit itself.


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