10 Best Car Subwoofers for DEEP Bass

(Updated on October 21, 2021)

A car subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces low-pitched sound frequencies called bass. People love to add subwoofers to their vehicles because they enhance the quality of their car audio. A true music lover will never get used to the basic audio system which is built into a car.

For one thing, factory-made car audio systems have very little bass. This alone makes the subwoofer an asset to add to your vehicle.

Also, if you purchase a normal car stereo, you are forced to fit it in small tight spaces inside your vehicle. This eliminates much of the bass and causes the sound quality to be distorted. But you won’t have this problem with a car subwoofer because it doesn’t need a lot of space to be heard. The long sound waves that it generates makes this possible.

Because of this, you can put a subwoofer under your car seat, in the trunk, or on the side of your door and it will be heard just fine. Some of the most powerful subwoofers are smaller than you think, so you won’t struggle to fit them in tight spaces.

Top 10 Best Car Subwoofers

Of course, the best car subwoofers are often the ones which generate the deepest bass possible. Below are the top 10 best car subwoofers for deep bass that we recommend to help you get started.

1) Rockford Fosgate T3S2-19 19″ Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate SubIf you are looking for a sub that will start earthquakes, win SPL competitions, or impress all your friends, look no further. There are few subs that can rival the might of this 19″ behemoth that peaks at 6,000 watts.

The Rockford Fosgate T3S2-19 is a subwoofer is built for the serious bass enthusiast, made to provide excellent performance without compromise. This subwoofer sports a proprietary surround mechanical clamping ring that helps with long term durability. The anodized aluminum voice coil former acts as a heat sink to quickly dissipate heat from the massive 5″ voice coil.

Although it may be a more expensive subwoofer, it provides better quality sound. There won’t be distortion in playback or anything like that when paired with an appropriately sized amplifier. Just tight, clean bass that hits harder than a freight train.

2) Kicker CompC 10 Inch 

Kicker Subwoofer

If you’re looking for deep, tight bass in a slim package, consider the Kicker CompC 10″ sub. Kicker is known for its quality audio setups, and is even used by some OEMs for their premium sound systems.

The subwoofer has a cone-shaped design and is made from polypropylene and rubber. The innovative copper voice coil feature helps give this subwoofer the most quality sound possible. Once the bass starts playing, you will certainly feel it as well as hear it. This model also draws less power than some of its larger 12″ counterparts.

3) MTX Audio Terminator TNE212D Dual 12″ Subwoofers

heavy bass dual subwoofersThe MTX Audio Terminator gets its name for a reason. It is designed to allow the deep bass to deliver a very hard hit, thanks to the dual speakers that are 12 inches each. The exterior box is made from black carpet (aviation grade) and MDF construction (5/8-inch).

You can place the Terminator in the trunk of your car and it will stay just fine. This subwoofer can be connected to other stronger amplifiers if you don’t like the existing one. Also, after you’ve used the subwoofer for a while and excessive heat is generated, its spider plateau venting will assist in cooling it down.

4) Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Subwoofer

12 inch subwooferThe Rockford Fosgate P300-12 is another subwoofer that is 12 inches in size. A 300-watt amplifier (class D) is what powers this sealed device. All you need to do is run a signal and power supply from your existing stereo equipment and it will generate a phenomenal deep bass sound.

Not only that, the design of this Rockford subwoofer is sloped at the edges to accommodate trunks of many different sizes. The best part is that the subwoofer is very affordable for the quality that you’re getting here.

5) JL Audio 10TW3-D4 10″ Shallow Mount Subwoofer

JL Audio shallow mount subYou won’t need a lot of space with the JL Audio 10TW3-D4 because it is thinner than most subwoofers.

Its shallow 3.5″ mounting depth allows it to be installed just about anywhere inside your vehicle. You can put it behind the car seat, in the trunk, on the door, or wherever else you want.

The polypropylene cone is filled with micra and surrounded by rubber, giving it durability and protection from abrasions. When the subwoofer experiences deep bass, there will be no flexing.

6) Rockville RW10CA Low Profile 10″ Subwoofer

low profile deep bass subwooferThe Rockville RW10CA is a subwoofer that is slim enough to be attached underneath a car seat.

The bass won’t be as deep as other subwoofers on the market, but it is much more affordable.

The amplifier built into the subwoofer limits the need for many components and wires. Not only that, it allows the amplifier to just be plugged in and played without too much hassle.

7) Rockville Destroyer 12D1 12″ Competition Subwoofer

low bass sub

It doesn’t get more powerful than the Rockville Destroyer. This solidly designed subwoofer is 12 inches and has made in the USA voice coils and quality construction to be able to withstand extremely high temps.

The RMS is 2000 watts and the maximum power is 8000 watts! The sound quality is quite clean and the bass hits HARD when paired with a good amp.

8) Pioneer TS-SWX3002 12″ Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

Pioneer enclosed subwooferThe Pioneer TS-SWX3002 woofer is quite compact and durable, allowing it to survive just about anywhere in your vehicle.

It has a shallow mount which makes it very easy to attach and install.

The low-frequency ranges of the subwoofer sound wonderful. If you clear and crisp sounds, this is the subwoofer to get.

9) JL Audio ACP110LG-TW1 10″ Amplified Subwoofer

hard hitting micro subwooferThe JL Audio ACP110LG-TW1 gives you premium bass quality and protection with its V-Groove technology and MDF box.

A 2-year warranty comes with the purchase of this subwoofer. This ensures you will be happy with the quality of the device.

If you want more RMS power than the 400 watts it comes with, then you need to pay extra for that.

10) Kicker 10TC104 10″ Subwoofer Kit

Kicker 10 inch subwooferThe Kicker 10TC104 is another subwoofer that is 10 inches and very slim and comes with a sub box, amp, and amp kit for easy installation.

It is enclosed in wooden material, but it is still quite strong and can take a lot of impact while sitting in your trunk.

You don’t have to put it in the trunk, though. This subwoofer is slim enough to fit just about anywhere in the vehicle. It is also one of the cheapest subwoofers that provide such a deep bass.

18 thoughts on “10 Best Car Subwoofers for DEEP Bass”

    • I still have 4 old school Kicker Solo Barracks from 1993. There ratings are 500rms and 750peak,but I have 600rms and 1000peak to them. I play them every day and they are still going. I have them in a 2015 Ford Edge and each are in 3 cubic feet boxes. I have a Alpine head unit and Kicker amps. I’ve never entered a competition, but have my own DB Meter and have recorded a 168 recording (off record). Kicker Solo Barracks will always be my favorite, no matter what. I have 4-12inch Kicker L7s in my 2017 Ford Focus RS and they are loud, but I prefer my old Solo Barracks. JL Audio’s are good, yet, very high. A good cheap square subwoofer is the Pyle Square Subwoofers. The 12s are under $150 EACH ($100 is average) and are 400rms and 900max. I have 8 –12s in my 2007 Ford F-150 extended cab with 4,500 watts rms and you can hardly sit in it (or be near it) without hearing protection. Maybe one day I’ll enter my rides in competitions. To me, bigger subs, lower ohms, =more deeper bass. STAY LOUD AND STAY SAFE BASS NATION✌????.

      • Hey James, have you heard any of these Sundown audio subwoofers yet bu chance? Just curious what someone like you thinks, even of the lower models like the sundown sa series, v1 or v2 both slam hard! I been into car audio since 2005 myself when got my 1st car after graduating. I loved the old Directed sx series 12s(600rms, dvc) they sound like 15s and hit all notes great. I still have one in my lady’s car haha. But I just got a sundown sa-v2 15″ sub today actually. I seen tons of great talk about them and had a cheaper skar audio 15 so figured why not try. I barely played with it yet but even my 13yr old daughter and wife noticed how much better country music sounded on way home tonight! Haha, i was shocked. But lots said thes Sundown hit all notes, I didn’t believe it until now. And after seeing them handle 10,000-15,000 watts b4 messing up on YT vids i had to find one, def impressed so far. But i love the old solo barracks too man, also the Directed Sx series 12s(600rms, dvc) from 2000 or so were 1 of my favs for the price, the 12s sounded like 15s, so low and clean. Still have one in my lady’s car ????. Well now i see this was an old reply but im gonna send mine anyway.

      • Lol. Just got an Sa-v2 15in sub today myself and I was shocked on my way home tonight when my 13yr old daughter and wife both noticed country music sounded way better????. But mine really hits all notes so much better than any sub i ever had so far(every brand made almost). Oh also, i seen ppl say these subs sound good at all volume levels etc too and wasn’t sure what they meant til today but my bass is no longer too loud when radio is on volume 10-15 lol. Even with amp all the way up etc, but it slams the lows very well still also! Upgraded from my cheaper skar audio 15 after being out of car audio mostly for the past 10yrs plus. I am def not no Sundown fanboy either, 1st one I’ve owned. But at same time i got this sa-v2 15″ for $250, couldn’t pass that up new and built by a sundown employee right here in the usa also. I was just trying to find what the hot newer stuff was after not checking anything out for 10-15yrs really and seen yt vids with these sundown ev3 15″($174!) and sa series 15″ handling like 10k-15,000 watts before messing up! With test tone(continuous note) for like 5min at a time starting at rms watts, going up slowly until they blow etc. Just seemed like very strong/well-made for the cost, so i found one cheap as could. I’m mainly responding so the 1st guy that asked can see what i have to say. But I cant deny sundown on this sub, it’s amazing i can tell already. Only fed it about 850rms so far for 30min. Gotta swap amps outta the ladys car tomrow and get my 1500rms amp to try on it. It’s akot better than my old Rf p3 15″ i had in 2006 or so that def cost $250 or more also. Seems good to me, seen if i ever blow it they will fix for price of recone kit and ship back, with some replacement program. I just wish I’d of seen the sundown yardsale sight or “B stock” websites before buying! Can get stuff alot cheaper that way, that works flawlessly they say. If my opinion changes I will edit comment also????

  1. I’ve always been a kicker person however, I just purchased the MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator Power Pack Subwoofer System for my 2015 Kia Soul and after installing to the factory stereo and so far I’m pretty impressed! So far the lil “NON-DECK” stock stereo and the budgeted $20 Walmart amp wiring kit I have hooked up to the amp & subs have them hitting pretty hard for the small cabin size. I know that once I get the proper gage wiring hook to my personal favorite head unit, “ALPINE”, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a lil more out of them! I’m even considering adding a 2.5 fared compositor, another amp & 2 more 12’s!

  2. I don’t know why people swear by kicker. They are loud but sound like garbage. I personally prefer deep clear bass. I went with the 10W7AE-3 powered by a jl 1000/1V2, with jl C3’s for the component and coaxial matched with a jl 400/4. Hits and sounds better than most duel 12’s.

    • From what I’ve heard all of my life and I’m 51 Rockford Fosgate are as good as any. I had a friend that posted one on Facebook and I just went and bought it without really looking at it. I got home and it was a Crunch amp and I could have gotten a brand new one for the same price as I paid for it so from now on I’ll get where there’s some good light before I buy anything and I really think that he thought that it was a RF. I had all Memphis amps over the last ten years and I’ve had to replace two of them. I just looked up the top ten and Rockville was number one and most of the rest were RF so who knows. When someone ask me to put one in their vehicle I always tell them to get a Cerwin Vega amp sub combo. They are old school and they seem to last forever. I bought a little shallow ten and I was amazed at it. If I were going to buy an amp it would probably be a Rockford. Cerwin Vega are better known for their speakers. Good luck with whatever you did or going to do and keep those mirrors shaking.

      • And I forgot but Pioneer is as good as any I’m sure. That’s what’s in both of my vehicles far as the head unit.

  3. How about audiopipe? I have a couple txx-bd2 12’s in a sealed enclosure with a 5000 watt soundstream class d monoblock and it’s hard to sit in it long! My db meter says 140.

  4. I have an older dd 10in in a custom t-line enclosure I built, I need to meter it , but with an rms of 1000 watts, I’m only giving it 350 to 400 probably with my trusty 21 year old 600d DEI amp running at 2 ohms, anyway a lot of people think I have 15s or 18s and its always cool to see shocked people when I show them what little I’m using. T lines are hard to beat, they do have a different sound but they are super efficient, while flexing the roof, I can’t keep my rear view mirror tight. It slams the lows but also plays very strong but crisp bass guitar notes and bass drum hits. After I first installed this setup with some pioneer pro audio 6×9s I had to listen to all my music again because of all of the new clarity, detailed, loud music you can feel. I’ve been building audio systems for 25 years now I love it.

    • Is be really interested in how you built your tline there are so many different opinions on how it should be done but not a ton of good info on them


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