Top 10 Best Car Window Breakers

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

If you need to escape your vehicle in an emergency, then a car window breaker will help you to exit the cabin immediately. This product can also serve as a rescue device when necessary if someone is trapped inside their car.

These are the best car window breakers which are available right now.

  1. Resqme Inc Safety Escape Tool

This car window comes with a seatbelt cutter so that you can escape almost any situation quickly. It is a lightweight, compact product that you can store in nearly every compartment. No installation is necessary for it either, with some models that will even attach to your keys. Since the retail price is typically under $10, consider having one in the front seat and another for the back to ensure everyone can get out alive.

  1. VicTsing Safety Hammer

This safety tool for your vehicle features heavy carbon steel points to help you quickly slice a seatbelt and break a window to escape. The handle on this device offers an ergonomic design to ensure that it doesn’t slip in your hand when you need to use it. An anti-skid surface reinforces your grip for an easy swing, while the almost 7 inches of length allows you to generate more momentum for an impactful result. Keep it in a door pocket, armrest box, or glove compartment.

  1. AmazonBasics Window Hammer

This option is another 2-in-1 emergency escape tool that works in every vehicle. The sharp blade makes quick work of a seatbelt, while the two-sided points made from tungsten provide you with an option to hammer out a window quickly. A protective bracket comes with this model to ensure that you have a safe storage option, with a push-button release all that is needed to grab it in an emergency. You will receive a limited 1-year warranty with purchase. The plastic handle might give some drivers a pause, but this product delivers the quality you need at the right time.

  1. BlueSkyBos Emergency Escape Tool

This window hammer provides a similar design that includes a protective storage container, plastic ergonomic handle, and double strike points to help you escape. As with most breakers, you’ll need to focus on a side window instead of the windshield to make sure that you can be safe. The blade on the end of this device is razor-sharp, and it will make quick work of any belt. It is lightweight, compact, and will give you a chance to save lives in an emergency.

  1. Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Escape Tool

This product provides you with a vent-mounted tool that can help you to escape from a dangerous situation. It features a spring-loaded glass breaker instead of a hammer-style design to reduce the amount of effort needed to get out a window. Just push the product all the way down against the window. It is such a practical design that even young children can use the product. The product also doubles as a USB charger that works with your vehicle’s 12v outlet. A seatbelt cutter comes with the design as well, which is all easily accessible thanks to its magnet-mount design.

  1. Black Menba Multi-Function Window Hammer

This product features a dual-tip steel hammer that allows you to break out any non-laminated windows in your vehicle. The back end of the device then will enable you to slice through a seat belt so that you can escape during a dangerous incident. Like most devices of a similar design, it features an orange color so that you can quickly see it. Mounting holes are included so that you can attach the device to your vehicle if you want. Even if you never need to use this car window breaker, the peace of mind you receive in knowing it is there makes this option a substantial investment.

  1. Drztkaii Car Safety Device

This window breaker for vehicles is another option to consider if you want an extra charging port for your car. It plugs directly into your 12v receptacle, giving you a 2,200 mAh power bank that can charge your portable devices. It also features a red emergency beacon, offers an emergency flashlight, and there is an SOS function equipped to it as well. Use it break windows or cut seatbelts too if you find yourself in a problematic situation. You’ll receive up to 4 hours of support with a full charge.

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  1. Oudew Glass Breaker

This device offers drivers access to a classic hammer design that can help you to hammer out a window quickly during an emergency. It features a tip made from a carbide allow that will get you out of the vehicle rapdily. It weighs about one pound, so the impact that you can make with this device will be useful even under water. This design also features a hidden blade so that you can worry less about an accidental cut if you happen to catch the bottom edge with your hand.

  1. Luxon 7-in-1 Car Safety Tool

This product is your all-in-one emergency kit that you’ll want to keep in each vehicle. Not only will it help you to break out a window, but it will also provide you with emergency lighting, charge your devices with its USB connectors, and it offers a hand-crank so that you can always create power if needed. A strong magnet on the device allows you to affix this tool to your vehicle to indicate that you have an emergency. It comes backed with a 1-year warranty.

  1. LifeLight Car Window Breaker

This product offers another multi-tool design that can help you to manage numerous situations. It features a hand-crank as well, allowing you to recharge the included lithium-ion battery. The flashlight is strong enough for camping and hiking, while the seatbelt cutter and hammer point can help you to escape an emergency situation in your vehicle. The only thing that is missing from the newer models is an AM/FM radio!

The best car window breakers allow you to get out alive, save a life, or rescue your passengers during emergencies. Choose the option that makes sense for your driving habits, and then make sure you mount or store it in an accessible location.

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