9 Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Your Car

There are all sorts of electronic devices being installed in cars these days. Ten years ago, many of these electronic devices would have been considered luxuries. You would only find them in high-end luxury sedans or SUVs.

These days, people of all social classes have a variety of electronic gadgets in their vehicles. Dual screen portable DVD players are just one of those devices. Some of these systems consist of a main DVD player/monitor and a slave monitor where both screens play the same movie at the same time. Others allow you to watch two different DVDs so make sure you’re getting what you need.

Those of us with kids understand the challenges of long road trips. There are only so many games of “I Spy” or finding slug bugs that young children can play without resorting to the all-to-familiar “are we there yet?” scenario.

Even adult passengers can get bored rather quickly. We live in an age where people are used to constant entertainment and electronic stimulation. While a smartphone or Nintendo Switch are both good options, it’s hard to beat the bang for the buck value of a portable DVD player.

Here are nine of the best dual DVD players that will provide good, cheap entertainment on that next family road trip. You’ll be surprised how much they’ve come down in price in the past couple years and how easy they are to install.

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Top 9 Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players

1) WONNIE 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD Player (2 DVD Players)

best dual screen car DVD playerSimilar to the runner-up model below, the two 10.5-inch screens offer excellent 1024 x 800 pixel resolution and good sound quality with 20 volume settings. The main difference is that this set will allow you to watch a different DVD on each screen (or watch the same on both screens).

This is perfect when you have one child wanting to watch Frozen for the 100th time but her brother would rather watch Cars.

Since you get two DVD players, you also get a 2nd remote control and AC adaptor. Each player in this WONNIE set has a 5-hour rechargeable battery, and a variety of inputs including: headphone, USB, and an SD card. While the higher price tag may be a deterrent for some, you really do get a lot for your money.

2) WONNIE 10.5” Dual Screen DVD Player (1 DVD Player + 1 Monitor)

best dual screen portable DVD playerThe WONNIE dual DVD player has a huge 10.5-inch screen with 1024 x 800 pixel resolution and can share the same signal for playing films simultaneously. The sound quality is excellent with 10 different settings for the volume.

The 2700mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is built into the dual DVD player can last for up to 4 hours on a full charge.

A car charger and AC power adapter are included with the popular WONNIE dual DVD player set along with an AV OUT which allows you to hook up the main player to a full size television (for home or hotel room use).

3) NAVISKAUTO 12″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

NAVISKAUTO dual screen DVD player reviewThe NAVISKAUTO dual screen portable DVD player includes two large 12″ screens (at 1024 x 600 resolution) and has a rechargeable battery built into it that will give you 5 hours of viewing time on a full charge.

DVD discs are easy to change and the built-in USB port and SD card slot allows you to play your favorite downloaded movies.

The best part is that the NAVISKAUTO DVD player can hold up to 128 GB of memory. Simply connect your media content through the USB connection port that is available on the device. Then you don’t have to keep putting in a DVD to watch movies.

4) Milanix 10″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

dual DVD player for carThe Milanix dual screen portable DVD player includes two 10-inch screens, 2 car adapters, a rechargeable battery (5-hours run time), 2 AC adapters, 2 mount straps for the car seat headrests, and so much more.

Unlike other competitors, the Milanix DVD player system allows you to watch a different DVD on each screen (or sync up and watch the same one).

Other features include a USB port, SD/MMC card slot, AV In and Out, and of course a headphone jack.

5) NAVISKAUTO 10.5″ Portable Dual Screen DVD Player

best portable DVD player for carThis NAVISKAUTO portable DVD player is very similar to its big brother mentioned above. The big difference is that this player has a 10.5 inch dual screen rather than a 12-inch screen.

Each screen offers the same 1200 x 600 pixel resolution but on a smaller screen, the picture is actually slightly clearer. You’ll still have 5 hours of viewing time between each recharge.

Also included with this NAVISKAUTO set are 2 headphones, headrest straps, infrared remote control, and AC power adaptor, AV cable, and cigarette lighter adaptor. As with most others, the same DVD is synced to both screens when watching.

6) Sylvania SDVD9805 9-Inch Twin Screen DVD Player

Sylvania car DVD playersWhile a bit smaller than some other options, the Sylvania 9-inch dual screen set is great if you want to watch a different DVD on each screen or if you want to share the same DVD on 2 different screens.

It’s much less bulky than other players making it perfect for smaller vehicles or when you just want to hold it in your hands instead of mounting it to the back of a headrest. Includes a remote control, mounting straps, ear buds, AC adaptor, car cord, car adaptor, and USB and SD card slots.

Not only can you play standard DVDs with this Sylvania set, but you can also play CD-R, CD-RW, CD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW discs as well. This is great for people who burn their own movies on their computers and want to play them on a separate DVD player.

7) Koramzi 9-Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

portable DVD player with 2 screensKoramzi dual portable DVD players are one of the best values around. Each 9-inch screen offers 800 x 480 pixel resolution and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 3 hours of playback.

Each screen has its own DVD player so two people can watch two different movies (or connect the screens to watch the same movie).

The Koramzi bundle includes 2 DVD players, 2 headrest bags, 2 earphones, 2 remote controls, 2 power adapters, and 1 car charger. It may not offer the same high resolution as some of the more expensive sets, but the Koramzi set is still a good option.

8) Sylvania SDVD8737 Dual Screen 7″ Portable DVD Player

small two screen portable DVD playerWith similar picture quality as the larger Sylvania set above, each 7-inch TFT LCD display has built-in stereo speakers to enjoy movies or music on the go. Unlike its big brother, the screens are synced so the same DVD must be watched on both screens.

But if you desire a small dual screen DVD player (with a screen about the size of a large smartphone), it’s hard to do better than the Sylvania 7-inch dual screen DVD player.

Includes earphones, mounting straps, AC adaptor, and DC car adaptor.

9) Philips PD9016 9″ Dual Portable DVD Player (Renewed)

cheap dual DVD screensLast but not least is the Philips 9″ dual monitor set. It’s worth noting that this is a refurbished set which was pre-owned but inspected, cleaned, and tested to factory standards. Obviously, new is best but renewed is a good option for those with smaller budgets.

Passengers in your vehicle can watch their favorite movies on two different portable DVD players. If you want both DVD players to play the same movie, there is a signal switch that allows the players to share the same signal. 

You can power the DVD players with a car adaptor that plugs into the cigarette charger. There is even a mounting strap so that you can attach a DVD player to the headrest of the car seat.



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