Top 10 Best Foam Cannons to Perfectly Clean Your Car


If you want to effectively clean your vehicle without the risk of damage from a high-powered pressure washer, then a foam cannon is your best solution. When you use this product with the soap or shampoo that you prefer to clean your car, then the material stays on the body longer, penetrates through the grime better, and some even work with your garden hose. It’s like giving your car a bubble bath!

List of the Best Foam Cannons

There are three options to consider with this product category: guns, cannons, and lances. Some people use the terms interchangeably, but a foam gun is what attaches to your hose. The lances work with your pressure washer, while the cannon can be a stand-alone product or work with the other options as well. Below are the list of the best Foam Cannons to clean your vehicle:

  1. Weirran High-Pressure Foam Cannon

This foam cannon gives you the perfect performance every time. It provides a thick, sticky result using a 0- to 90-degree jet pattern while giving you a clean rinse. Just twist the soap control knob to the proper setting, and it will let you get the job done. The nozzle is made from brass, while the remainder of the unit is plastic. You can even get up to 1,000 PSI without the use of a pressure washer with this unit. It is affordable, durable, and ready for home use straight from the box.

  1. TriNova Foam Cannon

If you want to own a foam cannon that is exceptionally easy to use, then this model is the one for you. All you need to do is fill up the reservoir bottle with soap, and then connect the device to a pressure washer to get the spray you need. You can then soak your ride with all of the required suds to get rid of the toughest grime, insects, and other road-based contaminants. This model offers a wider neck to resist issues with cracking that are common with these products as well.

  1. MATCC Foam Cannon

If you want an upgraded experience with your car cleaning chores, then this foam cannon delivers the goods. It features a heavy-duty brass core that is heavier and thicker, with a tight plastic container, which reduces vibration while working. There is a filter end on the tube as well that prevents particles from hitting your vehicle from the water or soap. You do need to have a pressure washer that provides 2 GPM and 1,450 PSI to use this product successfully.

  1. Fasmov Foam Cannon

This foam cannon features a 1/4-inch quick disconnect adapter that makes managing your car washing chores a snap. It only needs 1,000 PSI of minimum pressure to operate, and this bottle provides one full liter for your soap. You can adjust the spray nozzle to create an accurate mix so that the foam you create gives you the results you want. There is an adjustable vertical jet nozzle for you to use a side-to-side application process as well.

  1. Chemical Guys Foam Blaster

This car wash foamer will connect to any standard garden hose, eliminating the need to have a pressure washer at home. You can make quick work of your vehicle cleaning work by creating an effective result that won’t scratch your paint. This model gives you the option to control the concentration of your foam to tackle light or heavy washing tasks. Since you don’t need any additional tools to get to work, this investment is one that makes a lot of sense for most households today.

  1. Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

You will receive an adjustable foam cannon with this option that works on pressure levels between 1,000 to 3,600 PSI. The spray nozzle is adjustable to give you the proper mixing that you need. All you need to do is adjust the knob on the top of the unit to get the spray pattern that you want. Use this tool to clean your windows at home, spray down your roof, or anything else that could benefit from a deep cleaning experience.

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  1. McKillans Foam Cannon

Using car soap and a pressure washer, this snow foam cannon provides a superior cleaning process that gives you a delicate, yet deep cleansing experience. Your vehicle will sparkle and shine with only a few minutes of work thanks to the extra surface lubrication this device adds. The bottle is a robust, translucent plastic that allows you to see what is left while working. You can adjust the spray and angle with an easy-access controller that uses raw brass and copper instead of recycled materials to create the results you want.

  1. AYOGU Foam Cannon

If money is tight or you’re unsure about the benefits that a foam cannon could provide, then this model is a great choice to consider. You’ll receive five pressure washer nozzles for cleaning, a quick-connector foam blaster, and all of the other tools needed to get everything clean. It works with a maximum flow of 5.3 GPM, needs 1,000 PSI to be useful, and eliminates the need for a soap bucket. Just spray it on, and then wipe it down.

  1. Tool Daily Foam Cannon

This model is another generic option that connects to your pressure washer, but it delivers consistent results. It can handle a slightly higher maximum PSI than some other models, allowing you to have more versatility in the application of your soap. It also provides a larger neck than most other models to resist bottle cracking. An additional 1.1mm nozzle comes in the box to ensure that you can take advantage of the two-liter capacity.

  1. Autown Foam Cannon

All you need to do with this foam cannon is fill up the reservoir bottle with soap, click it onto your existing pressure washer trigger or lance, and then spray away. The mixture is noticeably thick at its strongest setting, giving you the option to manage multiple chores at once. If you prefer the standard type, then it will also work with a standard garden hose. It provides the exact versatility that busy families need today.

The best foam cannons to perfectly clean your car will help you save money on your detailing work. Make the investment today, and then enjoy sparkling results with your vehicle for unlimited tomorrows.


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