Top 10 Best Grease Guns for Your Auto Car Job

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

The best grease guns provide you with a lubrication option so that you can manage your vehicle’s service needs with little effort. All you need to do is connect the unit to a fitting on your car, and then it will take the lubricant through the channels behind the connector to where help is needed.

There are four types of grease guns available today: electric, air-powered, hand-powered with a trigger, and hand-powered without one.

List of the Best Grease Guns

Most grease guns will work with a variety of lubricants, but most vehicles need a thicker or heavier type of grease to be useful. You’ll want to pay attention to the length of hose, PSI rating, and overall capacity to ensure the item you purchase can meet your needs. And below are the list of the best Grease Guns for your auto car job:

  1. Bravex Grease Gun

This grease gun features a heavy-duty pistol grip that delivers consistent results with its trigger-based design. You’ll receive an 18-inch flexible hose with this unit, a non-slip rubber grip, and a 5.5-inch hard metal extension tube. It features a sharp-type nozzle to meet most automotive applications, while still giving you options for trailers, boats, and tractors. The working pressure with this model is up to 6,000 PSI.

  1. Slippery Pete Grease Gun

Another affordable option to consider if you need a grease gun is this model, which works with a 14-ounce grease cartridge to manage your service needs. An air bleed valve makes it much easier to prime the gun while loading, which means you can skip the step of loosening your barrel threads. It comes with an 18-inch flexible hose extension, manages up to 6,000 PSI, and comes with a complete instruction sheet so that anyone can learn how to use this product quickly.

  1. Lumax Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

This grease gun features three-way loading, allowing you to use a cartridge, grease pump, or suction to meet the needs of your car. It comes with an air bleeder valve to vent your air pockets, while the 18-gauge steel barrel will feel like this item is indestructible. There is a follower rod lock which helps to prevent an accidental discharge with this product too. It also comes with an 18-inch flexible hose, but it can handle up to 7,000 PSI during use.

  1. Milwaukee Electric Grease Gun

If you don’t like the idea of a trigger-based grease gun, then this model features a lithium-ion cordless grease gun that delivers a maximum 8,000 PSI thanks to its 12v motor. It is only 14 inches long and weighs 7 pounds, but it will also provide a simplified performance that gets into some tight spaces. There is an LED fuel gauge that lets you know where your battery life stands, and a 30-minute charger comes in the box.

  1. ARES Economy Level Grease Gun

This grease gun combines affordability and ease of use by providing you with a 10,000 maximum PSI. Although you won’t have flexibility or length in the hose, the 6.7-inch bent spout does get the job done with most vehicles. It features three-way loading as well, with the dispenser handling 400cc of lubricant or a 14-ounce cartridge. You’ll receive a minimum of one ounce per 40 strokes with delivery. It also comes with an anti-leak design that means your grease goes into the car instead of on your hands.

  1. Milton S-3100 Grease Gun

This model is another lever-based grease gun that works with an aluminum frame to provide you with a sturdy, lightweight user experience. It offers an adjustable stroke lever that gives you the ultimate level of control when you need to pump lubricant into a tight area. Use the filler pump, bulk fill, or cartridge options to get the results that you want. A 6-inch bent extension comes with the unit, a molded non-slip grip handle makes life easier, and the rolled thread on the barrel makes for easy threading.

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  1. ACPulse Grease Gun

If you prefer the pistol grip over the lever and don’t want to pay for an electric model, then give this affordable option a closer look. It features an O-ring sealed, high-pressure design that reduces leaks while still offering 6,000 PSI of working pressure. The hose is a universal fit option that gives you 18 inches of length, while you also get the 5.5-inch metal extension tube as well. The canister is steel, while the handle has a rubber cover to support your grip. There is an excellent chance that this grease gun might be the best one you’ve ever owned.

  1. YaeTek Grease Gun

If you don’t need a lot of pressure or hose length, then save some money by taking a look at this option. It features a maximum working pressure of 4,500 PSI, gives you a 12-inch flexible hose, but the rigid extension is six inches in length. It features an aluminum barrel to reduce the weight of the product, yet the grease gun also provides a pistol-grip actuator that won’t create fatigue or slippage during use.

  1. DeWalt 20v Cordless Grease Gun

The powerful motor on this electric grease gun delivers 10,000 max PSI, allowing you to push up to five ounces of lubricant per minute. You can use up to 16 cartridges on a single battery charge as well. It comes with a 42-inch flexible hose to help you reach the toughest of fittings, while the LED lighting allows you to find them in low-light situations. You’ll keep the dirt out while getting the job done faster with this model.

  1. Lincoln 1162 Grease Gun

If you have an air compressor at home and want to add a grease gun to your toolbox, then this is the model to choose. It features a fully automatic, variable-speed trigger which provides you with continuous operation. You’ll receive an excellent lubricant flow with each pull, a guarantee which is backed by a 1-year warranty. It can be a little stubborn with the priming work, and you’ll need a few different quick-connect couplers, but it is also an option that can save you a lot of time.

The best grease guns for your car will help you to maintain your vehicle at home without the high cost of service labor. Choose the model that best meets your needs, and then enjoy the savings that you will receive.

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