10 Best Headlight Restoration Kits For Brighter Light

(Updated on October 23, 2019)

Headlights provide the illumination that you need when driving at nighttime or in an environment where it is difficult to see. It is important that your headlights stay crystal clear on the outside and have no debris or grime covering them.

If your headlights are cloudy, scratched, or dirty, the light coming from the bulbs will not be able to illuminate the environment as brightly as they normally could. Anything covering the headlights will block a significant amount of the light from coming through, causing it to be dimmer when it shines out in front of the car.

The two natural elements that cause headlights to get dirty are bad weather conditions and the sun’s UV rays. Both will slowly cause your headlights to get filthy after a while. This will eventually become a safety hazard when you’re driving because if you cannot see clearly, you’re putting yourself and other people’s lives at risk. The solution to this problem is such a simple one too.

You just need to periodically clean your headlights. But this doesn’t mean splashing them with water and drying them off with a rag. You need to use a special headlight restoration kit that is designed to restore the glass-like appearance of your headlights.

Top 10 Best Headlight Restorer Kits

1) Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

Headlights are a necessity when driving your vehicle at nighttime. But there is more to headlight efficiency than just having functional high-quality bulbs. You also need to consider how clean your headlights are in the first place. Corrosion from the sunlight is often the main culprit.

As time goes on, your headlights will start to turn yellow from all the contaminants and deterioration. So, how do you fix this issue?

The Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to solve this very problem. It will work to completely eliminate the cloudiness and yellowish stains which are covering your headlights’ lenses and blocking its brightness level.

All the tools you will need to restore your headlights are included in this kit. This includes the clear coat UV resistant applicator, polish, sand paper, wipes, and surface activator.

The restoration process can be completed in 3 easy steps. When you’re done applying the formulas included in the kit, your headlights will shine brighter than they have in a very long time. Your drives at nighttime will be safer because you’ll have more visibility of the environment in front of you.

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Below are the top advantages of the Sylvania headlight restoration kit.

1. Affordable

If you can afford a fast food dinner for your family, then you can afford to purchase the Sylvania headlight restoration kit on Amazon.com. They will even give you free shipping on your order too. For that, you’re getting a top-notch headlight restoration kit that does what it is supposed to do and a whole lot more.

2. Easy to Use

You do not need to be an experienced auto technician or mechanic to use this restoration kit. There are 3 easy steps that you need to follow to restore your headlights with this kit.

First, you apply the surface activator formula by spraying it onto your headlight lenses. This will cause the plastic to loosen and soften. Second, you will sand the lenses with the sanding material that is included in the kit. This is followed by a polishing which makes the lenses crystal clear.

Finally, you spray a clear coat of the UV block applicator onto the lenses to give them protection from the sun.

3. It Actually Works

The Sylvania headlight restoration kit does more than just clear away corrosion and debris. It will also put a clear coat of UV resisting formula on your headlight lenses. Since the UV rays from the sun can contribute to the corrosion problem, you can now reduce many of the negative effects that the sun rays will have on your headlights.

4. Lifetime Warranty

Many companies don’t provide a lifetime warranty on their headlight cleaning products. Sylvania, on the other hand, includes a lifetime warranty with each purchase of their headlight restoration kit.

They guarantee that you can use the materials in this kit for two restorations of your vehicle’s headlights. The “lifetime” refers to the time in which you own your vehicle.


Below is the main disadvantage of the Sylvania headlight restoration kit.

1. Fogginess in Humidity

If you normally drive in environments where there is a lot of humidity, then you might notice that your headlight lenses will fog up much faster after using this kit. This goes away within a couple minutes and is perfectly normal due to the difference between bulb temperature and the outside air.

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2) 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

The 3M 39008 heavy duty headlight restoration kit is recommended for both amateur and experienced car lovers. It contains all the items necessary to thoroughly clean your headlights and restore their good looks.

Since it’s made by 3M, you know it’s a kit you can trust to restore your headlights to optimal condition. Make your taillights and headlights about 2 times brighter after cleaning them with this kit.

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3) Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Restorer Kit

The Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Restorer Kit is such a powerful cleaning solution, it is often used to clean the fiberglass of a vehicle’s chassis and the exteriors of some buildings. Turtle Wax is also a name brand that most people recognize and trust.

The T-240KT is an inexpensive headlight restorer kit which features 3 restoration pads. Each pad can clean away different types of grit from your headlights. Other items include lens sealing wipes and spray lubricant. Overall, the T-240KT is affordable and lasts a long time. Also available in a cordless-drill powered kit.

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4) Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit

The budget friendly Wipe New Headlight Restore Kit is manufactured in the United States, so you know it is high quality. After you apply this restorer solution, your headlights should stay clear and vibrant for at least 2 years.

It only takes between 5 and 7 minutes to apply. After that, you can enjoy having cleaner and brighter headlights. If you need your headlights to pass inspection to comply with your local laws, this restore kit should help you accomplish that.

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5) Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

The Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit will get rid of the yellowness from your headlights that was caused by the sun. In addition, it can remove small scratches from your headlights within just a few seconds.

Another item included in the kit is the PowerPlastic 4Lights polish. This will speed up the headlight restoration process considerably. In total, the kit comes with 8 ounces of polish, a 3-inch backing plate, and restoration discs.

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6) Meguiar’s G2970 Two Step Headlight Restore Kit

The Meguiar’s G2970 restorer kit works very well for restoring clarity to yellowish and oxidized headlights. The 2-step restorer allows you to easily clear away all sorts of scratches, dirt, grime, and other imperfections from your headlights and keep them looking new for at least a year.

The kit includes a cleaning solution and headlight coating along with a couple cleaning pads. While it won’t work as well for severe oxidization, normal clean and restoration should take less than 5 minutes.

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7) CLT Headlight Restoration Kit

The CLT Headlight Restoration Kit is a cleaner and finish for your dirty headlights in the form of wipes. It will eliminate hairline scratches and yellowness from the sun. Everything you need to get started is included in the kit. There are no separate tools required for applying the restorer. Simply clean, dry, and coat.

When you are done, your headlights will remain protected from UV rays, chemicals, pesticides, and whatever else is floating in the air. It’s a super quick application but may not work as well as others.

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8) Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit is made by a brand that you can trust. Rain-X is best known for their windshield wipers and fluids, but their headlight restoration kit is also worth looking at. The kit can eliminate scuffs and scratches within minutes from your headlights, leaving them sparkly clean and shiny.

This restoration kit includes sealant, polish, lubricant, and 3 types of sandpaper with different grain levels.

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9) Philips Headlight Restoration Kit

The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit will protect your headlights from the sun’s UV rays for up to 2 years. If you live in a tropical or dry location with a lot of heat, this restoration kit is definitely for you.

It doesn’t take much effort to apply the restorer to the headlights either. Just be sure to wear gloves while you’re doing it as this is recommended.

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10) Dupli-Color HLR100-3 PK Clear Headlight Restoration Kit

The Dupli-Color HLR100-3 restoration kit can be applied to the headlights using the aerosol spray cans that come with it. It’s a simple 2-step process.

Although the spray polish is easy to apply, it can still be quite a time-consuming process. Once polished, you follow it up with the included clear coat spray. When you are done, your headlights should be protected from the sun’s UV rays for at least 1 to 2 years.

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