Top 10 Best Heated Car Seat Covers

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

When the weather gets a little cold outside, it can be helpful to use a heated car seat cover to get rid of the chill. This product can help you to find some comfort while your vehicle starts to warm up.

These are the best heated car seat covers that you can use today for your vehicle.

  1. Big Ant Heated Seat Cushion

This heated car seat cover works with the 12-volt receptacle in your vehicle to give you two heat settings to keep you comfortable. It also provides a circulation warmer to ensure that your back and legs receive the warmth they deserve. There are flexible lines that detach easily to prevent damage, while the cushion itself features a non-slip surface that doesn’t reduce your comfort levels. There are even two small pockets that will help you store your phone, wallet, or keys during a long drive.

  1. Sojoy Universal Heated Seat Cushion

This multifunctional heated seat cushion for your car features three different settings and a 45-minute timer to ensure your comfort. It warms up in just three minutes, providing an even temperature across the device. You can receive up to 120F degrees of support with the non-slip attachment and elastic hook fastener which works with almost any seat. When you are ready to get warm, all you need to do is start the timer on the device, and you will find the comfort that you need.

  1. Comfier Heated Car Seat Cushion

If you choose this heated car seat cover for your vehicle, then you can begin to feel the warmth you want in 60 seconds or less. There are three heating pads in the sitting area and the back of this device, allowing you to feel full-body support that can reach 131F degrees at its highest setting. It comes with an overheat protection thermostat which shuts the unit off if it gets too hot for some reason. You can also take advantage of the default timer to ensure that this universal-fit product is safe to use.

  1. Snailax Car Seat Cushion

If you choose this option, then you can choose to either use heating to stay comfortable or create more cool air along your back and legs when the vehicle is hot in the summer. There are four fans that help to circulate air throughout this model, either providing heat when needed or dispersing excessive body heat to reduce perspiration while driving. The heating pad comes with an automatic shutoff feature for safety, and the surface features non-slip straps and bottoms to avoid movement when you’re behind the wheel.

  1. Gideon Car Seat Cover

You’ll receive heating, cooling, and massage support if you choose this luxury seat cover for your vehicle today. There are three comfort points that target common areas of tension when driving: the neck, lower back, and hamstrings. You have heating support under your thighs and middle back, while cooling comfort is present along the upper and lower back. It features five-speed ventilating fans and 3-D ventilated mesh holes that keep you comfortable during every season. Just plug it into your 12V receptacle, and you will be ready to enjoy the comfort and support of this product.

  1. Oxford Car Seat Cover

This car seat cushion provides you with a warming option and additional lumbar support to reduce muscle tension on a long drive. The interior coils provide you with an even distribution of warmth that allows you to stay comfortable, while the product itself protects your seat from dirt, debris, and general aging issues. It features plush cushioning to ensure that your back and legs stay happy, while the installation process involves elastic straps, bands, and hooks that work with most vehicles. It is also backed by a 1-year warranty.

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  1. Wagan Heated Seat Cushion

This seat cushion provides a combination of polyester and velour to ensure that it allows for long-lasting comfort and luxury in almost any situation. The maximum heating temperature is 114F with this product on the high setting, although there is a low option to use if you wish as well. The lumbar supports which come with this item feature a half-inch of thickness for additional comfort. It also offers a 4.3-foot power cord so that you can use almost any 12-volt receptacle placement to take advantage of the benefits of this product.

  1. Gorla Universal Seat Cushion

If you have concerns about a heated seat cushion in your vehicle causing harm to your seat, then this neoprene cover is an excellent alternative to consider. It features an anti-slip backing that stops bunching and slipping while you drive. You’ll receive a contoured fit around the seat which naturally traps your body heat to keep you warm. It isn’t going to stick to your skin either, while you gain protection against drink and food spills. There is a seatbelt protector that comes in the box as well.

  1. Sojoy Driving Wedge

If you don’t like the idea of an entire seat cover giving you the heat you want on a cold day, then consider this wedge design instead. You will receive warm comfort and support without the need for readjustments, lifting you to a more comfortable driving height while giving you the heat you want. You can remove the coccyx wedge if needed for comfort, relieve pressure from your spine, and improve your posture all at the same time.

  1. Zento Heated Seat Cushion

This adjustable temperature seat cushion gives you between 30-60 minutes of support depending on the settings you engage with the product. The UL-approved wires provide assistance for up to 150F degrees to ensure a comfortable, warm ride in the coldest of conditions. A layer of thick foam padding gives you comfort as you sit, while the universal design allows you to use this product in most vehicles. You can even use it as a heating pad at home or while camping if you wish.

The best heated car seat covers for your vehicle will help you to stay warm on the coldest days. With options that provide comfort in as little as 60 seconds, you will want to grab one of these models today.

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