Top 10 Best iPad Car Mounts for Rear Seats

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

Sitting in the back seat during a road trip can be an excruciating experience. Even if the scenery is impressive, the boredom can set in rather quickly. That is why kids and adults alike resort to the use of electronic devices if they are not driving.

If you have an iPad, then a car mount to the rear seat can let you enjoy downloaded shows or streaming services through a personal hotspot while time ticks away.

List of the Best iPad Car Mounts for Rear Seats

When you want to have a hands-free experience with your iPad, then these are the best car mounts to use today.

  1. TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder

This iPad car mount is simple, secure, and universal. It works with iPad minis and the original variety thanks to the unique adjustable strap that secures the tablet. You can use a case with your mobile device or go without, and the iPad remains detachable to give you the maximum level of flexibility in the experience. You can then fold up the mount when it isn’t needed with ease since it fits into the average seat pocket. There are no protruding parts with this car mount, and it is versatile enough that you could even fit it to the seat back tray table during a flight.

  1. Lebogner Insulated Headrest Mount Holder

This iPad car mount for the rear seat is an insulated bag that has enough room to hold a full-sized tablet. It wraps around the headrest in the front to support all of the necessities that are needed on a road trip. Two mesh bottle holders on the sides allow you to hold a traditional can or bottle of juice, water, or soda. You then have a large insulated front storage area that will keep plenty of snacks for the trip too.

  1. Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder

Instead of giving one person in the back seat easy access to their favorite shows or movies during a trip, this mount attaches to the headrest from the side so that everyone can watch the iPad in the middle of the car. You can avoid paying for an expensive backseat entertainment system because the creative design mounts iPhones too, even with a bulky case, and it rotates to allow for different viewing angles. The robust aluminum shaft also minimizes vibration while driving to create an excellent user experience.

  1. Sawake Car Headrest Mount

This product is another option that will let you mount your iPad, iPhone, or a tablet of up to 14 inches in size for rear seat viewing. It connects to the bars of the headrest in the front seat, allowing you to rotate your mobile device for vertical or horizontal use. Multiple adjustments are available to ensure that you have the most comfortable viewing experience possible with this product. It also comes with a 45-day warranty, and the only tool you need to make adjustments is an Allen wrench.

  1. Lamicall Car Headrest Mount

This headrest mount design might be simple, but it is also remarkably effective. Although some vehicles are not compatible with this system, you can quickly connect the device to the metal post mounts of your front headrest to create a hands-free experience. Just pop the iPad into the holder, and then you can take advantage of the 360 degrees of rotation. It provides anti-vibration and anti-friction benefits, and this unique comes with a 12-month replacement or refund policy.

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  1. Fiesand Car Tablet Mount Holder

This design is another selection to consider if you prefer a middle mount for your vehicle instead of one that goes directly behind a seat. Installation is effortless with the universal design of this unit, attaching firmly to the headrest posts to create a safe viewing experience. The 360-degree swivel ball is remarkably fluid, making it easy to obtain the best viewing angle in almost any situation.

  1. INNOMAX Universal Car Headrest Mount

Whether you want to play games or watch a movie, this iPad car mount for the rear seat allows you to enjoy entertainment options until the battery runs out. It comes with three adjustable arms to support a healthy viewing posture, giving you multiple ways to create the most comfortable position possible. It combines an aluminum arm with high-grade plastic to create a design that is compatible with most mobile devices today. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, and you can add up to a 4-year protection plan for an affordable price.

  1. Inndise iPad Headrest Mount

Instead of using a plastic mount, this headrest-based design provides you with a leather case that mounts to the seat in front of the passenger. You’ll need to remove whatever cover you currently have on your iPad to use this option. It is not compatible with the iPad Pro models, but it does work with the first-generation design. You won’t need to worry about issues with sagging over time because of the stability built into the unit.

  1. WanPool Universal Car Headrest

This headrest option wraps around the top instead of using the bars for support, giving it an authentic universal design. It also provides the backseat passenger with an angle-adjustable control to improve the viewing angle. Two holding supports keep the mobile device in place while driving, allowing everyone to enjoy a hands-free experience.

  1. APPS2Car Mount Holder

This unique product comes with a 13-inch gooseneck extension that can maximize the versatility of your mounting options. You can mount it directly to a window thanks to its suction-cup design, eliminating the need to use a headrest mount. There are purposeful holes in the unit to provide access to charging cords or accessory attachments. If your iPad receives a cellular connection, then you can even use it in some jurisdictions in the front seat for your navigational needs.

The best iPad car mounts for rear seats will help you to enjoy a long trip when you’re a passenger along for the ride. These models will also help your children to find ways to entertain themselves so that you can drive in peace.

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