9 Best Octane Boosters for Better Performance

(Updated on February 22, 2023)

Octane boosters are fuel additives that you pour into your gas tank to increase the vehicle’s engine performance. These boosters will also allow you to get better fuel economy during normal driving.

Most often, octane boosters are used when a gas station doesn’t have gas with a high enough octane rating for your car. Some people use octane boosters when racing their vehicle on a drag strip or track or when running autocross.

Octane boosters are also used by laypeople who simply want to get the best possible performance out of their engine. This will save them money on gas and keep their engine running smoothly for a long time. Not only that, octane boosters are a great alternative to purchasing premium unleaded gasoline. The boosters can be cheaper and do a better job of preserving your engine than premium fuel does.

Now that you know the benefits of octane boosters, it is time to find out which product is right for you.

Top 9 Best Octane Boosters For Cars or Trucks

1) Klotz Octane Booster

Klotz KL-628 Octane Boosters
  • Increases pump gasoline octane up to 10 numbers

Klotz Octane Booster is an octane booster product that has been on the market for more than 5 decades. Even after all this time, Klotz continues to innovate their octane booster formula so that it can perform better than ever. They do this by perfecting the synthetics of the formula in order to maximize their effect on fuel.

Klotz Octane Booster is a very diverse product which is used by both car lovers and competitors in motorsports. If you have ever been to a race track to watch race car drivers compete, you can be sure they are using an octane booster like this one to go as fast as possible.

Spark plugs will sometimes cause an engine knocking issue. This is where the spark plug does not ignite all the air and fuel mixture in the combustion cylinders. There may even be pings that occur during the pre-ignition phase.

When you experience these issues, you will want to use the Klotz Octane Booster because it will work to stop both the preignition pings and the knocking. That is what this particular octane booster is designed to do.


When you pour the Klotz Octane Booster into your fuel tank, it can provide a 10-number increase to the octane rating of your fuel. This is good news for people who want to maximize their engine power while having good fuel efficiency at the same time.

Furthermore, the octane booster will provide the upper cylinders with the proper lubrication they need to ensure the combustion process goes smoothly. This is truly a lubricating agent that will benefit your vehicle immensely.

One bottle of Klotz Octane Booster provides a whopping 1 gallon of the formula. This is a considerably large bottle in comparison to the size of other octane booster products. Along with its large size, the packaging is compact so that it looks smaller than it really is.

Meanwhile, you are charged a very affordable price for this large amount. If you want to save money, then try out this octane booster because one bottle will last you for a long time.


The biggest downside to the Klotz Octane Booster is that it only works well on vehicles with smaller engines. If you have anything bigger than an economy class car, such as an SUV or small truck, then you won’t find much help from this octane booster. Stick to economy cars or small custom cars like race cars. Some people even use this octane booster on their lawn mower engine too.

Another downside is that it can be difficult to optimize the ratio of fuel to octane booster. It will take a lot of practice using the product before you know how much of the booster to use at any given time. If you want to increase your octane rating by 10, you might need to use a lot of the booster formula just to get there. It depends on how big your engine is.

2) Lucas Oil 10026 Octane Booster

LUCAS Oil 10026 Octane Booster - 15 Ounce
  • Lubricates rings for improved cylinder life
  • Promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions
  • Easier piston travel and valve seat protection
  • Country of Origin : China

Lucas Oil 10026 Octane Booster is one of the stronger octane boosters available. It’s a popular octane booster for cars that require 93 octane fuel which is hard to find. Simply add a bottle to your gas tank and it should be enough to take the more common 91 octane premium to that level.

Your oxygen sensors will be completely safe too. Best of all, fewer carbon emissions will be generated because the formula helps the fuel burn much cleaner.

3) BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster 32oz (1 Pack)
  • Ideal for use in high compression engines, turbocharged & blower motors.
  • Proprietary chelated carrier. Cleaning agents. Fuel life extender.
  • Anti-corrosion against ethanol. Prevents phase separation. Anti-carbon build up.
  • Treats from 94 to 116 octane. Ratio specific. Multi fill ups per bottle.

If you are worried about ethanol and its negative effects in your system, then the BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster will give you protection from it. The formula of this booster provides your engine with more lubricity and less corrosion and carbon deposits.

As a result, your engine will have a longer lifespan if you use this octane booster on a regular basis. It will give you the high fuel octane boost that you’re looking for.

4) Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster - 16 oz.
  • Replaces lead additives for protection of non-hardened valve seats
  • Raises octane rating up to 30 points or 3 numbers
  • Restores power and fuel economy while cleaning deposits from fuel injectors
  • Reduces power loss due to knock-retard in computer-controlled vehicles

Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost will increase the octane rating of your fuel by as much as 30 points. Because of this, you will experience less knocking and pinging sounds from your engine.

It will also increase the fuel efficiency and fuel economy of your engine while restoring its horsepower. As a bonus, this booster is formulated to clean your fuel injectors so there are no deposits left in them.

5) RaceGas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate

RaceGas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane
  • package dimensions :8.382 cm L x 8.382 cm W x 22.225 cm H
  • Product type :AUTO ACCESSORY
  • country of origin:United States
  • Package weight :2.0lbs

While recommended for off-road use only, your catalytic converters and oxygen sensors will be safe with RaceGas. So many other octane boosters on the market affect these components of your vehicle.

This octane booster is very safe and will increase the octane of your fuel to as much as 105. Overall, it will ensure the fuel is burned thoroughly so that you get the most engine power possible.

6) STP 78574 Octane Booster

Octane Booster, Bottled Fuel System Cleaner Restores Lost Power and...
  • Boosts octane
  • Reduces knocking and pinging
  • Helps restore performance

STP Octane Booster is a high quality and affordable way to increase your vehicle’s octane rating. This product contains a 2-in-1 formula which increases acceleration power, horsepower, and cleans away deposits from your fuel intake system.

If you add STP Fuel Additive to your gas tank each time you’re at the pump, it will lower the chances of pinging and knocking.

7) 104+ Octane Boost

104+ Performance (10406) Octane Boost - Boosts Octane And Cleans injectors To...
  • Boosts Octane
  • Cleans injectors
  • Improve engine performance
  • Improve gas mileage

Most people will recognize 104+ 10406 Octane Boost because of the interesting design of its bottle. The long neck of the bottle was designed for more than just aesthetic purposes. It actually makes it easier for the user to pour the formula into the gas tank.

This is a formula that will enhance the performance of your engine and clean away debris from your fuel injectors, catalytic converters, and oxygen sensors.

8) Blue Magic Turbo 108 Octane Booster

Blue Magic NA30-12PK Turbo 108 Octane Boost - 16 fl. oz, (Pack of 12)
  • Eliminates engine knock, hesitation and stalling
  • Increases octane level and Anti-lock effectiveness
  • Increases octane level and restores lost horsepower
  • Will not harm sensors or catalytic converters

Blue Magic Turbo 108 Octane Booster is usually sold in packs of 12 bottles. This gives you plenty of octane booster to use in your fuel tank on a regular basis.

The formula of the booster will keep your engine running strong and eliminate common problems like knocking sounds, stalling, and hesitation. If your vehicle has lost some of its horsepower, then this octane booster will restore it for you.

9) Berryman Octane Booster Fuel Treatment

Berryman 1512 Octane Booster Fuel Treatment Pour-in Long-Neck Bottle Capless...
  • Contains MMT to increase gasoline octane value
  • Approved for use in all automotive, marine, and farm applications
  • Helps eliminate rough idling, engine stalling, spark-knock / ping, and after-run / run-on
  • Compatible with all grades of gasoline

Berryman Octane Booster is designed with a neck that makes pouring so much easier. One 12 ounce bottle can increase the octane rating in as much as 30 gallons of gasoline. Your catalytic converts and oxygen sensors will not be compromised either.

Most importantly, you can use this octane booster with almost any grade of gasoline and it will be safe. The knocking sounds will be eliminated, and your engine will produce fewer carbon emissions.

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