10 Best Oil Drain Pans for Easy Oil Changes

(Updated on December 6, 2021)

Many people do not personally change the oil in their vehicles. Instead, they depend on a professional to do the oil change at an auto servicing store or lube shop. This is understandable because oil changing can be messy work if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, changing the oil yourself will save you money and be rewarding at the same time.

Changing the oil in your vehicle requires you to drain the old oil first. If you have never changed your oil before, then you probably don’t realize what a messy job this can be if you don’t have the right tools available.

The oil drains from underneath the front of your vehicle. If you don’t have something to catch all the oil as it drains out of the vehicle, then the oil will get all over the ground. This will be bad for the environment and it will also be a tough thing to clean up, especially if it happens on pavement.

For this reason, you’ll need a good quality oil drain pan that catches all the oil and allows you to pour it in jugs for disposal without spillage. Here are 10 of the best oil drain pans to make your job easier.

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Top 10 Best Engine Oil Drain Pans

1) Hopkins 42003MI Flotool Oil Drain Pan

The Hopkins 42003MI Flotool drain pan certainly comes recommended by a good number of home mechanics. It can handle oils and fluids better than most competing oil drain pans on the market.

The design of the oil drain pan is mean to specifically prevent messes and spills. This makes changing your oil a breeze and it prevents the surrounding environment from getting contaminated by spilled oil. If you need to drain your antifreeze or any other fluid in your vehicle, you can use this oil drain pan for that too.

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The Hopkins 42003MI has a huge capacity of 16 quarts. This means that you could perform several oil changes using the same oil pan and not need to empty it.

The handle that is built into the pan makes it easy to carry it around and pour out the oil. If you are trying to drain out an oil filter, there are molded grooves in the pan that can assist you.

When you’re ready to drain the oil drain pan, there is a vent plug built into the pan which let you pour the oil out quickly. There won’t be any mess either because it has a huge drain basin that will catch the oil as it flows out.

Best of all, this high quality oil drain container is a bargain that should be affordable for almost any car owner.


Even though the container itself is made of probably the thickest plastic of competing plastic oil drain containers, it’s not indestructible. While not common, some users have reported the bottom of the container getting a crack and start leaking oil.

Another disconcerting thing about the pan (and a common problem with most drain pans) is the plastic cap. If you don’t perfectly align it, you’ll find that the plastic threads can slip and you’ll no longer have a perfect seal.


You might just think that an oil pan is an oil pan, but there are big differences between them. The Hopkins oil change pan is an example of a superior pan because of the way it was manufactured and shaped.

It has just the right grooves and basin size to catch oil securely. Although the plug might give you a little trouble when you open and close it, that is not a really big deal. Once you get over that hurdle, you only need to worry about taking care of the pan itself.

Overall, the Hopkins 42003MI is a good pan for a good price. Sure, there are thicker pans on the market, but you don’t necessarily need a thicker pan. As long as you have a pan that can contain the oil and prevent it from leaking, then you are in good shape.

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2) Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan has a 4.5-gallon oil capacity and its dimensions are 23” x 19” x 6”.  The capacity should be large enough to catch the oil draining or leaking from virtually any area under your car.

This pan is made from durable polypropylene material and has a lip which prevents splashing when you pour it out. Although it is an expensive oil drain pain, it is also one of the best around.

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3) Behrens 2168 Oil Drain Pan

Behrens 2168 Oil Drain Pan is made from galvanized steel and has a 3-gallon oil capacity and its dimensions are 16” x 16” x 4”. This is an inexpensive oil drain pan which contains a huge mouth for collecting oil.

The biggest downside to this no frills oil drain pan is that the pan does not have a lid to keep it sealed.

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4) ATD Tools 5184 Oil Drain Pan

ATD Tools 5184 Oil Drain Pan has a 4.5-gallon oil capacity and its dimensions are 6” x 15.25”. The ATD Tools brand is one that is known throughout the industry. People love this particular oil drain pain because it is easy to carry around and then clean after you’re done with it.

On top of that, oil will not spill onto the ground when you carry the pan around because of its anti-splash lip.

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5) Capri Tools CP21021 Portable Oil Drain Pan

Capri Tools CP21021 Portable Oil Drain Pan has a 4.5-gallon oil capacity. Although this does not have a big capacity, the Capri Tools CP21021 is a compact oil drain pan that is very easy to manage and clean.

It is made to be portable, so you can easily take it with you on long trips. The pan material is polypropylene which is a durable construction material that gives it added durability.

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6) GarageBOSS GB150 Oil Drain Pan with Funnel

GarageBOSS GB150 Oil Drain Pan with Funnel has a 12.5 quart oil capacity and its dimensions are 21.5” x 3.5” x 15.8”. If you own a low-profile vehicle, then you will want this particular oil drain pan. Standard bins will not be able to hold the oil properly.

The GarageBOSS GB150 is durable and crafted to be easily transportable. There is even a lockable lid on this pan, which is something that most competing oil drain pans do not have.

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7) Lumax LX1632 Oil Drain Pan

Lumax LX1632 Oil Drain Pan has a 15 quart oil capacity and its dimensions are 19” x 16” x 15”. Lumax is a trusted brand that only makes the best quality items. The capacity of this oil drain pan is sufficient enough to be competitive.

Due to its ergonomic shape, collecting oil will be simple to do. When you are done, you can close the pan with its lockable lid and carry it around without worrying about spilling any.

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8) Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain Pan

Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain Pan has a 15-gallon oil capacity and is one of the best selling oil drain containers of all time. Whether you drive a truck or passenger car, this simple oil drain pan should have enough capacity to catch the oil.

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9) Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan

Motivx Tools Engine Oil Drain Pan has a large 16 quart oil capacity and its dimensions are 22.8” x 18.5” x 6”. It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and even has a reinforced bottom for extra durability and dependability.

Best of all, the anti-splash lip makes it almost impossible to splash any oil as you carry the pan around.

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10) Custom Accessories 31118 Oil Drain Pan

The Custom Accessories 31118 is a super basic pan that has a 6 quart oil capacity and its dimensions are 13” x 13” x 4.2”. If you don’t mind the limited oil capacity of this oil drain pan, then it should be what you’re looking for.

It is a very affordable pan, and more durable than it looks. You probably won’t find another pan at this price which has the same quality.

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