7 Best Premium Portable Car Jump Starters

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

It is a terrible feeling when your battery dies, and you are unable to start your car. In the old days, whenever you had a dead battery, you’d be forced to ask someone else to give you a jump start. This is the process where you use a pair of jumper cables to connect your car battery to the other person’s car battery. That way, you could use the energy from their battery to help start your vehicle. Of course, you had to be lucky enough to find somebody who would not only be willing to help you, but who also had a pair of jumper cables in their trunk. This made jump starting such a difficult process.

Fortunately, the invention of portable car jump starters took the complication out of this whole process. Instead of having to rely on a person to give you a jump start, a portable car jump starter provides the starting power for you. Since it is portable, you can keep the device in your trunk or glove compartment without any hassles. Then if you ever have battery troubles, you can just take the portable car jump starter out and use it to start up your vehicle wherever you are.

The Top 7 Premium Portable Car Jump Starters

There are lots of different portable car jump starters on the market. Some are more reliable than others, so you need to pick the right one which can best accommodate your vehicle’s battery. Below are the top 7 premium portable car jump starters.

Weego 22 – This portable car jump starter has gotten great critical reviews, both from customers and professional critics. It can start virtually any passenger car on the road today, and even features reverse-polarity protection. The Weego can also provide energy to 12-volt accessories as well as flashlights. However, the device itself has a built-in flashlight with 14 hours of shine power and a USB port to charge your smartphone.

Norshire – The Norshire car jump starter is a circular device which looks like a thick black disk. Aside form serving as a jump starter, it also features a car-wash kit as well. The two main components of the Noshire are the battery for the charging and the water pump for the washing. The battery is compatible with jumper cables, the included water gun, and USB wires.

Noco GB 40 – This jump starter has generated more sales on Amazon than any other jump starter. It features up to 1,000 amps and 7,035 joules. On just one charge, you can jump start your battery about 20 times. You can also jump start mobile devices too, such as Apple watches and iPhones.

Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Sport – Antigravity creates a wide range of consumer and commercial products. The Micro-Start is their latest product, which features all the jump-starting necessities that you will need to jump start any standard vehicle. It also has reverse-polarity protection too.

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter – This jump starter has gotten some of the most positive customer reviews on Amazon. Along with over-charge protection, reverse-polarity protection, and overload protection, it features an LED flashlight and two USB chargers.

GOOLOO 700A – This device can jump start a vehicle which has up to a 5.0-liter diesel engine or up to a 6.5-liter gasoline engine. On just one charge, the GOOLOO 700A can charge your car battery up to 20 times.

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Rugged Geek RG600 – The RG600 contains INTELLIBOOST technology which makes jump starting your vehicle much safer. There are a special pair of jumper cables included with the device that only transfer power from the battery when the cables are attached properly.

Editor Choice: Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter

Starting a car engine requires your battery to send a strong electrical current to your starter motor. Once your motor is powered, it will have the ability to start your engine and get it running. However, as you continue using your car battery, it will eventually wear down to the point where it can no longer send a strong electrical current. Then you won’t be able to start your vehicle. As a result, you will have no choice but to replace your car battery with a new one.

In the meantime, what do you do if you’re stranded somewhere because you can no longer start your motor? The only solution is to jump start your dead or weak battery so that you can start your vehicle one time and get it to the nearest auto shop for a battery replacement. There are two ways to get a jump start. You can either connect jumper cables between your battery and another vehicle’s battery or you can use a portable jump starter device which serves as an external source of power.

Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter Overview

There are many portable jump starter options available on the market, but the Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter is highly recommended. This is a lithium-based jump starter which is far more advanced than the classic lead-acid booster pack. The lithium version is lightweight and more compact than the acid version. At the same time, the lithium version delivers a stronger jump to the battery.

You can use this jump starter to start all kinds of engine-powered vehicles, including boats and lawnmowers. The Noco GB40 is compatible with any gasoline-powered vehicle that has up to a 6-liter engine and any diesel-powered vehicle that has up to a 3-liter engine. Unless you have a sophisticated sports vehicle, then your average passenger car should be just fine.


The Noco GB40 can transmit 1,000 amps to a car battery, which is powerful enough to jump start a vehicle within seconds. The entire process is perfectly safe too because there is patented safety technology integrated into the device. This means the connectors will not spark and the polarity will not reverse. Therefore, you don’t need to be a car expert to use this jump starter quickly and easily.

In case you are ever outside in the dark and you need to jump start your car, you will be happy to know there is an LED flashlight feature included with this jump starter. There are several modes included and it produces 100 lumens. Since the jump starter is powered by lithium, you will be able to recharge it by either using your 12-Volt car charger or your USB cable. You should be able to get up to 20 jump starts on just 1 full charge using this jump starter.


The Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter does not come with a carrying case. This could make it difficult to travel around with or store securely in your trunk. Also, the battery capacity of the jump starter is not too impressive. You are only able to charge 12V lead-acid car batteries. Not only that, if your vehicle has a gasoline engine that is more than 6 liters or a diesel engine that is more than 3 liters, then this jump starter won’t be compatible with it.

A lot of other types of jump starters have ports with different voltage amounts. This is meant to make them adaptable to various USB cords which have their own unique voltage parameters. Unfortunately, the Noco GB40 only has ports that are 5 volts. This means you are limited in the USB cords that you can use with it.

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