9 Best Tire Pressure Gauges for Your Vehicle

Due to skyrocketing fuel prices we all have been asking ourselves, how can we increase our fuel mileage? Using cruise control, not idling our vehicle, and replacing our air filter are a few ways we can try to increase fuel mileage.

One often overlooked method is checking your tire air pressures. Yes, ensuring your tires are inflated properly is one of the easiest methods to increase your fuel mileage. Tires that are under inflated by just 8 PSI can increase the tires’ rolling resistance by 5 percent, ensuring you’ll be spending more on fuel than you need to.

A good tire pressure gauge is one of the best investments you can make. Here are nine good options which are accurate, easy to use, and durable.

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Top 9 Best Tire Pressure Gauges

1) Milton S-921 Pressure Gauge

Milton (S-921) Single Chuck Head Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge - Passenger Car
  • MILTON: Pencil Gauges made with machined parts, unlike our competition! Made in the USA.
  • INCLUDES: Built-in deflator valve, single chuck head, and white nylon indicator bar.
  • PRESSURE RANGE: Measures PSI (5-50) in 1-lb. increments and Kilopascal (40-350) in 10-kPa...
  • IDEAL: For passenger car applications. Handy in cold temperature weather conditions.

Every mechanics tool box has a tire pressure gauge like this floating around in at least one drawer of their toolboxes. Why? These tire pressure gauges are affordable.

Throw one in the glovebox of each of your vehicles for that next time you are at the gas station to quickly check your pressures. Not only are these gauges affordable they are also accurate.

The gauge reads from 5-50 PSI and reads in 1 psi increments. They come with a brass housing with a nylon indicator bar. Which makes these gauges stand up to anything your vehicles glove box may throw at it.

2) AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings for Car Truck Bicycle...
  • ▲Check out our VIDEO on the left side and take a quick tour of AstroAI tire gauge! Backlit LCD...
  • Designed to maintain correct tire pressure, reduce tire wear and extend tire life; Digital display...
  • Nozzle easily forms a seal with the valve stem on schrader valves, giving quick and accurate...
  • Simply press "ON/UNIT/OFF" button to turn on the tool, select the range, and automatically shut off...

Digital tire pressure gauges have the big advantage of showing an instant, exact tire pressure without trying to decipher the markings on a manual dial. This AstroAI gauge is as good as it gets and very affordable.

This digital tire pressure gauge is a very accurate replacement to  analog gauges. This pressure gauge has a range of 0-150 PSI, reading in 0.5 PSI increments. It has a backlit LCD display and the lighted nozzle is a brilliant feature that’s useful for those late nights when visibility is reduced.

3) JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge - 60 PSI
  • Mechanic Recommended - performance tested, certified, & calibrated accurate within ANSI Standards...
  • Feels rugged in the hand & built to last from solid brass shielded by our durable shock-resistant...
  • Robust design is equipped with a built-in air bleeder valve to reduce pressure in overinflated...
  • Larger, 2" glow dial features easy-to-read 60 PSI single increment scale that glows in the dark,...

Looking for a reliable tire pressure gauge that’s built to last? Look no further than the JACO ElitePro. This mechanic-recommended product reads from 0 to 60 PSI and is performance tested, certified, and calibrated accurate within ANSI Standards (±1.5%).

The robust design is equipped with a built-in air bleeder valve to reduce pressure, and the HybridFlex leak-proof air hose provides a soft feel with superior strength and flexibility.

4) Milton S-917 Low Pressure Gauge

Milton S-917 Low Pressure Tire Gauge
  • Perfect for ATVs, golf carts and air springs
  • Made with machine parts unlike the competition
  • Includes inflator gauge
  • Range of 20-140 kilopascal

When spring time comes around and you pull your bicycle out of the storage unit for the first time of the year, how are you going to check your bicycle’s tires? You will need a pressure gauge that will accurately measure low pressures.

This tire pressure gauge will measure from 2-20 PSI, making it much more accurate for checking the pressures on various tires such as: golf cart tires, bicycle tires, ATV tires, and that basketball that’s been deflating all winter. This gauge has a brass housing and nylon indicator ensuring long reliable life.

5) AstroAl Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Inflator, 250 PSI Air Chuck and...
  • ADVANCED ACCURACY: Professionally calibrated to always return an accurate reading within 1% of the...
  • INCREASED SAFETY: Properly inflated tires provide better performance in all weather conditions,...
  • ALL-IN-ONE FEATURES: AstroAI tire pressure gauge Includes an inflator, straight locking chuck,...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Made with heavy-duty stainless steel and high-quality brass components, our...

Paying to use a gas station air hose and checking with your own tire pressure gauge works. But what if you have your own air compressor?

This tire pressure gauge is not only a gauge, but an inflator as well. So you not only can check your tire pressures, you can fill them as well. This gauge doesn’t sacrifice accuracy though, its digital display is capable of 0-250 PSI in 0.1 PSI increments.

6) Milton S-925 Pressure Gauge

Milton S-925 Pencil Tire Gauge
  • For use on trucks, RVs and bicycle tires
  • Working pressure range of 20 to 120 pounds per square inch in 2 pound increments
  • Reads in both kilopascal and pounds per square inch
  • Single head chuck with deflator valve

RV’s and heavy trucks have specific needs for tire pressure gauges. They need to be able to read pressures sometimes as high as 100 psi. This gauge has all bases covered.

The Milton S-925 has a gauge reading range from 20-120 psi, making sure those tires are properly inflated before your next trip. Just like other Milton pencil-style gauges, this gauge also comes with a brass housing and nylon indicator bar for a great useful lifespan.

7) Accutire MS-4021B

Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Heavy duty construction and rugged design for long lasting use
  • Angled head and rubber coated handle for easy gripping
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Equipped with an automatic shut off to prevent deflation

Accutire’s MS-4021B is one of the top-selling tire pressure gauges of all time. A large LCD display that is easy to read is a key feature of this tire pressure gauge. Its rugged design will ensure the unit keeps working properly after heavy use. The digital display indicates from 5-150 PSI and it displays in 0.5 PSI increments.

8) AstroAI RV/Truck Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 230 PSI Heavy Duty Dual Head Stainless Steel...
  • Green Backlit LCD display and flashlight for visibility in dimly light areas, easy-to-read digits...
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Made And RV/Truck Special Designed to maintain correct tire pressure,...
  • Nozzle easily forms a seal with the valve stem giving quick and accurate readings in 0.1 increments;...
  • Simply press "ON/UNIT/OFF" button to turn on the tool, select the range, and automatically shut off...

Keep your truck and RV tires inflated to the correct pressure with this long reach digital tire pressure gauge from AstroAI. With a longer range of 0-230 PSI, this gauge is perfect for maintaining correct tire pressure on larger vehicles.

The backlit LCD display makes it easy to read in dimly lit areas, while the accurate and easy-to-read digits help you quickly measure your vehicle’s tire pressure. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the gauge features a bi-directional ‘push-pull’ head for dual truck & trailer tires.

9) TireTek Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI - Tire Gauge for Car, SUV, Truck & Motorcycle -...
  • WORRIED ABOUT CORRECT TIRE PRESSURES? - This heavy duty mechanical tire gauge is calibrated to ANSI...
  • RECOMMENDED BY MECHANICS - It features a steel and brass construction with an extended 5mm chuck...
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - This top-rated, professional tire monitoring system is easy to use and is...
  • EASY TO READ LARGE SCALE DIAL with a 45 degree angled and fully swivelling chuck. Tire pressure too...

You never know when you might need to check your vehicle’s tire pressure, so make sure you have TireTek’s reliable and easy-to-use gauge on hand. This device can measure pressure from 0 to 60 PSI, so it’s perfect for any type of vehicle.

The large, 2 inch high-contrast dial is easy to read, even in low light conditions, and the 360 degree swivel chuck makes it easy to get a good reading from any angle.

The reinforced rubber hose is durable and accurate, and the free protective carrying case helps you stay organized. Plus, the integrated bleed valve lets you make precise adjustments to your tire pressure if needed.


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