Top 10 Best Tire Snow Chains for Your Car

(Updated on June 8, 2020)

Snow chains are a product that attaches to the drive wheels of a car when winter weather creates challenging driving conditions. Most are sold to connect to the specific tire size that you use with your vehicle. You will need to manually affix them when driving, but it can increase your braking and traction on icy and snowy surfaces. Some areas require you to carry this product during the winter, while others prohibit their use since they can damage the road.

List of the Best Tire Snow Chains

It is essential to remember that snow chains are not the same as cables. Although both attach to your vehicle in a similar manner, the link design of this product works in various patterns to create the traction required in winter weather. Below are the top 10 of the best Tire Snow Chains for your vehicle:

  1. Konig CB-12 Snow Chains

This set of snow chains fits a wide variety of tire sizes, allowing you to take advantage of its diamond pattern on snow roads. You’ll receive 12mm inside and on-the-tread clearance to create a comfortable driving experience. The vibrations and bumps will still be there, but there is much more control with the vehicle. They can be a bit of a challenge to put on, and some rim scratching does occur, but these are common issues with most product options in this category.

  1. Peerless 0232605 Snow Chains

These snow chains come with a self-tightening ratchet with their design to give you better centering and security on each tire. They install rather quickly, and taking them off takes about five minutes. This product meets Class S requirements on the road, while the diamond cross-chain pattern gives you the extra level of traction you need. The maximum speed is 30 MPH with them on, but you can navigate a snowy or icy roadway with ease.

  1. Aleko Snow Chains

These snow chains are intended for passenger cars, yet they will give you the same self-centering and tensioning system that the products meant for SUVs and trucks receive. They install in minutes, come off quickly, and reduce the need for stops while driving since they stay consistently tight. Make sure that you purchase the specific size for your car tire to ensure that the chains are compatible with what you own for the best results.

  1. TireChain.Com Snow Chains

If you prefer the ladder-style snow chains for your vehicle, then this option is one to take a closer look at today. It features a snap-lock system of fastening that lets you get the product on and off of your vehicle quickly. They are more durable than the cable chains, but it installs the same way on your car so that you can keep driving without much difficulty. That means you get the traction of chains with the clearance of cables too, bring you the best of both worlds.

  1. GudCraft Snow Chains

These snow chains for your car provide a color-coded system that makes it a lot easier to know if the installation is correct. They work like any other product that you will find on this list, giving you a way to navigate an icy road without much difficulty. The time to put them on or take them off is minimal, and you will find that they can even work well when you face muddy conditions. You can’t beat the price of this set either.

  1. Osias Snow Chains

If you don’t have much clearance around your tires, then a traditional set of chains might not be the best solution for your needs. There are also times when you might get stuck in suboptimal conditions, but a little extra traction can help you to get back on the road. This product is not designed for long-term driving since its maximum speed is 13 MPH, but it can get you out of a tight spot when needed. Think of them as a one-time quick fix.

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  1. Security Chain Company Snow Chains

These quick-grip snow chains include cam and non-cam options. You can operate them in cold temperatures, under heavy-duty conditions, or while running on a regular roadway. Many chain areas are at a lower altitude than where the snow is problematic, so you can attach these with confidence, knowing that you won’t ruin them if you stay below the recommended operating speed. You’ll want to grab a chain tensioner to work with them to have the best possible experience.

  1. Twist Link Tire Chain

This option provides you with another ladder-style snow chain for your vehicle. It is perfect for the low-clearance situations you can encounter on some cars, especially with smaller tires. You’ll find some snow buildup occurs after a lengthy period of driving in the snowpack, but it cleans right out while you remove the product at the end of the drive. The case-hardened chains are resilient, durable, and give you an excellent base from which to work.

  1. Grizzlar Snow Chains

These diamond alloy tire chains will help you to tackle the toughest of driving conditions that you can face on the road today. They feature the diamond pattern and color coding to ensure a smooth installation even if you’re out in the slush and muck. The tension you receive is excellent, ensuring that there is minimal skid even if the snowpack is deep. You can handle ice effectively with this product as well.

  1. Thule CG-9 Snow Chain Set

This set of snow chains provides you with 9mm of on-the-tread and inside clearance, which is perfect for most passenger cars. There is an anti-scratch nylon bumper with this product that is an optional application, but it works to protect your allow wheels. It features a self-tensioning chain that will wrap your tire entirely and reduce the amount of vibration compared to options with larger links. Make sure to match your tire size correctly if choosing this option.

The best tire snow chains for your car will give you better traction in challenging weather conditions. Match your tire size to the preferred products from the list above to stay safe on the roads.

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