Top 10 Best Tires for SUVs (All-Season)

(Updated on June 29, 2020)

SUVs come in many different sizes and power configurations, but all of them have something in common with each other. If you do not have the best tires for your vehicle to manage all-season driving, then you cannot maximize the versatility of its design.

Best Tires for SUVs in All Seasons

Consider adding one of these tire sets to your SUV for the coming year.

  1. Ironman All-Season Radial

These versatile all-season tires work to impress you as you drive in almost any condition. It features a hybrid tread which looks fantastic on your SUV while delivering a sturdy grip that takes you to your next destination. The ride it provides is quiet and smooth, while you can equip an entire set without breaking your budget. The five-rib pattern promotes robust handling, while the multi-ply construction and deeper tread give you a long-lasting experience. It also comes with a road hazard protection policy with some vendors.

  1. Nokian All-Season Radial

This all-season SUV tire provides you with an excellent grip on virtually any surface while you receive superior mobility when driving on something soft. It carries a heavy load lightly, allowing you to manage a fifth-wheel with ease when you have an extended trip waiting for you. It features a round-shouldered design that reduces the effort of pulling by up to 50% on some models. You’ll find that this tire gives you excellent speed, better strength, and improved puncture resistance.

  1. Radar Tires Dimax

If your budget is tight, then these are the best SUV tires to look at first. They feature an asymmetric tread pattern with larger lateral grooves to give you the traction you want. The design provides for even wear as well, with the optimized tread compound technology giving you a higher mileage capacity that more expensive models. It operates well in slush and snow, offering up to 60,000 miles of high-speed tread wear. You won’t find better quality at this price range, handing all conditions with ease.

  1. Lionhart All-Season Radial

This performance tire is perfect for SUVs when there is a need for comfort, performance, and traction. It is rated at M and S, with the internal makeup of the tire consisting of the latest technologies to ensure that you have a guaranteed product supporting your driving habits. You will notice an improved steering response right away, while the extended tread life will work to maximize your investment. It evacuates water effectively, plows through the snow with ease, and resists hydroplaning in challenging conditions.

  1. Michelin Premier LTX

The quality of these SUV tires is almost beyond question. The manufacturer uses a proprietary design called EverGrip Technology which offers expanding rain grooves that widen when wet roadways are detected to improve handling and maintain traction. Even if your tread is at 50%, the benefits of this design come through when you go out for a drive. You will notice an immediate increase in your wet-braking capabilities with these tires as well. The secret to the success of this tire’s bite in the sunflower oil added to for enhanced flexibility.

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  1. Kumho Crugen

The stiff center block design of these SUV tires is its primary advantage. You will notice that your stability receives immediate reinforcement once you put a set of these on your vehicle. There are improvements to your handling capabilities and traction in all weather conditions as well. Although it provides a superior straight-line driving performance with its high tread pattern, the quietness of the ride and ease of use are definite advantages to consider. They provide excellent quality for the price.

  1. Falken Wildpeak

If you find yourself driving in rough conditions with regularity, then this all-terrain, any-weather SUV tire is the perfect investment to make this year. It offers 3-D Canyon siping technology that interlocks the shoulders to resist premature wear from high torque while still providing a layer of handling stability that you will enjoy. The tread blocks are rigid and rugged, offering step-down features that stop stones from damaging the tire grooves over time. It also features an aggressive upper sidewall that gives you off-road traction benefits at a lower tire pressure or off-camber situation.

  1. Nitto All-Season Radial

If you do a lot of highway driving with your SUV, then this tire option is an excellent choice to consider. The outer shoulder siping combines with the inner design to give you a versatile traction option for your vehicle in a variety of conditions. You have a better contact between the road and your tire with the tread design, while the center pattern works to clear water away from the tire so that you have confident traction. The tread compound receives silica reinforcements for even better rigidity too.

  1. MRF Wanderer

With a tread life of about 40,000 miles, these all-season radials offer an SL load range and all-terrain support to manage your driving habits. They feature a load index of 110, with the tread looking good and giving you a quiet ride as you make your way to your next destination. These tires can handle serious rain and snow conditions if you encounter them while providing a consistent grip even in off-road conditions.

  1. Goodyear Assurance

This SUV tire design features dual water channels that quickly propel water away from the tread to ensure that you stay in contact with the road. It also provides a lower rolling resistance than other products in this list, allowing you to achieve better fuel efficiencies under most driving conditions. The tire itself is reinforced with its construction to support heavier vehicle weights without compromising the year-round performance it offers. Once you drive on these once, you might never want to go back to anything else.

The best tires for SUVs in all seasons will help you manage your driving needs no matter what the weather might bring your way. Equip your vehicle with a full set from one of these options to enjoy a safer experience on the road.

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