Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents for Camping

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

Camping can be an enjoyable family experience. It can also be exceptionally uncomfortable if you pitch a tent on the ground in some campgrounds. When you own one of the best truck bed tents for camping, then you can sleep secure in your vehicle with better comfort without risking mosquito bites, precipitation, or other open-air sleeping hazards.

List of the Best Truck Bed Tents for Camping

Truck bed tents fit inside the space of your bed while attaching to your wheel hubs and underneath the vehicle to give you a secure resting experience. Most models will sleep 1-2 people, and some designs can be specific to your make and model.

  1. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

With this product, if you own a truck, then you can turn it into a camper. It assembles in just minutes to give you a comfortable shelter that lets you sleep off the ground. There’s enough space inside for an inflatable mattress if you want, with over 5 feet of total headroom when fully assembled. It is also constructed with 190T polyester and a 1500mm water-resistant coating to keep you safe and dry in a variety of conditions. It does come with a universal fit, so it may have more or less space available depending on what you drive.

  1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

This truck tent is one of the few options available in the industry today that provides a full floor. That means you’ll keep the bed of your vehicle clean and dry while you rest above the ground. Check the sizing chart to see if it will fit your make and model, although the universal sizing works with most trucks. It also provides a full rain fly so that you receive another layer of weather protection. Assembly is effortless thanks to the color-coded poles and sleeves. You’ll get 5.6 feet of headroom inside.

  1. Rightline Gear Truck Tents

This truck tent provides you with a floorless design to help you cut down on the setup time needed to get some rest. It features a high-quality weatherproof construction with tape-sealed seams that provide 2000mm of protection. The heavy-duty straps and the nylon buckles stay strong without damaging the finish of your vehicle either. This unique design provides you with a sky view vent for watching the stars as you fall asleep too.

  1. Peaktop Outdoor Upgraded Truck Tents

This design provides you with up to 62 inches of width, which is suitable for two people to have enough elbow room. There is also 66 inches of height for added comfort to help you move around. The outer cover features a 2000mm waterproof polyester design, while the groundsheet is made with a 4000mm option. It offers a 47-inch shade awning too so that you can set it up almost anywhere, while the zippered mesh prevents an insect invasion while resting.

  1. Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

Some truck tents claim to be heavy duty, but this design guarantees it. This product is made with 100% cotton duck canvas so that it is watertight, breathable, and durable. It features a tunnel-shaped design to maximize your space, while a sizeable D-shaped door provides greater accessibility. A 0.75-inch steel tube frame connects to the clamp-on rails for easy assembly and year-round use. There are five windows incorporated into the design of this product as well to give you privacy and the traditional feel of camping.

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  1. DAC Inc. Full-Size Truck Tent

This truck tent fits vehicles with a rear window that raises up and out, but it also requires a tailgate that is at least 58 inches wide. It fits SUVs or trucks with a tailgate, and it can fit over the carrier rack or an airfoil. It works best with trucks that have a protective shell over the bed as it isn’t a full tent. Once installed, you’ll use the interior of your vehicle or the covered bed for camping, with this product screening out the bugs and precipitation for you.

  1. Hasika Waterproof Truck Tent

This truck tent is one of the few designs that provide you with a covered area behind your vehicle as you step out from the shelter. You’ll receive a sewn-in floor and awning, along with a large rear access panel that gives you additional storage space. If your truck bed is between 5.5 feet to 6.7 feet in length, then your vehicle should be compatible with this unit.

  1. SportZ Napier Link Model 51000

This truck tent assembles to the Napier models that sit in the bed so that you can extend the amount of space that you have for sleeping. It will comfortably sleep four people underneath a polyester taffeta roof with a 1200mm waterproof coating. It also comes with a full rain fly and taped seams. There is a complete gear storage loft to maximize your sleeping room as well. The attachment sleeve then connects the units so that you can keep the kids with you in the same tent while helping everyone to have the space they need.

  1. SportZ Camo Truck Tent

This truck tent is meant for smaller beds, but it will still give you enough space for sleeping at night. The sides extend over the edge so that water doesn’t leak into the unit while you’re trying to rest. There is also a 4×4-foot awning that extends from the tailgate to provide you with shade without the need to use guide ropes. Setting it up for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, but there are plenty of windows and lots of room inside for you to enjoy.

  1. Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp

This unit offers a unique vehicle attachment system so that you can have a roof above your head while sleeping on the ground at night. It uses 1-inch webbing and side-release buckles for stability, with 8-inch powder-coated steel poles included, ensuring the product stays up all night. Every point receives reinforcement. Consider using it with a covered bed to extend the amount of usable space you have.

The best truck bed tents for camping will let you have a fun time outside in almost any condition. If you’re ready to start exploring, then these products will give you a place to call home that night.

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