Top 5 Best VIP Car Curtains for Your Privacy

You’ve heard of curtains for your bedroom, but how about curtains for your car? Unless you’re rich and famous, you’ve probably never been in a car before which had curtains on their windows. But you don’t need to be rich and famous to own car curtains because they’re available to purchase for a very low price.

So, why would you want car curtains in the first place? Their two main purposes are to give privacy to the passengers and to block out sunlight. Just be aware that some locations have laws against covering up your door windows. A lot of lawmakers want vehicles to have transparent windows so that the police can see what is going on inside.

Some locations allow tinted windows where you can partially see inside. Other locations don’t allow any tinting or covering of the windows at all. But if you’re lucky, you’ll live somewhere which doesn’t have any laws against these activities. This is especially true if they’re VIP curtains for only the back doors of the car.

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Sometimes it is necessary to have such curtains in order to conceal the identity of the person riding in the back seat. If it’s a celebrity or famous politician, then car curtains could actually keep them safe because no one will know they’re sitting there.

5 VIP Car Curtains

Now that you’re interested in VIP car curtains, the next step is to choose the best VIP car curtains for your vehicle. You might think that all car curtains are the same, but there are some which are better than others.

Below are the top 5 VIP car curtains for your privacy.

1) ZATOOTO Side Window Sunshades

The ZATOOTO Side Window Sunshades is a 2-piece set which fits the side windows of most vehicles. They only weigh 5.4 oz and can fit on iron or magnetic window frames. The installation process should take you less than 10 seconds. You’ll get UV protection from 2 windows simultaneously. The sunshades are made from environmentally friendly satin material. Buy at amazon >>

2) Bininbox Adjustable Car Window Curtains

The Bininbox Adjustable Car Window Curtains is a 2-piece curtain set for your vehicle. A black mesh gauze with UV protection was used to construct these curtains. That means you’ll have protection from the sunlight getting through your windows. The installation process is simple because it consists of 3M tape and 4 rails. You’ll have complete privacy inside your vehicle with the curtains drawn over the windows. Great for sleeping and keeping your skin and eyes protected from UV rays.

3) Yosoo Car Window Curtains

The Yosoo Car Window Curtains are designed for both cars and trucks. Their black color means that you can maintain total privacy while inside of your vehicle. The curtains only weigh 10.2 oz, so they’re easy to install and use. The fabric is a high-quality cloth which provides insulation to sustain the cabin temperature of the vehicle. UV protection is also provided.

4) WINOMO Window Car Sunshades

The WINOMO Window Car Sunshades are designed to give you privacy in the back seat of your vehicle. These rear window sunshades come with 3M adhesive tap and 4 ABS rails. Since they’re actually sunshades, they’ll keep your backseat area cool by preventing heat from building up there. They’re made from durable black polyester material.

5) ZATOOTO Auto Window Curtain

The ZATOOTO Auto Window Curtain is a universal curtain for your car windows. They’re UV resistant so that your indoor cabin can stay cool. The installation process simply involves the use of suction cups on your interior windows. The size can be adjusted to accommodate your window size. The color is black on the exterior and silver on the interior.


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