10 Best Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control

(Updated on November 30, 2021)

When you want to tow a trailer, vehicle, or haul a lot of additional weight behind your car, then you are going to need a weight distribution hitch with sway control. This device will let you tow over 50% of your car’s weight without letting it interfere with your driving.

When you haul something this heavy, you should have a weight distribution hitch because it will smooth out your driving and give you more control and stability on the road.

Just be sure to check the maximum weight capacity that is recommended for the hitch in which you use. If you haul heavier weight than the recommended capacity, the hitch will be at risk of breaking. Either that or your braking and steering will be too difficult to control. Both situations are ones that you would not want to end up in.

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Top 10 Best Weight Distribution Hitches (w/ Sway Control)

1) Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

The Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch is a premium quality hitch that does use a trunnion bar. This gives it great control over swaying and bouncing. Not only that, you can purchase this hitch in many different GTWR and tongue weight ratings. This will give you the freedom to haul trailers of many different sizes. The only downside is the expensive price, but you will be getting what you pay for here.

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2) EAZ LIFT 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch

The EAZ LIFT 1,000 lbs. Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch is a durable product which is also affordable and comes with a 5-year warranty. This type of hitch has a round bar, so the bouncing, swaying, and noise won’t be as reduced as a hitch that uses the trunnion bar.

However, the tongue weight rating is 1,000 pounds and the GTWR rating is 10,000 pounds. This is pretty good when you consider how affordable this device is.

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3) Andersen Hitches 3350 No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

The Andersen Hitches 3350 No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch has a unique design as far as weight distribution hitches go. Instead of using spring bars, it uses a damper and chains instead. This helps limit the swaying and bouncing that might occur if you’re hauling a trailer.

You can adjust the tightness of the chains very easily too. The Andersen Hitches 3350 is less than 60 pounds and is simple to install. The results will speak for themselves because your driving experience will be smooth and silent.

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4) Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

The Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch is a round bar hitch with a tongue rating of 1,200 pounds and a GTWR of 12,000 pounds. If you need to haul big recreational vehicles or trailers, then this is the hitch you will want to have.

The height can be adjusted to up to 8 inches. This gives you the flexibility needed to haul trailers of different types and sizes. You will be happy to know that the hitch is affordable and very simple to install. This comes with a heavy-duty weight rating too.

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5) Pro Series Reese 49903 Weight Distribution Kit

The Pro Series Complete Weight Distribution Kit is a powerful weight distribution hitch which features a hitch ball too. This makes it easy to haul sports utility vehicles and trucks behind your car. The GTWR is 10,000 pounds and the tongue weight rating is 1,000 pounds.

You will receive a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with this kit too. Although the hitch is rather heavy, the installation is simplified because it comes with instructions.

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6) Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch

The Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch is available in many different tongue weights and GTWR ratings. The hitch ball is sold separately, though. The swaying and bouncing of the trailer will be distributed throughout its axles and your vehicle.

A 10-year warranty is included with this too. The hitch makes more noise than other hitches on the market, but it is well made and does its job.

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7) Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars

The Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars has a 12,000-pound GTWR and a 1,200-pound tongue weight rating. This is one of the more quieter weight distribution hitches, which means your driving experience will be pleasant and smooth.

The hitch ball that comes with this product is great for hauling trailers. In addition, you will have the hardware and tools included to perform the installation flawlessly. Even the price of this hitch is excellent.

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8) Ultra-Fab Products Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

The Ultra-Fab Products Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch is a heavy product with a tongue weight rating of 1,000 pounds. It is an inexpensive weight distribution hitch, though.

Also, it is a very durable hitch despite its lightweight construction. You will receive a 3-year warranty when you purchase it. If you are on a budget, this is the hitch to purchase.

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9) Curt 17500 TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch

The Curt Weight Distribution Hitch uses a trunnion bar with a GTWR of 10,000 pounds and a tongue weight of 1,000 pounds. Its active sway control resets trailer sway using a spring and cam system and fixed support brackets at 4 distinct points.

The installation instructions are not too specific, so you might have some difficulty with the installation if this is your first time installing a hitch. But there are plenty of tutorial videos on the internet if you get confused. The heavy-duty construction and attractive design certainly make up for the expensive price tag.

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10) Blue Ox BXW1500 SwayPro Weight Distributing Hitch

If you want one of the most heavy-duty hitches around, then you should get the Blue Ox Weight Distributing Hitch. It has a GTWR of 15,000 pounds and a tongue weight rating of 1,500 pounds. Swaying and bouncing will be prevented with this premium weight distribution hitch kit.

On top of that, you will hardly hear any sounds while you’re driving with it. The shank and pin is included but the ball is not.

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