Top 10 Best Wheel Spacers for Your Car or Truck

(Updated on June 8, 2020)

Wheel spacers are useful when the offset of your wheel is not ideal for the package you’re running on your vehicle. This product bolts onto the studs of an axle before the wheel, and then it offers another set to attach the tire and rim to it.

If you find yourself in need of this product, then these are the best wheel spacers for your car to consider today. And below are the list of the best wheel spacers for your car

  1. RockTrix

Although these wheel spacers will change your bolt pattern, they offer a versatile set of benefits for a wide variety of makes and models today. You’ll receive all four in the box when you order, with each CNC-machined to exact specifications uses aerospace-quality billet aluminum. The items include pre-installed heat-treated 10.9-grade studs to ensure a positive experience. Then these 1.25-inch adapters will give you the clearance you require for a smooth ride in almost any conditions.

  1. Qualinsist

These 1-inch wheel spacers work with Subaru models to give you a proper fitment dating to 1998 models. A 2-year warranty backs the product, constructed with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and provided with an anodized surface for another layer of corrosion resistance. The design features a 5×100 bolt pattern, hub bore of 56.1mm, and 10.9-grade bolts. You will want to install them with manual tools for the best results to ensure that you can receive the clearance you require.

  1. ECCPP

These wheel spacers are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to change their offset when driving a Chevrolet vehicle. It offers a 6 by 5.5 bolt pattern and a thickness of two inches to give you an aggressive stand on a variety of vehicles, including GMC models. It is exceptionally sturdy in its manufacturing, featuring the same grade of aluminum billet and bolts that are found on the other spacers on this list. Make sure to re-check your wheels after installation and a short drive to ensure you have the fit and finish needed for safety.

  1. YITAMotor

If you are driving a Jeep, then these wheel spacers can give you the exact results that you want for your vehicle. This model is forged to ensure that you receive the highest quality possible, passing the tough international SGS standards. The product is backed by a 5-year warranty, featuring T8 heat-treated lug nuts that are compatible with some models dating to 2005. You will receive an improved tire clearance, better handling, and fix brake caliper clearance issues that might exist with this product. The dimensional accuracy is rated at just 0.02mm.

  1. KSP Performance

This lug-centric set of wheel spacers provides a universal fitment for many Dodge Ram models, offering better handling and performance while encouraging more stability with its improved caliper clearance. You can fix issues that occur when lifting or lowering your kit without the need to trim the bolts if you are using factory rims on this vehicle. You’ll want to hit 120 pounds torque during the installation to ensure an excellent result, with the manufacturer recommending 130 pounds for these 1.5-inch spacers

  1. Supreme Suspensions

This set of wheel spacers works with most Chevy Silverado 1500 models, both the 2WD and 4WD versions, but it does not fit the heavy-duty models. You’ll receive an additional 1.5 inches of clearance with this product, allowing you to correct some of the tire rubbing issues that can occur with this vehicle in some setups. You’ll receive an improvement in the cornering ability as well, with the pressed studs reducing the vibrations that you experience while on the road. The product bolts on easily with standard hand tools, so the installation only takes a few minutes to complete.

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  1. Spidertrax

You will find that this factory-machined set of wheel spacers features 4140 wheel studs, providing a hub-centric fit for precision wheel placement. They offer 1.25 inches of clearance, with a six-bolt design that is 5.5 in pattern. You’ll need to purchase two sets since they come in pairs instead of a 4-piece set, allowing you to go flush with the fender as required for the vehicle. Make sure that you clear off any rust or buildup first; otherwise, these spacers can work themselves loose over time.

  1. StanceMagic Wheel Spacers

These wheel spacers provide a slide-on experience instead of bolting directly to the frame of your hub. It features a 60.1mm bore to ensure a tight fit which is suitable for a variety of Toyota models. The weight of the spacers is about 50% less than comparable products, which allows your vehicle to optimize its performance thanks to the reduction of unsprung weight. You can then install wider wheels and tires thanks to the clearance you generate with this product.

  1. Orion Motor Tech

This lug-centric set of wheel spaces features a thread pitch of 1/2-inch-20, a bolt pattern of 5 x 4.5 inches, and a 1-inch thickness to give you clearance for some Ford, Dodge, Lincoln, Mazda, and Jeep vehicles. The stance you will receive after the installation is surprisingly aggressive since the width is somewhat minimal, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty. Choose these over a steel spacer to improve the weight profile of your vehicle and its resistance to corrosion and rust.


These hub-centric wheel spacers feature a 1.5-inch fit that works with some Ford vehicles between 2015-2017. The product features six lugs coming and going with an inner diameter of 87mm. Torque them to 100 for the best results, allowing your truck to look good even with the ease of installation you will receive. It is compatible with several leveling kits, solves brake performance issues, and offers the results you want for a minimal investment. You can purchase them individually or as a set of four.

The best wheel spacers for your car can improve your handling, give you better clearance, and provide you with several additional advantages as well. Choose the product that works with your make and model to reduce the risk of an unexpected surprise with your upgrade.

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