9 Best Winter Wiper Blades (for Snow and Ice)

Windshield wipers are what keep our windshields clear whenever it rains or snows outside. You cannot risk driving your car without good windshield wipers because your chances of getting into an accident will greatly increase. Cars typically come with factory-grade windshield wipers, but are they any good?

They might do their job of clearing your windshield for a short while, but they tend to wear out rather quickly. Not only that, they don’t always wipe away everything as thoroughly as they should.

It is easy to take windshield wipers for granted. A lot of people assume that all windshield wipers are the same. There are actually many different types of windshield wipers available. The ones you choose should depend on the type of vehicle you’re driving and what kind of debris you plan on clearing from your windshield.

For instance, if you’re worried about freezing temperatures in the wintertime, then you’ll want to use windshield wipers that won’t get ruined by freezing temperatures like some do.

If you’re worried about pollen in the springtime, choose wipers that do a good job of removing pollen from the windshield. Sometimes you may have to switch windshield wipers between different seasons just to receive these benefits.

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Top 9 Best Windshield Wipers for Winter

But, for most people, they’re more worried about the snowy weather conditions because snow and cold temperatures can have a severe impact on your windshield wipers if they are not good enough quality. To help you make a good decision, below are the top 9 windshield wipers for your car during winter and snowy weather conditions.

1) Bosch ICON

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade, Up to 40% Longer Life* - 26" (Pack of 1)
  • Exclusive Fx Dual Rubber Resists Heat And Ozone Deterioration And Proven To Last Up To 40% Longer...
  • Easy Installation With Original Equipment-Quality Hook Adapter (Hook Arm 9X3 & 9X4)
  • Patented Beam Design With Shielded Connector Optimizes Visibility Even Under Extreme Weather...
  • Exclusive Tension Spring Arcing Technology Creates A Fit That’S Custom-Contoured To The Curvature...

Ask a group of car enthusiasts what their favorite wiper blade is and there’s good chance most of them will tell you it’s Bosch ICONs. While a bit spendier than others, it’s hard to beat Bosch wiper blades for performance and longevity no matter what season it is.

The blades have dual rubber lining which does a much more thorough job of removing water and debris from the windshield. Not only that, the dual rubber reduces the chattering sounds you hear while the blades are in operation. Overall, the Bosch ICON has a 40% longer lifespan than standard blades.

If you want the best, Bosch ICON blades are hard to beat.

2) PIAA Super Silicone

Piaa 95045 Super Silicone Wiper Blade - 18" 450mm (Pack of 1)
  • Patented Silicone Rubber Resists Wear & Damage from UV and Sunlight Exposure
  • Silicone Wipers Last Up to 2x Longer than Premium Wipers
  • Aerodynamic Frame has Equal Pressure Points for Quiet and Streak Free Wiping
  • Coats Windshield with Water-Repellent Silicone with Every Wipe so You Don't Have to Re-apply it

The PIAA Super Silicone windshield wiper blades are constructed with special silicone rubber material that is patented. The formula of this silicone rubber is meant to prevent wear and tear damage caused by wind, rain and the sun’s UV rays.

A lot of people don’t realize how much the sun can damage the rubber of their blades. This lightweight and durable super silicone material can resist the sun and stay strong for a long time.

3) Rain-X Latitude

Rain-X 5079279-2 Latitude 2-In-1 Water Repellent Wiper Blades, 22 Inch...
  • Patented Water Repellent Formula - This 2-In-1 Wiper Blade Plus Rain Repellent Applies Patented Rain...
  • Superior Driving Visibility And Safety - Watch Water Magically Bead Up And Roll Off Your Windshield...
  • Easy Installation And Universal Fit - The Rain-X Universal Adapter Is Easy To Use And Fits 96% Of...
  • Advanced Beam Wiper Blade Technology - Provides Uniform Pressure Points Along The Length Of The...

Many standard windshield wipers have metal parts that are exposed on the outside. This tends to cause snow and ice to collect inside them if you’re in a colder environment. The Rain-X Latitude wiper blades prevent this problem because they do not have any metal parts that are exposed.

On top of that, they are made from high-grade material. The Rain-X Latitude is compatible with most cars and is available in virtually any size that you want. Best of all, they are easy to install.

4) Michelin Stealth Ultra

Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology, 22"...
  • Smart Hinge joints allow the wiper to grip windshield securely across entire blade. Multi pressure...
  • Patented Smart Hinge cover protects blade from getting clogged with snow, ice and debris
  • Blade ends have independent suspension to adjust to your windshield’s shape, ensuring secure grip...
  • EZ-Lok connector system for quick replacement

With its unique smart hinge joints, a Michelin Stealth Ultra wiper blade can grip your windshield securely and evenly across the entire blade. You’ll also appreciate the multi-pressure point surface contact for better wipes and improved vision and the patented smart hinge cover that protects the blade from getting clogged with snow, ice and debris.

When it’s time to replace your wipers, the EZ-Lok connector system makes it quick and easy. And independent tests show that after 300,000 wipe cycles, Michelin Stealth Ultra blades are head and shoulders above most of the competition.

5) ANCO 31 Series

Anco 31-19 31-Series Wiper Blade - 19", (Pack of 1)
  • Product type :WIPER BLADE
  • Package dimensions :2.54 cm L x6.35 cm W x68.58 cm H
  • country of origin :Mexico
  • package weight :1.34546716202935lbs

The Anco 31 Series windshield wiper blades are some of the most affordable ones on the market. They do a good job of wiping away rainwater on the windshield without leaving any streaks. This is thanks to the DuraKlear rubber material that is on the blades.

They are also easy to install securely so that they always stay positioned properly. A customized installation system is available, and you can choose from different sizes.

6) Valeo 900 Series

Valeo 900261B Frameless ULTIMATE 26" All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blade,...
  • fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Package Dimensions: 71.3 H x 2.6 L x 6.6 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.2 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

Valeo is a well-known company because of their amazing windshield wiper products. The Valeo 900 Series is one of the best wiper blades on the market today because of its strong Tec3 rubber material.

This preserves the lifespan of your blades and prevents streaks from forming on your windshield. And once again, no metal parts are exposed with these wipers. There are many sizes available for different sized vehicles.

7) Aero OEM Premium

AERO Voyager 22" + 21" Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades with Extra...
  • AERO Voyager Wipers Are Direct OEM Replacement - Quality, Safety And Fitment Are Guaranteed
  • 1-Year Warranty From aerowiper.com - The Best In The Industry
  • Free Extra Squeegee Refills - Offer 2 Times The Performance Life, Save Money And Save Our Planet
  • Quick And Easy Installation - Hassle-Free Installation for J-Hook / U-Hook Wiper Arm (9X3 & 9X4)

Aero is an original equipment manufacturer for the parts found in many vehicles, such as their windshield wipers. The Aero OEM Premium windshield wiper blades are created for lots of different model vehicles. The blended rubber of the blades has reduced drag and noise while they’re in operation.

8) Trico Force

TRICO Force Wiper Blade 26 inch Fits Select Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai,...
  • VORTEC AEROFOIL: converts wind force for maximum windshield contact
  • HIGHGLIDE TREATED: rubber element for a smoother, quieter wipe
  • ROBUST SUPERSTRUCTURE: for durable all-weather performance, high performance
  • VEHICLE APPLICATIONS: 2006-2021 Honda Civic; 2007-2022 Honda CR-V; 2013-2022 Toyota RAV4; 2009-2019...

The Trico Force comes in many different sizes and is compatible with a variety of different vehicles. These wiper blades contain HighGlide Treated Rubber material, allowing the blades to slide easily on your windshield. Meanwhile, there are no annoying noises or dragging while they’re in operation.

The Trico Force is good for all weather conditions. The only thing is you must install them on your vehicle’s standard mounting points.

9) ACDelco Silver

The ACDelco Silver wiper blades are compatible with most sedan vehicles. Since these blades are made from 100% metal, they are highly powerful when it comes to removing debris from the windshield. The only problem is that debris can easily get stuck in the exposed metal.

But if you like cheap windshield wipers that are easy to install and do a good job while they last, then go with the ACDelco brand.


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