Top 10 Best Winter Tires for Your Car

(Updated on October 24, 2019)

When winter comes around, it may be time to change the tires on your car. Whether you live in an area that permits studded tires or you want to grab a set of studless ones, knowing which manufacturer produces the best options will make your driving more comfortable in potentially stressful conditions.

List of the Best Winter Tires for Your Vehicle

These are the best options for winter tires that are available right now.

  1. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial

These tires give you plenty of grip when you are outside in conditions that are less than favorable. You won’t feel any compromise in the steering as you push forward even though the traction is superior to an all-season product. Turning and curves give you a little play while helping to stay on the road if the surface is slick. This product is perfect for those who live in rural areas that see little maintenance.

  1. Firestone Winterforce Winter Radial

When these winter tires on your car, then you can even drive on ice and never deal with sliding. The traction on these tires will keep you on the road because they are very forgivable. Even when you’re not used to driving in the snow, you can make it home with these on your vehicle. The manufacturer has drilled holes into the surface to have studs installed if they are legal in your region as well.

  1. Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Radial Tire

If you don’t mind spending a little more on a set of winter tires, then choose these for your car next winter. They provide a hydrophilic coating that reacts to the seasonal elements so that you receive a superior level of stopping power. The cavity shape of the tread creates uniform pressure on the road as well, creating even wear during good or poor driving conditions. Although they do not have studs, the bite particles can dig into impacted surfaces without sacrificing block stiffness.

  1. Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable Radial Tire

This tire received certification for severe snow performance, allowing your needs as a driver to be met in even the most challenging of conditions. It comes loaded with several design features that enable you to conquer your cold-weather driving needs, including a unique tread formulation that tunes the performance of your movement to the conditions outside. The channels are serrated to enhance grip while maximizing tread bite. The stud distribution pattern will optimize your capabilities when chains are necessary for driving as well.

  1. Vitour Polar Bear S Studable Winter Radial

The directional tread design on these winter tires improves the acceleration that you can receive when driving in snow. It works by evacuating water from the channel to ensure that the firmest surface possible is always pushing forward. That gives you a superior grip when driving in slush, wet snow, and even icy conditions. Add studs to the tire if you want or use the base design on its own to ensure that you can get to where you’re headed when the season decides to bring its storms.

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  1. Cooper Discoverer Winter Radial

The manufacturer of these winter tires uses a snow-groove design that offers better biting edges when you need traction on ice or packed snow. You won’t experience a reduction in the tread element stiffness in these challenging conditions either when they are on your vehicle. A sawtooth center circumferential rib combines with the blocky elements to enhance your stability while driving as it promotes even wear. You will be pleasantly surprised by how effective these tires are even if you never put the studs into them.

  1. Arctic Claw Winter Radial Tire

If you are on a tighter budget but still need snow tires, then this option is one of the best deals in the industry today. It provides a high-traction tread design that balances wet and dry performance while giving you a quiet driving experience. The deep grooves in the tread design work with a series of notched sequences down the middle of the tire to provide a patented option that gives you superior traction. You can also add studs to these tires if needed.

  1. Westlake All-Season Radial Tire

If you don’t need to fight off the white stuff where you live very often, then an all-season radial is a better investment for your winter driving conditions. The tread design with this model provides excellent water removal as you drive, offering excellent traction without compromising the stability of your car. Because there aren’t specific winter driving conditions to conquer with this tire, then you can save over $100 each compared to studded models.

  1. Futura Scrambler

This option is another all-season tire to consider because of how well it manages challenging conditions. It works exceptionally well on light trucks and SUVs because of the circumferential tread grooves that are built into the design. The channels work together to provide better traction on wet roads, while the lower sidewall gives you better handling in all conditions. The tread is also remarkably quiet, so you won’t need to try to speak over the background buzz to have a conversation while you drive.

  1. Hankook Winter Radial

This tire features an optimized asymmetric tread that is perfect for touring sedans, sports cars, and SUVs when facing winter driving conditions. The design works to block while the sides bite into the ice and snow to provide better traction and grip. It also features a silica compound that enhances the grip you receive without creating a harder surface when the weather turns cold. A hard bead filler provides better steering and handling responses too. You will never need to sacrifice the quality of your ride when these are on your vehicle.

The best winter tires for your car will help you to navigate icy conditions, blast through snow, and make it home safe in the seasonal weather. Choose from one of these options if it is available in your vehicle’s size, and then have some fun driving in the white stuff.

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