What Drains a Car Battery? (5 Common Causes)

The main function of a car battery is to help start the engine. After that, the alternator takes over by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy for all the vehicle’s electrical components. But the car battery needs to be functional or else this entire process doesn’t even start. A car battery should last for a … Read more

5 Symptoms of a Bad Starter Motor (and Replacement Cost)

Every vehicle has a starter motor in it. The purpose of the starter motor is to allow the internal combustion engine to start up. The starter is really nothing more than just an electric motor that starts the engine. After the ignition switch is turned on, energy flows through the starter motor and causes the … Read more

How Does Keyless Entry Work? (In Cars and Trucks)

If you’ve purchased a car in the last 10 years then you’ve probably received a little remote control device with your car. Sometimes the device is even attached to the key itself. You will typically find three buttons on this remote control which have the power to unlock the car, lock the car, and unlock … Read more