The Causes of a Car’s Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor


The brake pedals usually function in a normal way, so the pedal does not go to the floor, but it only reacts to the intensity the driver applies to it and applies the brakes accordingly. If the pedal sinks to the floor, there is certainly an issue.

The Main Causes

Technically, there are two main reasons why the brake pedals sink: one of the reasons is, the brake system loses pressure from an external brake fluid leak. The leak may coming from brake line and brake piston in caliper

Another reason is a bad brake master cylinder allowing fluid to bypass seals internally. This master cylinder is where the action of increasing the brake fluid pressure occurs. If this cylinder is not working properly, there are two possibilities: the brake system will not be as powerful as it usually is, or the brakes do not work at all.

Tips to Diagnose and Fix the Problems

The positive side is that when the pedal goes to the floor, it is usually very easy to diagnose, as there aren’t many possibilities of why this is happening. The great side is that you can actually diagnose the issue yourself. In case the brake pedal goes to the floor, there are several actions to be taken in order to fix the issue.

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The first action you can take is to check the level of the brake fluid. If the fluid is full, it means that there is no leak. If some fluid is missing or it is empty, it means that for sure there was a leak. In case there was a leak, you must check all brake lines from all four wheels, to see if the brake lines are leaking. In case the brake lines are dry, it means that the issue is not there. If you see that there is a leak on one of the four wheels, it means you found the issue. In order to solve it, you need to remove the wheel, change the wheel cylinder, replace it with a new one or repair the brake lines.

The second action you can take is to check the brake master cylinder, as it has two sets of seals which can wear in time and cause leaks. If this is indeed the issue, the brake master cylinder must be replaced with a new one. Pay attention, it is recommended to be replaced with a brand new unit, not with a rebuilt one because they don’t last long or sometimes don’t even work from the beginning. As with many other objects, when a second-hand unit is used, it is not as effective as a brand new one.

It is very important to mention that if you notice there are leaking signs, do not try to drive your vehicle, as the brake system will not work properly and is unsafe. Instead, try to fix the issue and if you cannot manage it by yourself, have your vehicle transported to the nearest trusted service, where trusted professionals are able to solve your issue.


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