Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter vs Summer

Temperature and climate can have a big impact on cars. The winter brings cold temperatures and the summer brings hot temperatures. Depending on where you live in the world, the intensity of these seasons could be more severe than others. You could even be subjected to snow storms in the winter or hurricanes in the summer. Whatever the risk potential is, you need to understand how to care for your car and maintain it during these two critical seasons of the year. That way, you can avoid having breakdowns in the middle of some horrible weather.

The Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter

To help your car get through the winter, you should follow the 5 car maintenance tips for the winter below. They will help ensure that you reduce your chances of getting stuck in a snowstorm or having your vision impaired by the nasty weather.

  1. Winter Tires – Put winter tires on your vehicle. Winter tires have wider gaps on their treads to help your vehicle grip the snow and ice better.
  2. Check Heater and Defroster – The heater and defroster of your vehicle must be working properly before the winter strikes. Check to make sure it is or else you could find yourself freezing in your vehicle. Not only that, you need a good defroster that can clear the ice and frost off the windshield.
  3. Keep Gas Tank Full – When you have a gas tank that’s not filled up that much, water can accumulate in the fuel pump. If it’s cold outside, then this water could freeze. Try to keep your gas tank full to prevent this from happening. It is also good to have a full tank in case you get stranded.
  4. Wipers & Washer Fluid – Winter storms have heavy winds and will often blow a lot of debris onto your windshield. Keeping your vehicle filled with washer fluid will be essential in clearing the debris. And, of course, ensure that your windshield wipers are strong enough to push heavy snow off your windshield.
  5. Park in Garage – If you have a garage at your house and/or a parking garage at work, then park your vehicle in it. That way, you can avoid having all the snow and ice accumulate on your windshield. Then you can just get in your car and drive it away without having to defrost your windows.

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The Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Summer might seem like a relaxing season, but the dreadful heat can take its toll on your vehicle. Below are the top 5 car maintenance tips for the summer that will help keep your car functioning properly.

  1. Maintain Tire Pressure – For every 10 degrees hotter it gets outside; the tires tend to lose about 1 PSI. Make sure you monitor the air pressure of your tires regularly with a pressure gauge. Fill the tires that are low on air.
  2. Change Oil – Engines generate a lot more heat during the summer, especially their moving components. These components need to stay lubricated with quality oil that is clean and fresh. This will keep them running smoothly during the hot summer season.
  3. Clean and Test Battery – Car battery life is reduced in the summer because too much heat will overcharge the battery. Corrosion will also be more common too. The best way to preserve your battery during the summer is to regularly clean your battery and its terminal. Also, test the battery often to ensure that it’s still holding out.
  4. Change Coolant – Coolant is the liquid that prevents the engine from overheating. Since overheating will more likely happen in the summer, you’ll want some fresh coolant in there to ensure that it’s preventing this from happening.
  5. Maintain Air Conditioning – Before the summer strikes, have your air conditioner checked over to ensure that it is working properly. You certainly don’t want to end up without a working air conditioner on a hot summer day. This could make it too uncomfortable to drive.

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