SVC Audio: Highway Hero or Unnecessary Distraction?

speed volume compensation

Ever notice how your car’s audio system seems to struggle to keep up with road noise as you hit the highway? This is where SVC audio comes into play. SVC is an acronym with a couple different meanings in the audio world. It can either stand for Speed Volume Compensation or Single Voice Coil. If … Read more

14 Interesting Race Car Technologies (Found in Everyday Vehicles)

automotive technologies

Racing teams spend billions of dollars to develop technologies that can give drivers a competitive edge on the track. It’s no wonder that car manufacturers want to capitalize on these investments by adopting new technologies, using them to change the look of familiar everyday car components. Race Car Innovations in Everyday Cars 1) Semi-Automatic Transmission … Read more

4-Wheel Steering Systems (Pros/Cons and Cars That Have It)

four wheel steering advantages and disadvantages

A four-wheel steering system (or all wheel steering) allows the driver to turn the rear wheels left or right along with the front wheels. Do not confuse a four-wheel steering system with a four-wheel drive vehicle because they’re two different things. Four-wheel drive simply means that all four wheels are getting power from the engine. … Read more

9 Causes of a Traction Control Light Coming On When Accelerating

traction control light on

Few things are as alarming as when a warning light appears in your dash as you accelerate. And in this case, it turns out to be the traction control light. Like an overbearing parent, it restricts your vehicle’s fun while providing little explanation for its harsh judgement. Typically harmless, it could signal something serious. Let’s … Read more

How Drive-By-Wire Throttle Works (and Pros and Cons)

drive-by-wire throttle

Drive-by-wire throttle technology is what electronically attaches the throttle to the gas pedal. As you may know, the throttle is responsible for regulating the amount of fuel that flows into the internal combustion engine. When you step on the gas pedal, it signals to the throttle to allow more fuel into the engine. The harder … Read more

Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Symptoms and How It Works

electronic stability control light

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system is a piece of innovative technology that gives vehicles extra stability and traction, especially when the vehicle is driven at its limit. Depending on the vehicle, it may also be referred to as: Electronic Stability Program (ESP) Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) … Read more

Cruise Control Advantages and Disadvantages

Cruise control is a system that almost every modern vehicle on the road today has as a feature. The purpose of the cruise control system is to give drivers the ability to automatically set and maintain a specific vehicle speed. That way, when you take your foot off the gas pedal, your car will continue … Read more

How Do Rain Sensing Wipers Work?

automatic wipers stalk

When you need to drive in the rain, it’s rarely a comfortable experience. The rain can practically blind your vision because of all the water that pours down onto your windshield and road spray from nearby vehicles. What’s also annoying is that you must manually turn on your windshield wipers each time it rains. This … Read more