How to Polish and Restore Headlights (In 5 Easy Steps)

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Headlight housings get cloudy over time due to yellowing from ultraviolet (UV) light. They can also pick up scratches from road debris and improper washing techniques. A headlight restoration will bring back the original clarity of your headlights and substantially improve visibility down the road. Steps to Restore Headlights The following steps have been used on … Read more

30 Car Maintenance Tasks (and Suggested Intervals)

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Car ownership involves more than just the initial purchase; it includes insurance, registration, possible property taxes, and maybe most importantly, maintenance. Maintenance comprises various elements, like oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, and filter replacements. Following your owner’s manual can help you manage about 30 different car care items with suggested intervals, but remember, these … Read more

Ants in Your Car? (Here’s How to Get Rid of Them)

ants in car

If you’ve ever struggled with ants in the home, you know how frustrating they can be to get rid of. Unfortunately, home is not the only place that these unwelcome guests can set up shop. Vehicles are another place that can host ants for a long time. Whether red, brown, or black ants, they are … Read more

How to Get Paint Off Your Car (Without a Trace)

how to get paint off car

Trade a bit of paint recently? Paint transfers on cars from minor collisions, stray shopping carts, or careless parking can be frustrating and unsightly. Thankfully, the extra paint covering your vehicle’s base paint can be removed with one of a few methods. You’ll want to approach the paint removal process with caution to avoid damaging … Read more

Ethanol vs Non-Ethanol Gas (Which is Better?)

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Are you putting the right gas in your car? There are several different types of gas you can choose from when you visit a gas station. In addition to an octane rating, some fuels will offer different levels of ethanol content. While most gasolines sold in the United States come with an ethanol content of … Read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

how often to wash a car

Ask any detailer and they will tell you that washing your car is important. Why does it matter? It’s just dirt, right? How often should you wash your car? Washing your car is a maintenance item, just like changing the engine oil. Although you can drive around with a dirty car much longer than dirty oil, … Read more

How to Debadge Your Car (In 3 Easy Steps)

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Want to customize your car for free in 5 minutes? Debadging your car might be a great option. What is Debadging? Vehicles usually come with some sort of label or badge telling you what make, model, features, or trim level you have. Some manufacturers even use badges for marketing, adding a Hybrid, Flex Fuel, or All Wheel … Read more

9 Causes of Interior Leaks (Water Inside Your Car)

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Few things ruin the interior of a car faster than water leaks. Water on the inside of your car can cause foul smells from mold and mildew. In extreme cases, the mold growth can be harmful to your health. If you have water leaking into your cabin, don’t wait to address the issue. Other than … Read more