How to Debadge Your Car (In 3 Easy Steps)

debadge car

Want to customize your car for free in 5 minutes? Debadging your car might be a great option. What is Debadging? Vehicles usually come with some sort of label or badge telling you what make, model, features, or trim level you have. Some manufacturers even use badges for marketing, adding a Hybrid, Flex Fuel, or All Wheel … Read more

9 Causes of Interior Leaks (Water Inside Your Car)

interior car leaks causes

Few things ruin the interior of a car faster than water leaks. Water on the inside of your car can cause foul smells from mold and mildew. In extreme cases, the mold growth can be harmful to your health. If you have water leaking into your cabin, don’t wait to address the issue. Here are … Read more

Should I Modify My Car? (Pros, Cons, and Beginner Advice)

should I modify my car - LS swap

To some people, the vehicle you drive says as much about you as the clothes you wear. Automotive customization is a very personal thing, and there is no shortage of options in the aftermarket industry. Have you ever tried shopping for a car that was almost perfect, but was missing that one feature you really … Read more

7 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change (Or a Tune-up)

oil change and tune up

Is your car not running as well as it used to? The answer is often as simple as performing some basic and inexpensive maintenance. Engine oil is essential for lubricating and cooling the hot metal components of the engine. Changing your engine oil is one of the most frequent maintenance items you will need to … Read more

How To Remove Scratches from a Black Car (3 Easy Steps)

If you’ve ever owned a black car, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to keep clean and pretty easy to scratch. Sometimes it’s almost like you find a new scratch every time you look at your car. Why Do Black Cars Scratch So Easily? Automotive paint consists of primer (on top of bare metal), your … Read more

How to Remove Bumper Stickers (Without Damaging the Paint)

how to remove bumper stickers

Did you buy a car with the wrong politician stuck to it? Perhaps your local dealership thinks a license plate bracket isn’t good enough, so they’ve added an eyesore of a dealership sticker to the trunk instead. Whether you purchased a car with a bunch of irrelevant stickers or simply changed your taste, it’s likely … Read more

How To Remove Window Tint (4 Effective Methods)

how to remove window tint

On a list of fun things to do with a few hours of free time you probably wouldn’t see vehicle tint removal. This process has a reputation for being painstaking and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Why Would You Want to Remove Window Tint? The better your window tint, the longer it will … Read more