Wheel Spacers in the Car: Purpose, Pros and Cons, Good or Bad

Wheel spacers are special components which create more space in the area that lies between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself. You place the wheel spacers over the holding bracket of the vehicle to produce this additional space. When you purchase wheel spacers, they need to be made specifically for your type of vehicle because they must match its bolt pattern. That way, they can fit over the bracket’s current studs. You won’t have any problems mounting the wheel if this all checks out.

Okay, so why is it important to have all this additional space between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel? Basically, it is not good for the wheel to be too close to other inner components like the wheel well. It would degrade the driving performance of the vehicle if they were close. The wheel spacers make sure they are separated just enough to be good for driving.

The Purpose

Wheel spacers are commonly used in vehicles which have larger tires. This may be a custom installation where the tires you install are larger than the standard tires that came with the vehicle. Because of this, you need the wheel spacers to help the vehicle conform to the larger tires. This ensures the vehicle performs the best that it can with these big tires on the road. They also give your vehicle an interesting appearance because your wheels will be pushed further outward from the main frame. Everyone else on the road will surely notice them. If that’s the look you’re going for, then definitely get wheel spacers.

Another great thing that wheel spacers can do is provide better traction on the road. If you want to handle your vehicle better, then it is always better when the wheel is father away from the hub assembly. This creates firm grip on the road between the tires and the pavement. It will even be easier to take turns around corners too.


Let’s go over the advantages of wheel spacers.

1) Better Appearance – If you want a unique appearance for your vehicle, then wheel spacers will provide that for you. They will push out the wheels and make your vehicle look fierce and dominating on the road.

2) Install Rims of Different Sizes – If you have an offset that is not correct and it prevents you from installing rims that are not the right size, then you can use wheel spacers to fit these rims onto your wheels. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the rim hitting the suspension, control arms, or coil overs.

3) Better Car Handling – Wheel spacers will give your vehicle increased stability when you make turns and go around corners. This happens due to the tires being farther away from each other. Once this happens, the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed onto the wheels. The result is much better handling.

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Let’s go over the disadvantages of wheel spacers.

1) Increase Chance of Accidents – Wheel spacers need to be installed properly. A reputable auto professional must perform the installation. Otherwise, the wheel spacers may interfere with the torque circling. This increases the chances of an accident on the road.

2) Wheel Bearings May Go Bad – When you have wheel spacers installed, the wheels are no longer touching the ball bearings. This ultimately reduces the lifespan of the wheel bearings, causing them to go bad earlier than normal. If this happens, you will be forced to replace the wheel bearings with new ones.


Ultimately, you need to know what you’re doing when you purchase and install wheel spacers. If they will satisfy your particular needs for your vehicle, then go with them.

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