The Average Car Insurance Cost: Monthly VS Yearly

Car insurance costs tend to fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Things like age, driving history, education, credit score, zip code, and car model will all play a role in the insurance company’s determination of what your monthly or yearly car insurance premium is going to be. The insurance company will also look at … Read more

Can You Get Car Insurance without a License?

When you see the other drivers on the road, you naturally assume that each of them has a driver’s license. But you would be surprised to learn that a small percentage of drivers in every major town and city in the country do not have a driver’s license. Their reasons for not having a license … Read more

Top 7 Best Car Insurance Companies for Bad Credit in US

Do you have bad credit? If so, then you probably know how difficult it can be to get approved for loans, credit cards, or even car insurance. Although a car insurance company won’t necessarily deny you coverage if you have bad credit, they will certainly charge you a higher monthly premium if you do. Insurance … Read more

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies for Students in US

Students generally share one thing in common. They don’t have a lot of money to spend on a car or on a good auto insurance policy for that car. To make matters worse, insurance companies are generally prejudice against younger drivers who are 25 years of age or less. They charge them higher premium rates … Read more

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies for Veterans in United States

Veterans in the United States are entitled to receive several types of benefits in the civilian world because of their service to their country. This is the least that society can do for them considering all the sacrifices they made. The most common benefits are discounts for purchases, whether they’re for furniture at a department … Read more